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    Beijing 2008: 14 of 45 medal winners tested positive London 2012: 11 of 45 medal winners tested positive Rio 2016: 7 of 45 medal winners should have not been allowed to compete and could be stripped of their medals because of the rampant doping in the previous two editions.
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    And even for 2012 and 2016, the Castilians/Madrilenos went ahead stubbornly in bidding despite what the outgoing IOC president Samaranch himself warned them against-- that it was TOO soon to bid after Barcelona. But they disbelieved him and went on their well, quixotic quests. Also, Rio and Madrid supposedly conspired to make sure that Chicago went out first because they feared that Chicago was technically the best bid. How the USOC/Chicagoans fell for their supposed "chances," I will never figure out.
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    One of the main problems with presenting DC, is that as the seat of our federal government, it'd very likely be too polarizing as a candidate within the broader IOC membership. which would neutralize any pros the city could have going for it. Not to mention, the times DC has presented plans, they were way too spread out. They would need to make it a bit more centralized. The high humidity there in the summer is also a factor. Bottom line, all of these second-tier U.S. cities are virtually non factors, unless of course the international competition was to be Doha-hah, Baku-koo, Havana, Leipzig, Bari, Adelaide & Kazan.
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    I feel sorry for Sochi Rabbit who wasn't invited along with Sochi Cat and Sochi Bear. Poor Sochi Rabbit
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