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    Of course he is - he’s been spitting his dummie for the past 7 years. Quite honestly, PC doesn’t have to do much beyond getting through the 16 days unscathed to already start to repair some of the damage done to the WOGs reputation that Sochi’s big spending did.
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    Here is my logo for LA2028. Instead of dumping the bid concept and starting afresh I have decided to link to the bid with a sun icon. The bid said #followthesun and the competitors and the visitors will do just that. The logo's beams are made up of past hosts highlighting the journey that the Olympics has got to to get to 2028. The word mark is then in blue to represent the sun rising behind the ocean. A new dawn for LA and a new dawn for the Olympics. All other support material can be found here. https://www.behance.net/gallery/56031033/LA2028-Branding
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    RE: the thread title. I'd suggest the nation that ran a state sponsored doping scheme whilst hosting has a bigger claim.
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    Wow! Just read Rob Livingstone’s #GamesBids tweet, and it turned out that was him, CAF, Olympian2004 and StefanMuc in the Oktoberfest spew segment. Good onya guys, you did the board proud and brought a lump to my throat! Thought it was a classy touch having the country names in the parade of nations engraved on the bier steins carried by the busty waitresses. Pity the poor lass who had to carry the “Olympic Athletes from Russia” steins, but at least she had big enough bazoongas to support them all.
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    Overall, I was happy with what I saw. I kept my expectations a little lower, given the stadium itself, as well as the country's budget being far lower than Sochi, but overall, I was happy. I did not find myself getting chills up my arms like I did during Beijing or Rio, but I still enjoyed the show. Here are a few summed up positives and negatives, for me: Pros Seatback Lighting. I really like the use of this during ceremonies, and I really like how they used it during the Parade of Nations. Also distracted from the open seats throughout the venue. Parade of Nations. I loved the incorporation of popular Korean songs, including "Hand in Hand" from Seoul 1988. It also went much faster, which is something I hope we can keep for future Games. Sometimes they just seem entirely too long. The kids. I always love when kids are the main focus of the ceremony, which leads me into my next point Focus on the future. I was praying they wouldn't go the historical route and end up repeated Nagano 1998, and I was very glad they didn't. Plus, it gave the world a good glimpse into what Korea is trying to be, and I think they should be proud of themselves for it, like they were in 1988. Cauldron Lighting. I am very glad Yuna Kim did it, I expected no one else. Fireworks. For some reason I liked these much better than Sochis, which was odd. Much more variety. The ski/snowboard/drone video, definitely a major highlight was the rings made by drones Unified Korea. While it may have been a political stunt, it was surely an Olympic moment, and it was definitely a sight to see. Cons Somewhat disorganized. Videos and performances didn't seem to follow any sort of narrative or story, and it was confusing to bounce back between old Korea and future Korea. The amount of videos. I would've been somewhat disappointed/pissed if I got all the way out there to spend most of my time in my seat watching a video I could've been bundled up on my couch watching. Somewhat Lackluster. None of the performances really made me say "wow, what I would do to be there right now". The Unified Korea and Yuna Kim had that affect for me, but no musical or theatrical performance, which was weird for me. In London, during the entire part devoted to British music, I continuously thought "oh what I would do to be in London right now, singing the Beatles at the Olympics", and in Rio, "oh what I would do to see Gizelle Bundchen walk to 'The Girl from Ipanema' in front of mock favelas". Nothing like that here. The NBC broadcasting. I was very upset that certain parts of the ceremony were cut from the NBC broadcast due to "time constraints", but they HAD to send over an hour, if not more, of the allotted three doing interviews/descriptions of Team USA members. I know that's where the money lies and many in the US only care about Team USA, but I am very upset that I now have to go watch a version without commentary at a later date in order to see the full ceremony. Empty seats. Very unfortunate to see, and as stated, they tried to cover it up, but it was apparent that that stadium was not filled. Overall though, I was happy with the show. Maybe it's my optimistic nature, or the length of time between the Games that allows me to be much less critical when they come on for the first time (I will get critical when the hype goes away), but I was happy. What matters is if the OC spoke to South Koreans and the nearby Chinese, because if it did, then ticket sales will rise for people trying to get to last minute events or maybe even the closing ceremony, and Pyeongchang needs that boost right now. I'm excited for more Olympic events though!
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    Calgary is going to bid. Canada sent a ministerial delegation, the GG, Mayor Nenshi and almost the entire COC executive. Canada is bidding.
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    Now I will recapitulate the Rings Formations segments on the Opening Ceremonies of the WG. Sarajevo 1984. It seems to be the very first ring formation segment for the WG. Calgary 1988. There were not a ring formation segment itself, but ther were made up by the attending audience by wearing those ponchos creating the olympic flag as a human mosaic. Also they made up the year "88" from the Look of the Games. Albertville 1992. There were not a ring formation segment either, but they were projected on the floor. I think, the very first rings projections in an Opening Ceremony. Lillehammer 1994. Despite it was not a segment itself, the rings formation was made up by the children choir forming a human mosaic wich was present at the beggining and during the parade of nations. Salt Lake 2002. One of the most original and innovative rings formation ever: rings of fire on ice. It was replied two years after in Athens by forming fire rings on water. Torino 2006. A high tech rings formation. After a choreography of the "sparks of passion" where (yet not) rings got up and down, finally they were unified along a fireworks display. It was a splendid background for the Nations Parade. One of the most memorable ring formation ever! Vancouver 2010. With not a ring formation segment, the beggining of the ceremony was starred by the snowboardist jumping through the snow exploding rings which gave us a stunning footage of that Opening Ceremony. Sochi 2014. Probably the comented most rings formation ever by the media due to the big fail: One of the rings did not open! It was supossed to set them in a fireworks display after their formation but they didn't. Russian TV aired images of the dress rehearsal to "heal" that moment.... For the closing ceremony they made a parody of that fail! Like it was supposed to be The parody at the Closing Ceremony making fun of themselves... BONUS TRACK My favorite rings formation ever One of the most iconic footages of all Olympic Ceremonies. Los Angeles 1984 rings with those golden balloons still is one of the most amazing shoots ever! Beijing 2008. Due to its huge originality and the wow factor... The rings seemed to be coming out from the screen on the floor... Amazing! On the other hand it's the simplicity but not out of originality. The Rio 2016 rings formation by the trees and the expliding confettis is one of the most memorable ones.
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    Shhhhhhhh I finally have time now that it's the weekend Thank you all for your kind words, I really don't know what to say haha. Contrary to what some others may think, I think this year's competition was great; I loved the beautiful gradients in Bernham's, I loved how incredibly well Paul ran his unconventional theme, I loved the perfection and polish of Davey's, I loved the tacky cliche of Rol's star, and how "American" Glacib's logo feels. And as for David's? Hey, I'm a sucker for the Dodgers It was a tight race, and I feel honored that mines somehow pulled through till the end. Thanks, guys! Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be trademarking my little hot dog so I'll be able to charge the IOC some big bucks later on PS. Nevermind the babbling cabbage, Yoshi. I think you ran the comp wonderfully
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    OK, let's gooooo...take it away Marc! Thank you to T-Rex for kicking us off (just go with it, we got a TARDIS), & a warm welcome to the eleventh Annual GamesBids Olympic Logo Design Comp, launching somewhat early due to the IOC deciding that there really is such a thing as an offer you can't refuse. Anyway, before we get going it's only right & proper to properly thank the comp's two legends: Thatsnotmypuppy, Pikachu, thank you for creating this idea initially, & Sir Rols, Fatso (it's the wombat's name, ok), thank you for bringing it to this point & for being the general good egg/sounding board once again here. If this hits the heights of those previous events, I'd be more amazed than if Portugal won Eurovision. Wait... Right then, I'm tempted to sue T-Rex under the Trade Descriptions Act, because this isn't a revolution, it's a continuation - there'll be no wild experimentation this time *board exhales*. We have the traditional logo comp format - one summer city & one winter one. To introduce them, we have a couple of special guests, so to introduce our summer city for 2017, please welcome Mister RANDY NEWMAN! LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2028 That looks more wintry than intended...oh well. Yes, we are continuing with a grand tradition dating back to comps for Rio 2016, Tokyo 2020, & even Paris 2024 (eat that, Nostradamus), with an aim of showing the future organisers how it should be done, & maybe get into a few Google Image Searches along the way. This is America's Olympic (& entertainment) capital, one of the world's most famous cities, so surely there's plenty to draw from to create a 2028 logo that can follow on from the iconic Stars In Motion: as Tinseltown prepares to make its third mark on the Olympic history books. And who knows, maybe with the help of Google, you might even be able to fool some people that your logo really is the real deal So, summing up, we want a host city logo for the Games of the XXIV Olympiad in Los Angeles in 2028. Who knows, they might already be looking. But it is not just summer. As is tradition, there's a winter bit too, and to introduce that, please welcome our next special guest, and it's a big one - ladies & gentlemen, Mister BILLY JOEL! (Yes, I know it's out of date, but don't worry, Vlad isn't playing #ThrowbackThursday again - you try finding a song called St Petersburg :p) SAINT PETERSBURG, RUSSIAN FEDERATION 2030 Yes, it's the Cold War of logo comps which brings us to the second city of Russia - so good they named it 3 times, and a city that has actually bid for the Winter Games before. Ok, it was for 1994, it was still in the USSR, it was still called Leningrad, & nothing came of it (except a mascot apparently) but other than that, everything's the same. Whatever, the city's rich history should lend itself well to producing some great Winter Olympic logos - at least compared to the last Olympic logo from post-Soviet Russia: The bar is set low Again, to sum up, we want a host city logo for the XXVI Winter Olympic Games in St Petersburg in 2030. Don't fry your brain thinking about how they'd actually stage the thing. ------------------------------------------------------- Next bit - the general rules, advice, stuff etc that hasn't really changed from previous years: We are after logos for that encompass the overall feel of the city and local influences that can be tied into a design concept. How can any of these cities articulate graphically what they could bring to future Olympics hosting? What flavour will they bring to the games? What will Vlad & Donald think of it? The logos should be presented as full colour designs on white background. If you like, however, they can also be presented in black and white or utilised in forms like street banners, t-shirts, apps, vehicles, pins etc. For voting purposes, the main (colour) logo will be used on the polls, & extra stuff is not obligatory, but any extra material you produce may help you “sell” your design better to the wider GamesBids voting membership. These logos are for HOST cities. So you can use the rings, and don't need to include the words “Candidate City, Olympic Games 2028/30” or whatever the IOC want this week. Post your preliminary submissions on this thread. If you want to hold anything back to be presented as a “surprise” when voting starts you can contact me or Rols via PM and I'll tell you where you can send the extra material. However, it would be nice to see as many on-thread submissions as possible for people to chew over in-thread. Feel free to post as many logo designs as you like, & to ask for feedback from our famously discerning electorate. If you really can't decide between your own designs, feel free to start a poll (or to ask for one to be started). When the time comes for voting, however, you will be asked to settle on ONE official logo in each category (winter and summer) as your official entry. The competition is open to all members of GamesBids, or to any new legitimate members who join before the end of the submission period. I, with consultation, will rule on the legitimacy of new members. As you would expect, I will rule on any disputes - always aiming to be as fair as possible in the process. As always, just remember, this is all meant to be fun. Olympic spirit, remember?. Hopefully this will spark up some action on the board. I'll be dipping in, keeping a close eye on things, but otherwise will try and keep hands (paws?) off until the polling stages. The deadline for submissions is 12PM London time on IOC decision confirmation day, SEPTEMBER 13, 2017 - so hopefully the lead-up to this will spark some board activity. We will thus begin the road to 2024/8/6 too awkward - hopefully with activity from the session's aftermath with the voting for short lists, followed by the final round polls. And this is just to alert @Rob. to the existence of the new comp in the hope that he'll do his traditional bit of putting up links to various free design programs etc for the benefit of those who want to take part but may not have the facility at the moment. All that is left to say is thank you Rols once again, and to all participants for having the guts to put your logos up for the annual GamesBids dissection, & may the best logos win. GOOD LUCK/удачи!
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    Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to St Petersburg! That's Boney M getting us started with their ode to the most historically famous Putin of them all. Ladies and Gentlemen, Madames et Monsieurs, good evening & добро пожаловать to the Winter Palace in St Petersburg, where we are gathered to crown the tsar our winner in this winter section of the 11th GB Olympic Logo Comp. I hope you have enjoyed taking part & voting, & the journey around Russia that we have had. Consider it practise for 2018. As is traditional, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who entered. It is never easy to design an Olympic logo, & even harder to design one for such a tough & discerning audience as the one we find here. Talking of whom, thanks to you as well - without your votes there would be no comp - I hope this has given something to do on the board in this barren period. All told, the one thing that's certain is that when a winner is crowned, they are fully deserving. And it is now time to crown that winner. To make the announcement, please welcome the only man who could possibly do the job here. We've heard from him throughout, now he's on stage, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin! *For clarification, Mr Putin is the one on the top.* Vlad: Thank you, thank you. I am finally in charge now, now I can decide the logo for Leningrad...*has chat* Oh, right, votes. Interesting idea. Ok, so apparently the votes are counted and have been verified by our completely transparent & independent people who deal with such things. They were even there for all to see, no need to hack anything, very easy. Well, I suppose all I can say is...the winner is... VIK-ski! Yoshi: Thank you Mr President. By the way, who is this Kim you keep talking about? Never knew you liked Belgian women's tennis. Anyway the big thing is...Congratulations @VIK! Our flying Finn has taken the title with his very first (and only for now) post on the board. A remarkable achievement - you now join that long list of champions in my (& Rols') signature. For the records, the final result of Round 4 was: A: 6 B: 4 C 1. A small, but clear, majority means that we have our winner! And that's it from Russia - but not before I once again thank everyone involved, especially @Sir Rols for his support in once again starting the polls and providing the pic of old Vlad above. And of course telling me not to be too worried about the numbers of logos/votes. Thanks mate OK, well, there's hot & cold running vodka in the bar next door. I am going to leave a day's cooling off for our hangovers, and also for anyone who hasn't yet to get a last-minute LA 2028 entry in. But after that, we will be headed across the Atlantic for our Summer escapade. I'm sure Donald will give us a warm...um...welcome. See you in Hollywood! Quote
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    I'm just glad they haven't wasted this opportunity to award both cities.
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    I wonder how LA executes the dual stadium Opening Ceremony concept. This should be interesting. One thing for certain, the opening ceremony will be under broad daylight (assuming a 6pm start to accommodate east coast viewers). If I was Garcetti, I would start the ceremony at the LA Coliseum (introduce the President and National Anthem), bring the artistic portion to Hollywood Park (for the theatrical darkness), the parade of nations and speeches back at the LA Coliseum, host a couple of musical performers back in Inglewood, and finally light the cauldron at the Coliseum. For the final leg of the torch relay, the flame is bought into Hollywood Park shortly after the artistic portion and takes a lap. It runs through the streets of South LA during the parade of nations, amid cheering crowds before entering the Coliseum. Hollywood Park hosts the entertainment aspect of the ceremony, LA Coliseum hosts the Olympic proceedings and parade of nations. Fans will get to choose which part of the ceremony they'll attend.
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    My starting point was of course the city itself. St. Petersburg is cultural capital and has rich cultural heritage, which includes palaces, cathedrals, churches, gardens, sculptures and monuments. From all this information I realized that I want logo who reflects the authenticity and the classic vibe of the city. I found out about the khokhloma- Russian wood painting style and national ornament, which is known for its vivid flower patterns, and the effect it has when applied to wooden tableware or furniture, making it look heavier and metal-like. I want the athletes who will come to the olympics to feel the same thing on them- to be tougher and stronger like metal. To create more connection to the olympics, I chose to use the olympic flame, which represent the inner fire of any athlete, their passion and energy.
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    "E-games" certainly are the total opposite of engaging in sport, which is what the Olympics are about TBW. 'Sitting' behind a video game console is not what constitutes an athlete anyway.
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    City of Champions stadium. It's got the best initials ever imo. It will be built in Inglewood and host the OC and CC.
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    Nearly everyone in every Olympic city says "traffic will be terrible!" and then they're proven wrong. Having lived through the Olympics in my backyard (Vancouver in 2010), those 2 weeks were the easiest weeks for driving ever. LOL! Foot traffic, sidewalks, and plazas were very busy though.
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    I thought it was already a bit much with that segment re-creating Bach winning his fencing medal, but when he actually ended up being the cauldron lighter as well......
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    Look who's back?!? You sure got out of Charlotteville really fast, Truff. Anyway, back to the topic -- uhmmm, bringing the Games back to Paris will create several thousand jobs, even though those might average out to be 1.5 years each -- still that's employment for probably many young French people.
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    Is AbraTrollson also joining her?!
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    LA will get the Games again eventually, and I just can't wait for it! No matter when, the nasty French will be there! (How amazing would it be to have Paris handover the Olympic Flag to LA!)