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    Torino was noted for a lot of empty seats as well.
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    From all that I see via television coverage, PeyongChang has does a masterful job in presenting this Olympic Winter games, The venues are impressive and even spectacular. There appear to be no significant problems with any venue and it appears these are truly winter games in a winter climate with fresh snow almost daily and cold, crisp days with brilliantly blue skies. Its a far cry from Sochi where air temps sometimes reached summertime highs during several days and Alpine events were held on melting snow. The spectacular PeyongChang scenery, the thoughtful amenities provided at each venue to make events more "user friendly" for the participants, the outstanding maintenance at each venue--it all adds up to a remarkably professional and positive Olympic experience. Just watching young attendants clearing the ice of flowers and other gifts tossed to the skaters, or holding gates and doors for athletes as they arrive or depart a venue, or sweeping the shooting mats on the biathlon course--the list goes on. South Korea evidently has considered every aspect of of successful Olympic experience. It appears that in a crazy world PeyongChang has masterfully create a truly joyful Olympic experience free from scandal, major glitches or significant mistakes. I hope those remarkable facilities continue to host world competitions for decades to come and continue to bring prosperity to that region. South Korea has done an outstanding job. And the 2018 winter sports facilities give rise to the argument that the games deserve a permanent home with the very best of facilities. PeyngChang fits the bill. Those venues deserved to see another winter games in the near future.
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    Vancouver is 2.5 million. Plus 350,000 in Victoria. Seattle is 3.5 million, but few people traveled from Washington to BC for the Olympics. It is a three hour drive or four hour train trip from Seattle to Vancouver even without a long line at the border or delays from the numerous and slow freight trains carrying oil, coal and lumber. There are empty seats at nearly all Olympics. London used fairly extreme methods to force the usage of all seats, and most organizers will not do that. Even in France or Germany there would have been many empty seats reserved for the "Olympic family," media and corporate sponsors.
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    Uhmmm... Gangneung pop - 213,000; PC - 44,000 = about 260,000 for the area. Vancouver's metro population is what> 1.25 million? Plus Seattle & Victoria nearby, another 1.5 million?? You guys miss the point of giving it to an Olympic host. It's to give another part of the world a chance to host & exprience the Olympics. Full stands are good but NOT a requisite. Tulsa, grow up and get over Anecy's losst. Why isn't Anecy bidding for 2026 if you are so down on non-European hosts?? I bet you have no anser for that.
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    My vote for flagbearer is Kim Boutin.
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    Torino was noted for a lot of empty seats as well.
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    The populations of Gangneung & PC just might not be enough to come and fill the empty seats. Include local peoples who are also working the Games, security, the hotels, the restaurants, etc. Obviously several thousand of those cannot justsdrop their duties to fill in seats simply for cosmetic appearances.