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    What is it with you and gay slurs? Internalized homophobia? As a straight guy (even as one who likes cute animals) it would never even occur to me to say something like that.
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    Please stop. And I don't just mean stop posting here. I mean stop consuming oxygen and leave this planet's valuable natural resources to other people who aren't complete dumbasses. Your "hey IOC, better call up Kazakhstan" shtick gets more asinine every time you suggest it. Not going to happen just because you think it should. As for Stockholm.. how many times have we said here they're done for? A lot. And yet somehow, some way, they're still alive. The possibility still remains that Sweden and Italy will both fall out of the running before the vote in June. At which point, the IOC calls up the USOC, not Kazakhstan, and asks them to put Salt Lake on the table. I do give you a little credit for not using this post to make another prediction about the next 7 Winter Olympics though.
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    Do we like cricket? However much 10cc love it, it can't compare to the adoration of the game in this city - WELCOME TO MUMBAI! We are in one of the finest cricket grounds on the planet - the Wankhede (yes) Stadium in India's largest city to announce our summer logo comp champion for 2019, and although the IOC President & Olympic champion in jousting, 1796, Thomas Bach, is once again in the building, it is surely much more appropriate to hand this important role to the most worshipped god in Mumbai: No, not him...I mean Sachin! Good evening Mumbai, & GamesBids. This has been a real Test match of a competition, but now all six balls have been bowled, it is over. We've faced a sticky wicket a few times - round 5 certainly provided a googly, but after using the Duckworth-Lewis Method, we have our closing partnership. We know already that the Don Bradman of the logo comps, Paul, has yet another century - he's got almost as many as me now - but this isn't a Test match, we can't have a draw. So, with both his two logos in the corridor of uncertainty, the time has come to see which logo has carried its bat, & which is in cow corner. The logo with the highest batting average is: Paul's Mumbai! Yoshi: Thank you Mr Tendulkar. You can return to the commentary box now to finish your cake. Yes, that settles it, we already knew the title belonged to @paul, but it's now settled that it's his Mumbai leaf that will be his 8th spot on the winners' sig. The final scorecard reads: A: 6 B: 3. A decisive victory, & relaxation for me after the winter tie & the round 5 mess So ends the 12th annual edition of the GB Olympic logo competition, with @JDCLauron & @paul giving a mix of old & new to the winners' enclosure. Once again, thank you to all participants & voters, without whom this couldn't have worked. Special thanks as ever are reserved for the world's finest wombat @Sir Rols, creator of polls, giver of advice, & solver of impasses once again I know again, it was quite low-key & long, but it still got a field & votes - & I think it actually went better than last year's. There's a reason this is held when it's held. As always with Olympic crises, you can blame the low general traffic on here on Tommy the swordsman. So, with congratulations to Paul & JDCLauron, time to wrap this thing up. If I/we do this again, it'll be at the same time next year, number 13 (yes Paul, Denver is pencilled in for if I'm back for #13....not gonna think of any others for months yet). In the meantime, we've got bats, balls, & leftover tequila for everyone, Sachin's ready to teach any uninitiated, & Mr President is volunteering to stand at the crease for anyone who wants bowling practice. Let's have a cricket party! FAREWELL/विदाई!
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    ... and yet neither Melbourne, nor any other Australian city or region is making any moves toward a bid. So let go of Melbourne, they’re not bidding. End of story. I’m a Melbourne resident and I know Melbourne have not yet shown any interest in a bid for 2032 or any other games. We are now in the Agenda 2020 era. A 2032 Brisbane/SE QLD bid has been shown to be very feasible under Agenda 2020. In Australia, only Brisbane and South East Queensland are making any moves ahead of a possible bid.
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    Some new pics from the official game, showing how the venues will (probably) be dressed up.
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    Louise Martin interview on BBC radio said that the plan is to announce the 2026 & 2030 hosts at the General Assembly in October 2026 Adelaide 2030 Hamilton no other candidates expressed any interest, so lock them in Paris/LA style
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    I fail to see why you're all panicking. The chances of this woman or her party ever being elected to the Paris town hall are zilch! She belongs to a far left party called "La France Insoumise" (A Rebellious France) led by a fire breathing demagogue called Jean-Luc Mélenchon who still hasn't lived down the humiliation of having lost a presidential election he was probably the only one to think he could win! This call for a referendum is some last ditch & desperate call for attention. Nobody listens what she has to say and no one cares......
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    The Mario & Sonic games usually always show more or less the look the games they end up wearing (with some minor changes regarding its arrangement). And I kind of believe it since its pretty much using the Hanabi motif they said would be the main element of the look, which they're also using on the website. Some examples Vancouver 2010 London 2012 Sochi 2014 Rio 2016
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    Link to news announcement They will be using 5 colors for the look of the games.
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    As a Brisbane local i'm biased but I can see this bid happening (not saying it'll win against larger global cities). The main issue I find is that they'd need to work on a fast rail between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. I volunteered for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games while living in Brisbane and it took me almost 2 hours to get from where I live to the main stadium in GC. And i'm located near the Brisbane airport which would be a good location for the Olympic Village and was in fact the plan for the Olympic Village for the 1992 Brisbane Olympic bid. Other venues: The aquatic centre in GC was pretty good for swimming/diving/synchronized swimming, they might need to add another pool but otherwise it's in good shape. The Brisbane tennis centre can handle the tennis event. Suncorp Stadium, Carrara Stadium & other stadiums can handle football and rugby sevens. The new velodrome at Chandler works perfectly for the cycling. Belmont is still good for the shooting. Brisbane Convention Centre, Gold Coast Convention Centre & Carrara Sports & Leisure Centre work for weightlifting, squash, wrestling, basketball and badminton. The main addition is an Olympic stadium with a capacity for over 90,000 people which South East Queensland doesn't have. That would need to host the ceremonies and the athletics. And the other is the Olympic village. I still think near the Brisbane airport where all the apartments are going up at Portside would be a perfect idea but faster transportation to the Gold Coast venues would be needed. There's obviously some other sports left out but the biggest issues from my perspective are the transport concept, hotel capacity, Olympic stadium and the Olympic village.
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    Well, while we're on the cricket theme.... Howzat @paul! Congratulations. I must say, I was gunning for your Mumbai from the start and glad it won. I was reconciled to seeing it go, though, in that penultimate round. It looked like it was gonna be the one to drop out, and I'd even begun the final poll on the assumption it would be your Mexico City versus JDC's Mumbai., Then, with just about five minutes to go, I get a frantic PM from Yoshi telling me it's all tied up with all three in a dead heat. LOL! That was unprecedented and one I'd never come up against before. It's those sort of things that make the comps fun and unpredictable. Anyway, really deserved win Paul... as always. You truly are the Don Bradman of the comps (you should google him up). As for the rest... While it was a bit sad some of the old contenders didn't front up this year, it was great to see a new contender, @JDCLauron, step up to the crease - and then score a win in his maiden over! Well done JDC! Thanks for joining and hope you see you back again for another tilt at the Ashes between you and Paul (or, indeed, any other contender). And thanks @Glacib for always being keen and joining in - I'll be gunning for you to win one yourself soon. And @Scotguy - I was so pleased to see you return for the comp, and I gotta say, I think your Mumbai was the best you've done so far. I sure was barracking for it to advance as far as it could make it. And finally, a big thanks to the irrepressible @yoshi! It's really only through his sheer optimism and determination to keep the tradition going that the comp still survives - and not only survives, continues successfully every year. I gotta admit, he's proved me wrong - I've tended to be pessimistic about the chances for the comp when he has come to me asking for my opinion on whether to go for it or not. Thanks for persisting and having faith, mate. And well done. And so, the next is the 13th eh? Hmmmmm. Gotta admit, I'd have a few ideas for that one. You might wanna watch over your shoulder I don't make a comeback for it! Just kidding Yoshi, It's all yours if you wanna stay at it, though I'll certainly be there to feed you a few suggestions.
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    I promised you we'd be back in Mexico...have a drink! WELCOME/BIENVENIDO! As well as a rather strong beverage, Tequila is also a town in the state of Jalisco - & that's where we are for our final! Before we make the biggest decision, we must (finally) take a look at round 4 to see who's drowning their sorrows: A: 4 B: 5 C: 6. It took us a while, but we finally got there, a proper result - & after extra time, I'm afraid it's @JDCLauron's Mumbai that must leave the scene. Good luck next time, & I'm sure the winter title is good consolation Which all means that, once again, GamesBids' king of logos @paul is guaranteed an astonishing 8th title, with both his entries contesting the finale. This is GamesBids though, so there must be one winner. So this is it, the big one, a place on that signature on the line - as before, the final has slightly altered rules: This voting round will be open for (approximately) 48 hours - it will close at 9pm UK time on Monday, 21 January. This is the final round, with only two candidates. Whichever logo has more votes will be declared winner. Vote in the poll for your favourite logo. You have ONE vote, so make it count. Your vote is public and can be seen by all. Entrants MAY vote for their own logo if they wish. For transparency, I will not vote unless required to break a tie. Votes are valid if cast by members of GamesBids as of January 1 2019 with a bona fide posting record. I will rule on the validity of any suspicious or disputed votes, or who constitutes a bona fide voting member. I will not vote in this, or any subsequent rounds. However, if votes are level, I will reserve my right to vote in order to settle it. Be fair and sportsmanlike, this is meant to be fun and the entrants all deserve RESPECT So who will it be? Who will leave Mexico in high spirits as numero uno? The decision, of course, is all yours. We will reconvene in...well that's also your call - but it'll certainly be on Sunday. Good luck to Paul, &...Paul, & may the best logo win! GOOD LUCK!
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    Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for the national anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan! Mesdames et Messieurs, veuillez vous tenir debout pour l'hymne national de la République du Kazakhstan! Ханымдар мен мырзалар! Қазақстан Республикасының мемлекеттік әнұраны үшін тілегіңіз!   What the...I told you we shouldn't have let the Kuwaitis do the protocol. Anyway, we're here, we made it, WELCOME TO ALMATY!  We are in the very scenic (& cold) setting of the Medeo/Medeu stadium for our announcement ceremony, graced by the IOC president & gold medallist in something, sometime, Thomas Bach, & the President of Kazakhstan...actually no, he's stormed off in anthem protest. That's a problem, who will announce the winner now? It's not like we planned for any other famed Kaz... JAGSHEMASH ALMATY!!!  Good welcome, & most sincere friendshipful helloings to all of you. My name is Borat Sagdiyev, & it is pleasuring me greatly to be here presenting the winner of great competitive logo-do - Cultural Awares of GamesBids Members For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan! Myself, I feel this should settling in traditional Kazakh way, by (NEIN, ve already talked about zis - Bach). Being from strange other place, you had multiple rounds of pole-dancing instead (Poll VOTING - Bach). Well, whatever. However you people selectioned them, it is with much delight that I make announce of it - the human that has done the winning is:  JDCLauron-yev! Yoshi: Thank you Mr Sagdiyev, I think. I wouldn't recommend the mankini in this weather So there it is, a first entry & a first win for @JDCLauron - debuts don’t come better than that. Congrats too to Paul, as strong an entrant as always, yet again showing why his name is on that sig more than anyone else. The score was: A: 5 B: 5. You’ll see A winning 6-5 on the thread but one voter, lexxiv, was deemed to not have the required posting record. Thus, I had the casting vote, & I chose A simply because I liked its font best, there’s no wrong choice when both would be strong real-world symbols And with that, part 1 is done! Thank you to everyone who's got involved, without whom this wouldn't be possible - I know this has been quite low-key, but then that goes for the whole board right now. Look, Bach's in the house, blame him. Hopefully this has been a good Christmas/New Year distraction, Particular thanks of course to the designers for putting their ideas up for the GB dissection - the audience may be smaller, but it's still demanding - & of course to @Sir Rols for doing the poll-starting, Borat-pic-making, sounding-boarding etc that makes the comp possible. And of course, congrats once again to @JDCLauron.  And that's it from Almaty! We may just be back here in actual 2030, but between now & then, we have a Summer Olympic comp to decide! Between Mumbai & Mexico, we will gather tomorrow on neutral ground to determine our shortlist for that one. Until then...oh hold on, what've you found Thomas?  FAREWELL/Қоштасу! 
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    LOL! Sorry to push you to have to make the tiebreak decision, Yoshi. I always dreaded having to do that when i was in your shoes. It’s always tough trying to stay above the fray. Congratulations JDC, well done. I always thought your Almaty would come through, which was why I indulged my votes to try to get others I deemed “worthy” through the earlier rounds. Paul, as always, you’re the one everyone has to measure themselves against. I don’t think you’ve ever entered a logo that wasn’t winner-worthy. You keep the comps a true contest of talent.
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    To me it doesn't seem terribly wise for a city as small as Brisbane to bid (the entire state of Queensland has only 36.4% of the population of the London metropolitan area), but if Brisbane can host without building any white elephant facilities then it could work. And as the spearhead of a new model for the IOC a Brisbane games could potentially put the Olympics within reach of cities like Liverpool, Copenhagen, Casablanca, Durban, et al.
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    Went for a little stroll yesterday...
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    I don't quite know where to begin here. Let's try to unravel this. LA has not been viewed in any circles as an underdog. You're the only person who thinks that. Didn't make sense when LA was trying to make their pitch up against Paris. Doesn't make sense now after they got the IOC to do something completely unprecedented on their behalf. Plucky underdogs don't get that. Look at LA's Olympic bid history. People here make a big deal about how many times they've lost and how they've never won a contested bid. Is that because LA lacks global status? Of course not. Because they use existing venues which are viewed as inferior? Absolutely not. When LA was passed over in 1976, it was 100% geopolitical. Had nothing to do with their venue plan. For 1980, they were in a bad position because Lake Placid was the only Winter candidate (not entirely unlike the setup that won Barcelona the 1992 Summer Olympics over Paris.. speaking of a time politics played a huge role in determining a winner). So ask yourself.. when has existing venues, college dorms, or recycled main stadiums been the reason LA has lost? Never. It has never happened. It's a BS narrative and poor attempt at spin. 2034 is likely to be another world from 2028? LA got an Olympics handed to them because of all the reasons you're trying to tell us their bid is viewed as inferior. Again, that's nonsense. Take their 2028 bid and drop it into the field of candidates from 1996 (and pretend for a sec that LA hadn't just hosted 12 years earlier). Do they win? Pretty good chance they do. LA got their Olympics because they offered a cost-effective plan. Like you said, Salt Lake is like LA in that regard. So how is it that the IOC was willing to make a deal to get LA 4 years early but that Salt Lake is too soon? The IOC is not looking for spread out, more regional Olympics. They're only looking at that now because there are no other options. It's not a case of the IOC trying to prove that this concept works to offer an example to other potential host cities. If it works with either Sweden or Italy, that's great for the IOC. But it doesn't necessarily mean they'll get the same results elsewhere. Especially when we have Calgary which looked at that prospect and then decided it wasn't worth it for them. Most importantly and your boy mentioned it in his piece.. The last Winter Olympics held in North America was in 2010. There will have been 2 Winter Olympics in Asia since then and likely 2 Winter Olympics in Europe following that. Is the IOC really that eager to return to Asia again for 2030? If Sapporo does get chosen for 2030, wouldn't be a nice financial incentive for NBC or whoever wins the next round of U.S. TV rights to have the first Olympics of the new contract in the United States? Can Canada pick themselves up off the mat to big again, and even if they do, wouldn't that be too soon? There's only 2 countries on this continent that can host a Winter Olympics. Sooner rather than later, they'll want to come back here for a Winter Olympics. If not Salt Lake, then where else? Pretty good bet they're going to bid and keep bidding until they win it. It's exactly the kind of bid the IOC would love to have because they're likely to offer a well-run Olympics without exorbitant costs. Let's see a spread out games compete in a contest against a non-spread out games. I think I know who is winning that one.
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    There is little any of us can say that can offer any form of comfort to those who have been affected by this hideous atrocity. What shocked me most when I heard the news this morning, though, was that such an outrage had occurred in perhaps the last country on Earth that you would expect something like this to happen in.
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    Good on them, even if Melbourne would be more ready sooner. Don’t understand the thought that the Commies were an embarrassment to Australia - apart from the incident in the marathon (freak event, could’ve happened anywhere) & that total clusterfuck of a closing ceremony (surely nothing like that will ever happen again), didn’t it basically go perfectly?
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    It's not as if winter sports are more popular than football in Germany, Switzerland or the Netherlands, though. Whether winter sports or summer sports are more popular in Canada and Norway is debatable, but if you call it a tie there then there's probably no county in the world where winter sports are more popular than summer sports. Sweden is excellent at cross country skiing (2nd overall on the Olympic medal table), curling (2nd overall), and ice hockey (3rd overall for men and tied for 1st for women.) They are also quite good at biathlon (6th overall), figure skating (7th overall), alpine skiing (8th overall), and speed skating (9th overall.) Winter sports are more than popular enough to make Sweden a good Olympic host if only Europeans were not turning against the IOC. And it's worth noting that even in 1912 Sweden hosted a cost effective games totally different from what happened thereafter between the world wars. They also seemingly have no interest in hosting the UEFA European championship even though they have a large enough economy to afford them. Sweden is not a country that goes in for profligate vanity projects even under ideal circumstances.
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    It's sad the US never invested in a modern train system. I took an Amtrack train from Florida to Houston almost 14 years ago for a school trip and it was probably the worst traveling experience I ever had. It took longer than it would if you had driven, and the train itself wobbled so badly I thought any moment now we were going to de-rail. There is discussion of building a fast-speed train in Texas that will go from Houston to Dallas that will go a minimum of 200mph. Hope it happens.
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    But aren't you the one constantly touting Ostersund/Are as already being one of the best & biggest winter resorts in Sweden & all of Europe? So do they really need to make it all the more "bigger & better"? And would the local populance & government support such an idea in a much more democratic country like Sweden? Sochi & Russia, on the other hand, had nothing, zilch, nada. And Putin & his clan were ready & willing to put the huge work into it. Those are the huge differences between the two countries. Sorry, Pillan. But I just don't see it. Ostersund & Sweden doesn't need this kind of big investment, when even you yourself say, you guys already have one of the biggest & best winter facilities out there. And IOC members talking among themselves in the open, is totally different on how they would cast their vote upon any particular candidate in a SECRET ballot.