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    Hey guys. A big thanks for all the very astute and entertaining comments! Cheers, Anthony
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    We weren't pissing on your cornflakes, so take your racist records and piss off.
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    Time and a place for everything. Fernando and Daniela and Andrucha, the creative directors, had a grand concept in their minds for the ceremony. It would not be appropriate for me to push an agenda that was not aligned with theirs, no matter how good the design. So I was very happy to be able to supply them with something they liked.Thanks!
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    The first things I designed for them were all horizontal. But incorporating the gas aspects were deemed to be too problematic. Blackening of the parts, etc. I even made a prototype. And they also wanted to minimize the usage of fossil fuels. Fernando settled on a more radical design until he went to the Geneva Global warming conference and then moved to the sun concept. Thanks!
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    The 3 cities would be Paris, Rome and LA. Apparently they recevied the media to visit their "bid house", which is considered promotion for the bid and forbidden by the IOC. The IOC sent an e-mail to warn the 3 cities. Nothing to worry about though.
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    The velodrome was looking excellent last night, very sharp.
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    Do I get at least 1% credit? I was the project lead on the engineering and fabrication... :-P Thumbs up to my buddy Anthony!
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    Never been less unhappy to see GB thrashed. I mean, I'm not *happy* about it, but only one team deserved Gold in this tournament and for it to be their nation's first ever Olympic medal....well, hat's off. We'll get a few dozen medals these Games, but this is everything to Fiji. One last thing: This sport has to stay in the Games.
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    Well, yes- any general views of Rio beat general views of any other city in the world! (Although closer views of the square kilometre of Rio round the Maracanã wouldn't look half as good as the 1 sq km or so we saw of London).
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    I don't want to sound like a Luddite. But can't we have the old website back? These so-called 'updates' and 'improvements' are just too stressful to cope with. For any new useful feature we always seem to lose about half a dozen useful old ones. I don't think I've ever experienced a website update anywhere (not just this one) that wasn't a pain to navigate compared to the old one!
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    You spoke too soon, you're 4th now lol
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    The flowers aren't to keep forever, but they are part of the sense of occasion - even (or perhaps especially), as Zeke said, thery're just thrown to the crowd. All the other aspects of the medal ceremonies - the podiums and the dresses on the assistants, I'd rate as good as anything other hosts have done, but I feel the winners on the podiums look bare without the flowers.
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    It was quite a challenge but hats off to my team of engineers, drafters, mechanics, welders and all. They are great and one of the reason I get out of bed every morning. @yoshi http://www.baku2017.com/
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    Well the stunning landscape is the winning card for the look of Rio, I would like to say it looks like London but that would be pushing it even for me.
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    ...yea I love a chic with a visor.
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    And you also have the builder...
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    Flip-flop a little? Saying Garcetti is an admirable man because he writes music and has plenty of accomplishments is "worlds apart" from saying he's more accomplished than a 2-term president of the United States. Maybe that's more about your feelings towards Obama than anything, but not going there. Look, we all get it.. you think LA and everything about their Olympic bid is so indescribably wonderful, but I'm with Rob that the grandstanding is too much and reeks of arrogance when you say bullshit like how you assume LA is better without even trying to know anything about the competition. So yea, what you say is going to continue to sound like "blah blah blah LA is awesome, blah blah blah no other city could possibly be better than LA."
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    Now, now. it is not like we are innocent in that regard.
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    People have different opinions. Can you accept different opinions? Thank you, friends
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    Absolutely, the Beijing opening was a Shock-and-Awe one. But then again, remember that it was the most populous nation and the 2nd hottest economy on the planet in 2008. And they probably have the longest continuing civilization, so you had that spectacular opening. But collectively, for FOUR ceremonies, I think Sochi had the most beautiful, also culturally rich and pictorially stunning set of ceremonies as well. The Russians made such great use of their art, their literature, their popular culture (cricus and ballet), their music, etc., in excellent balance. The OC of Brazil was OK; not awful but not over-reaching either.
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    They weren't all Hitler Youth- just loads of kids from the Berlin area. As to whether the "Olympische Jugend" performance was part of the OC- there was certainly a gap of several hours between the actual opening declaration and the start of the performance, but it was the same stadium on the same day, and the main reason for the break seems to have been an ahead-of-its-time decision to perform at night (which allowed interesting lighting effects, but prevented filming with the low-sensitivity movie stock then available).
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    It's this assumption that if LA has something/someone good, the other bids and their personnel are "likely" being "put to shame" that sounds so arrogant to people reading this. If you want to compare who is lining up for each bid, then it would be better if your posts read as if you knew anything about your city's bidding rivals. But they don't. I don't find your posts as annoying as some here but it's got to the point where I always have to assume you're over-exaggerating. Anyway, I'm a little conscious you might feel like you're being ganged up on. Just dial down the boosterism and the weird assumptions like the above. I reckon you should be able to sell LA without all that, if it's really worthy of becoming an Olympic host city again.
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    Scotland's Katherine Grainger has become the most decorated British Female Athlete after winning Silver in Rowing...
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    Perhaps they could go down the Commonwealth Games route with having several core sports then the remaining proposed by the hosts depending on their existing venues and popularity etc Much money gets spent on creating venues like canoe/kayak courses that most cities dont have the need for post games
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    USA vs. France will be very interesting.
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    Not just Gatlin, but Tyson Gay as well if he made it to Rio. For all the s**t we give the Russians for cheating, it's only fair that we also give s**t to these two hot pieces of ass!
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    Remarkable, really. Teared up at her win. An amazing moment.
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    Oooh, "somebody" likes my post apparently. This forum's turned into a weird Olympic Valentine's Day. I hope it wasn't from my Mum.
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    Nice one. Heatherwick never bothered to show up, the arrogant tw@t.
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    Too many empty seats, and again the very unfair brazilian audience. Booing the guest? Never mentioned that in London. Lack of atmosphere!
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    No. The Athens rings of fire were basically the melted version of the rings on ice that closed out Salt Lake 2002. I mean ice would melt after 2 years of fire.
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    Ahahah. Brilliant. Let's not wait 2017 and award the 2024 Games to LA right now! I mean, the guy is a freaking ROCK STAR! Interestingly, all the strong aspects of the LA bid listed here also work for the Paris bid. I'm glad that at least in the French articles about Paris 2024 they mention LA's strong bid. And we're the arrogant ones...
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    Sorry, haven't been inside here in a while due to my work and giving priority to my still-working media thread. Always enjoy being with the Aussies here at Olympic time. Special mention should go towards the Boomers for giving Team USA its most competitive basketball match so far in these Olympics. Even lead at halftime. I seriously believe this will finally be the Boomers team that will medal at last at the Olympics with its batch of NBA stars like Bogut, Mills, Baynes, Ingles, and Dellevadova. Like to see them at the gold medal game against the USA, something we should've had in Sydney like the women's game did. Speaking of Sydney, they seem to avenge for the semifinals loss to France this time out, albeit with different casts on both sides. Even the Opals beat Les Bleues this time too! Local shout-out to former Saint Louis Billikens sharpshooter Kevin Lisch on the Boomers, who naturalized as an Aussie after playing for the Perth Wildcats and now with Andrew Gaze's Sydney Kings in the NBL!
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    But they do get a dorky 3d logo thingy. I miss flowers, especially as they often get tossed to the crowd.
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    Final look https://www.facebook.com/rio2016pt/photos/?tab=album&album_id=318199469110
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    Would be cool if they use different plants for the podium. Maybe with some flowers? This could make every medal ceremony unique.
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