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    What is it with you and gay slurs? Internalized homophobia? As a straight guy (even as one who likes cute animals) it would never even occur to me to say something like that.
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    Some new pics from the official game, showing how the venues will (probably) be dressed up.
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    Louise Martin interview on BBC radio said that the plan is to announce the 2026 & 2030 hosts at the General Assembly in October 2026 Adelaide 2030 Hamilton no other candidates expressed any interest, so lock them in Paris/LA style
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    So Tokyo tickets go on sale today via CoSport (I assume ATR and the rest are doing the same) - what are you all buying? I'll check out what is on offer and see what hideous mark up they have.
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    A retractable roof on Suncorp Stadium greatly boosts a bid as providing a solution for indoor sports and swimming. The legacy goes beyond the Olympics. Brisbane now has a large multi use indoor facility for indoor concerts and major sporting events. It can be closed when it rains and during the hot summer. I see it as the only feasible way of solving the arena issue without the need of building more arenas. Brisbane only needs a new modern arena downtown. Should Thas project not go ahead, Suncorp with a retractable roof is still an option. If Melbourne can solve their arena "problem" with Marvel/Docklands Stadium, Brisbane can pose a far serious bid with Suncorp having a roof.
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    Every major city has the same issues but I've never seen anyone wallow in it so much. Maybe a bit of perspective is needed here. The IOC literally changed the rules to nail down LA and Paris as hosts since they didn't want either to get away. You're doing just fine, cheer up. Nobody outside the US cares about NFL rivalries and who cares what other US cities think anyway? You've got the Games, they haven't. Any actual news?
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    Oh, and a quick Google search of the phrase "Los Anjealous" leads to this as the first hit https://doseofcolors.com/products/los-anjealous
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    Apart from of the less serious parts of your post, Macron has heard you: He wants to have everything rebuilt within five years.
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    BidWeek, Reporting From Toronto, Canada – I’m not entirely sure when I first made the realization. Last week, just hours before the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission were to touch down, oddly in Venice, a distance away from Italian 2026 Winter Olympic bid co-host cities Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo, I sat at the edge of […] The post BidWeek: There May Never Be An Olympic Winter Games Host City Again, And Other Gleanings From Italy appeared first on GamesBids.com. View the full article
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    A lot. Which is why several posters have called you out for - as Jesse very accurately put it - a staggering amount of bullshit. Yes, the Soviet bloc boycotted 1984. What does that have to do with anything? The fact that you're trying to throw shade on LA by comparing them to Atlanta is just a petty insult and makes it hard to take anything you're saying seriously. It's basically the kind of generic "here's how much you suck" narrative that posters here like to throw out there to be mean. Do you honestly believe that the world's press is going to come to LA in 2028 and think it's like Atlanta, let alone because of the venue plan? I find it hard to believe you actually believe that. It's hyperbole for the sake of hyperbole. Here's the irony in your whole narrative. You refer to LA as using "cheap facilities" and now you're saying they have to make due with what the private sector provides. Well.. the private sector has provided LA the new stadium at Hollywood Park, Banc of California Stadium, Staples Center, Galen Center, Microsoft Theater, the sports park in Carson, plus massive renovations to the Coliseum, the Forum, and Pauley Pavilion. Yea, what a hardship for LA that they have to "make due" with all those excellent facilities. So what if they're not supported by the government. Who gives 2 shits if they're not "national" buildings as if that is a knock against Los Angeles or the United States in general. And I say that as an arrogant New Yorker who thinks LA is by far the ideal city in the United States for the Olympics, not here. And it's precisely because of the private sector investing in sports infrastructure that has made it that way. Not to mention 2 massive universities who spent about as much money on dorm rooms as another city might have to spend on an Olympic village, yet you're trying to spin that into a negative. Does any of this make Paris' venues better than LA's by comparison? Absolutely not. Does it make LA cheap? Hell no. Yes, Paris can offer up some iconic venues and vistas that LA doesn't measure up against (although by your own admission, LA does have a few of their own that Paris isn't on their level). But your narrative that the world is going to return to Los Angeles and that everyone is going to dislike the venues because they are "cheap" is completely full of horse manure. And some of the statements you tried to back it up with, particularly the ones where you claim LA has lost because they don't offer more extravagant bids, make you seem not only clueless, but extremely ignorant.
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    The binational aspect of Stockholm is being overlooked in coverage of this. I think it’s the most important aspect of the bid - if it works, it’s a total game-changer for countries without bobsled tracks, high ski runs etc.
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    I didn't actually name you, but that's quite a reaction. Guilty conscious? And since you bring up "immaturity" - most here think you're a horrible little cunt who who brings little to this forum aside from from casual homophobia. Just to be clear where we all stand.
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    Here's the most recent set of official update photos. https://www.jpnsport.go.jp/newstadium/tabid/647/Default.aspx
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    I had some errands to do today, so I passed by the stadium. Here are some photos I took.
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    Here's a few pics I pulled from Twitter. You can finally see the roof.
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    They just signed a letlter last December telling the IOC that SLC will be the candidate for Winter 2030. . . or sooner. So, what are you smoking again?