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  1. Hi, I am looking to sell these tickets, have 2 to each. Also, does anyone have suggestions on how to resell tickets??? We got a lot at the beginning because we didn't know how easy or hard it would be to get the finals tickets we want and now have too many (lucky us!) So just looking to make our money back. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks! I'm looking to sell these, 2 tickets to each: GA002 C or D BX017 B BK054 C SW005 C SW011 A AT007 D AT013 C AT015 D
  2. Hi!!! I'm looking to sell, trade these: GA002 C or D BX017 B BK054 C AT015 D SW005 C AT007 D AT013 C and I'm looking to BUY these: SW004 SW008 SW010 SW012 SW014 GA009 GA009 message me here or email: katrinabailey@gmail.com
  3. I'm confused by the basketball scheduling. I have ticket to BK054 (on the 17th, 2:30-4), would that include seeing the USA team?
  4. I'll be there in Rio from beginning to end! Staying in Barra, but venturing out for some other events in the other areas. Hoping to get my hands on some more swimming. Hope to see some of you there!
  5. We are staying in an apartment close to the Olympics events in the Barra area (near aquatics, gymnastics, basketball, golf, etc.) and there is an extra bedroom with a single bed that we would like to rent out. It is available from Aug 5th - 23rd. If you are interested send me a message and we can discuss more details.
  6. Cool!! What category did you get and for how much?! So lucky! How do you trust the sellers on ebay? I'm assuming you're paying a lot for opening tickets, so I'd be worried about fraud.
  7. Well cosport wasn't a total loss. My friend got us a set of tickets to a gymnastics and swimming event. She started as 1200 in line and I was about 1800something. By the time I logged in a lot were gone. Hope everyone did well and got a few of what they wanted!! Now we wait and see about the rest! Any advice on the best way to try and snag a pair of tickets to Opening Ceremony??
  8. I've been having luck with the Dertour site... just scored my first set of swimming tix!! Also got some good diving tix and others. If you're able to buy tix form there I suggest checking their site often as well. Cosport has yet to give me anything decent, but still waiting.
  9. FYI for those in South America, etc.... Ticket Sales will re-open on Monday, August 17th at 10:00 AM PDT! http://www.cartanglobal.com/rio2016 Any updates on other websites selling tix?? Also, I have connections in Israel but there is no information on the ISSTA site about Olympics tickets, anyone have info or advice about this?? http://www.issta.com/ Thanks!
  10. I booked through booking.com... but looks like all thats left are very expensive ones!! Just keep checking in.
  11. My friend and I booked an apartment close in Bara using booking.com. Its a 2 bedroom, one with a double bed and one with a single... so as it gets closer to the games if there's anyone looking to crash in the room with the single bed we'd be happy to host you and split costs! Also, I just went to a flee market in Israel recently & found some Olympic pins from Russia's 1980 :-p So we'll be adding some pin trading into the Olympic fun-ness!!!
  12. I am going with a friend and I mainly want Swimming, but have yet secured any of those, even qualifiers. But we decided early on to go for the full 2 weeks and just soak in what we can of the whole Olympic experience and support Team USA! My friend is the gymnastics fan,and she wants womens all around and team finals. We have secured 3 Gymnastic events (GA002, GA003 and GA006) and we have an extra set to GA002, so stay informed and as it gets closer I think you can find people to trade or buy tix from. We made a detailed calendar or all the events we want to try and see... We have a random mix of other sports (basketball, fencing, table tennis, boxing) and even scored some amazing Athletics tickets. We have a budget and we are going with tickets but we both want one gymnastics and one swim final, so we will find a way!!!! I'm still hoping for swim but you definately have to put in the work, and I was able to have a friend let me use their address in London so I can get tix through the other EU ATR's... I'll figure out some way to get my tickets once they are sent out. If there is a will, there is a way.... but from what I can see the tickets won't just fall in to your lap.
  13. Part of the fun is the excitment of when you do secure an event you wanted (just snagged AT011 today!!! woohoo!) and the anticipation of the games. But I def see how people may not have the time, patience or money (took me 3 hours to finally book one set of tickets from Dertour this morning) This is a bucket list thing for me, and I will be there for the entirety of the games and hoping to see as many events as I can. However, swimming is the one I'm most passionate about seeing but have yet to book any tickets to those events :-/
  14. Thanks for the info John... I'm trying to get some tickets from Detour now, but do have a friend in London who is helping SO def gives more options!! fingers crossed! Do you know who the next ATR for EU countries is to relase tickets?
  15. What do you mean stock up on Olympic pins?? And in regards to cosport this is what was in their email.... "Demand for almost all events significantly exceeded available inventory. CoSport will continue to seek additional event ticket inventory from the Organizing Committee to ensure fans the greatest opportunity to attend the Rio 2016 Olympic Games." So I think now it'll be just checking in daily starting from the 19th to see if anything opens up, but they may not even do a techincal live sale start date, who knows?!
  16. Well.... I had all gray but some items showed up- yay!! My friend and I doubled up on BK054 and GA002, we have 2 tix to those that we are buying but don't need and hoping to trade with anyone with a swimmming or gymnastics final!
  17. thanks! So far for 3 accounts, 48 tickets each... all gray
  18. Yes, I'm sure you could find plenty of people that would be willing to buy your duplicates! Here, twitter and elsewhere.
  19. There is nothing in my accounts, just a big fat $0. I don't even see the events I requested... just hoping this is a hiccup and maybe we still have a chance we got some!
  20. Do you think if you just showed up they would have tix available day of? I went to the opening of the track stadium in London - which said it was sold out, so we just showed up and were able to get tix for free from a guy at the box office. And inside there were a ton of empty seats. Obviously it was in a completely different caliber than an actual Olympic OC. But its frustrating with so many people wanting tix that there are empty seast!
  21. I just receievd an email.... "Nothing Beats Being There! A second Rio 2016 Individual Ticket Request Phase will open for residents of the United States through www.cosport.com starting June 3, 2015 at 09:00 (NYC time). This is not a first come, first served process - any requests successfully submitted before June 10, 2015 at 16:00 (NYC time) will receive equal consideration. NOTE: You will be able to request only tickets available within our current inventory as opposed to all sessions included in the Rio 2016 Competition Schedule as was offered in the first Request Phase. Shortly after the Ticket Request Confirmation Phase concludes, any remaining Individual Ticket inventory will be made available for sale on www.cosport.com on a first come, first served basis."
  22. Update, on the copsort page... it pushed back the request phase. "Requests may be submitted starting June 10, 2015 at 16:00 (NYC) and must be received by June 15, 2015 at 9:00 (NYC) to be considered."
  23. Does this take away from USA tix available? And thanks for the @Volshy info- I will be follwing him now! My friend called cosport yesterday and they said by the end of the week (Im assuming today or tomorrow) They will have more information about the date of sales.
  24. Still waiting on cosports to open up their live sales!! It's been more than a week, and all of these other sellers are open, so frustrating!! Good luck to everyone and as it gets closer I heard it's easier to get tickets you want... Does anyone know if there's a place to go online to trade tickets? Cause we're planning on purchasing a few, but would be open to trading depending on what we get and what we prefer.
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