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    I do not think PyeongChang 2018 is a bad edition. I believe that many will miss it when it arrives in Beijing 2008 with the lack of snow, in fact someone has images of how it is today to the mountains where the next games will happen? Brazil does not suffer from economic crisis because of 'Rio 2016', do not forget that we are a US $ 3 trillion economy. The Brazilian economic crisis was built through deficit in public accounts, social security problems, corruption and manipulation of prices and credit. I think unfortunately the Olympics have become too big and the IOC does not change its ideology, the IOC increases the amount of sports and it does not realize that this is killing the Olympics. The "failure" of PyeongChang is the result of the policy adopted by the IOC. What I regret is that since Vancouver 2010 we do not see these games being hosted in a country genuinely identified with winter sports. Where is Munich? Switzerland? Austria? France? Norway Japan? All of them have full conditions to receive an edition. But the IOC prefers artificial cities like PyeongChang, Sochi and Beijing.
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    Oddly enough- yes ! - except, yet again, for Elise Christie
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    I actually like the design a lot, the simple aesthetic and the wood exterior gives it a strong Japanese feel. The Zaha Hadid stadium was a costly monstrosity which i'm glad was discarded later.
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    New fly-through video posted yesterday of LAX's automated people-mover, scheduled to start construction this year, to be completed by 2023:
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