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    I am struck by the statement that "there is no reason to attack LA." There is no reason to attack any city or any people in any city. This is the horror of terrorism. Whichever city wins any Olympic bid--any bid for any future games--will become a potential target for cold hearted monsters hell bent on killing people. What happened in Paris this past week is proof that no city will be immune and the cost for security for future games will be staggering and may, eventually, surpass costs for venues. Winning a bid will put a bulls eye on the winning city. It's terrible but it's the reality of the insane age in which we are living.
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    The Eiffel Tower is back! http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/paris-terror-attacks/eiffel-tower-glows-french-colors-honor-victims-n464286
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    I don't get why we're discussing security issues here. Do you realize 3 terrorists tried to get into the Stade of France but none of them managed to? What does that say about security? What happened in the bars, restaurants, and the concert hall is completely different. What do you expect? Do you think we should have had cops or army guys protecting each bar, café, restaurant, shops, etc in this country? .... Regardless, I'd like to thank you guys for your compassion which is much appreciated. France will get back on its feet eventually, as it always did.
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    I have chosen to edit this post at Baron's request - the quoted post has been removed by the moderator. I would sincerely hope that they are just as quick at removing the inflammatory responses that have been posted by Baron - however sadly that seems to be less of a priority. Nonetheless I have screenshots and am happy to forward them on to any interested parties as it was a fantastically worded put down and quite frankly justified in the context posted.
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    What penchant do you think I'm carrying? I'm from New York, so I'm almost glad I wasn't here back in 2005 when they were in the running because it's the nature of this forum to look right through someone and think they can't be objective about a city they're backing. And my viewpoint then as it is now is that I would have loved to see an Olympics in New York, but they didn't have the goods and that's why they lost. So you ask why I seem to take your viewpoints on LA with a grain of salt? Stuff like this.. There's been rhetoric for awhile here from different people in support of different cities (including South Africa before they announced they weren't bidding). There is certainly a case that can be made for each city, but you're 1 of the only people I can think of who seems so eager to want to downplay Paris in order to prop up LA. That's the perception I get from you and maybe it's not as true as it is in my head. Nevertheless.. you chose to post a month old story about LA's preparedness for a terrorist attack the day after a major and very tragic event occurred in Paris. That seems somewhat disingenuous from someone in your position who is supporting LA and is looking for reasons to downplay Paris. If someone else had posted that link, I might think about it differently. With all due respect, that it's coming from someone who is very eager to prop up LA, not sure I can view it that way. Make your case for LA. But don't tell us how you're not on the Paris page and then make a post here that has much less to do with LA and everything to do with recent events in Paris.
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