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  1. Sorry to see you go. Yes I've lived longer and I can say this is what the economic situation was like in 1990. (The then Auckland Commonwealth Games barely made it and this showed in the closing ceremony, a ramshackle put together collection of performances.) They should never had printed so much extra money while the borders remained closed. Food inflation is now up at 1989 levels. I agreed with the 2020 lockdown but not the extended 2021 version and definitely not the Auckland lockdown. We now have near zero unemployment, longer stressful workhours, very high wages resulting in a cascade effect in the cost of living, and annoying crime because this left wing govt is too soft on it...and here's the kicker - they have gone out of their way to divide us - so they can provide jobs for the elite 10% of maoris to milk the system to give to the 10% at the bottom who just want a handout...(I'm part maori, not a lot to give me free stuff and I work with those maori NEW ZEALANDERS who struggle on everyday wages and get nothing back in return). I'm hoping the polls are wrong and there will be a landslide swing to the Right...and then you might want to consider unpacking your suitcases... Focussing to infrastructure, building and repair is what the next decade needs to be about in policy. This will stimulate growth and give us a better plan for the future - and that includes a Commonwealth Games, a joint hosting of FIFA WC with Australia, and the long range plan to host a nationwide 2040 Summer Olympics (something the IOC pulled the NZOC aside to talk about when Brisbane was awarded 2032.)
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