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    Each had 10 stadiums which is more or less the standard for a lone WC host. Also I guess it wasn't a good WC for you because France kicked the bucket on the first round
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    Getting a little back on topic, and referring back to prior complaints about the coliseum renovation I decided to look into my archives and pull out the leaked applicant file for LA that was used during the domestic bidding process nearly *FOUR* years ago. I always felt that the concept proposed back in the earliest stages of the bid would've been the best plan. I suppose USC had other thoughts: [Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/r3QmUS3.png) I'm still hopelessly holding a candle that the plan is revived in the future. There's still a solid ten years before the games.
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    For me the impact of the drones was lessened by the use of "augmented reality" (i.e. electronic fakery) to create the "dome of stars" effect earlier in the ceremony. I'm hoping that some future ceremony will make a clearly genuine (and also not pre-recorded) use of drones.
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    Pyeongchang has already done immeasurable improvement to the image of the movement. The games have been peaceful, responsible, well run, and well designed. In hindsight I wish they had won hosting rights for 2014. Could you guys imagine the glowing coverage the movement would have received following a successful Vancouver, London, then Pyeongchang? The only sore spot would be Rio, but Rio would be quickly forgotten with a probable Munich 2018 and Tokyo 2020. Regardless, the past is in the past. I'm just happy Pyeongchang has already gone so swimmingly. I honestly feel like the Olympics are back...I have the spirit again. Looking forward to Tokyo and Beijing...even with the time delay.
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    Are you gonna be continuing your tantrum for the next 14 days?
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