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  1. I've got 2 tennis tickets that I no longer can use for the evening session on Monday 8th August - Centre Court, Category B, if anyone is interested? Tickets will be sent to me by Cosport in the next month or so. I can the arrange for collection either in Rio or possible have them posted out, depending on your location. €96 for the pair. Message me if you're interested!
  2. I have two category B tennis tickets for Centre Court on Monday 8th August - TE015B - which I'm looking to sell. This is an evening session (18.45 - 23.00), and I bought these off of Cosport's site last year when they had their second round of sales. Face value is 96.50 euros If anyone's interested in buying these, let me know!
  3. Anyone that has applied for tickets through Sportsworld should check their accounts as they've just done a January ticket allocation! And I've scored Opening Ceremony tickets!! Can't believe it!
  4. Cosport released some more tickets last night - managed to get RO008 category A. There were also quite a few athletics including AT005, although those have been snapped up now.
  5. Cartan have emailed me the results of their lottery - got AT005 (100m final) but also 2 beach volleyball and 1 tennis session - I got one of the beach volleyball sessions and the tennis session in the second cosport ballot, so only really want the AT005 tickets. With Cartan you have to take all or nothing so I think I will have to turn them down, otherwise I'd be forking out ~$1000 and having to sell BV002, BV017 and TE015. What do people think? Is there a good chance of being to offload those three sets of tickets? Maybe to people on here?(!)
  6. Any ideas about when we may hear back from sportsworld?
  7. Ah ok - but surely if I did end up with 2 sets of tickets to something like track cycling, there'd be a way to sell them? To someone on here maybe! Haha
  8. Tickets through the French Olympic Committee go on sale tomorrow, so fingers crossed for some luck there! I'm a bit worried though - I've applied for a fair few tickets through sportsworld, but won't find out whether I've got those till the end of the month. (These have already been paid for and the money is then refunded if you are unsuccessful). Should I just go ahead and try and get tickets tomorrow for events that I could then potentially also get tickets for through Sportsworld too? I'm just concerned about ending up with duplicates. Presumably I'll be able to sell them on through some kind of official reseller? The Sportsworld tickets I've applied for are pretty high-key events anyway (OC, track cycling, swimming etc) so I'd be surprised if I got any to be honest, but from previous Games does anyone know whether you can sell tickets on in if I did end up with 2 sets for the same event? Apologies for the long post!
  9. Just applied for OC, swimming, cycling, tennis and beach volleyball. It's a bit rough though because you have to pay upfront immediately, and are then refunded if you're unsuccessful in any (probably all) requests. Would be happy just to get beach volleyball but I think even that's unlikely. I'd potentially want to go for some more but having already forked out over a grand it might be a bit of a stretch. Anyone else applying for sportsworld?
  10. Yeah I'd heard about being able to buy from any EU ATR but it does seem like they've made it very difficult to actually find where to go for this! The only one that shows anything promising is Denmark who use Sportsworld - the information for their applications is out next week, according to their website. Does anybody have a link to any of the EU ATRs? Sportsworld was the only one from this list that actually took you to a page where it looked like you'd be able to apply for tickets. All the other ones don't seem to have any info for the Olympics - just what tickets they sell for other sporting events more generally! http://www.rio2016.com/sites/default/files/users/rio2016_files/atrs_en.pdf
  11. In that session last year GB won gold in the long jump, women's heptathlon and men's 10,000m. We have good prospects for next year in all three so a good chance of seeing a GB gold medal! It definitely says that we only got those athletics tickets, but when i click 'add to shopping cart' it's now telling me i've got beach volleyball tickets too, which is weird!
  12. Hi all, First post on this forum - I'm from the UK and having been to London 2012 I realised I had to go to rio too! Applied for swimming, athletics, cycling, rowing and tennis, mostly the bottom categories. We only got 2/20, but it was for the athletics on Saturday 13th August! I was so pleased with this as this includes some really good team GB prospects - we won 3 gold medals in this session last year! My brother has also applied for tickets so fingers crossed he gets 1 or 2 sets too! What is the second round like? Is there a chance of there being stuff like tennis, beach volleyball etc? Have swimming, athletics etc all gone by this point? Regards, Dan
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