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    Yes, it seems the time of year, a person's immune system, whether there's been storms or not all have an effect. I've read some sailors saying it's cleaner than parts of Europe used for sailing and that they have no worries, others saying they got very ill. It seems clear Brazil didn't meet its promise to clean up the waters by 2016. It also seems like you'd be a bit unlucky to get ill from the waters, but that it is possible to do so. Hence the differing opinions depending who you ask! Brazil needs to do as much as possible in the next year - that's all it can do - and keep its fingers crossed no athletes get ill.
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    I was reading a nice article explaining about how the quality of the water changes in winter due the lack of rain. It's, actually, the part of the year, the waters in Guanabara Bay entrance are cleaner. Still, I repeat, Olympic Games is a lost chance to clean the entire Guanabara Bay... Pity.
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    But keep in mind that my comment doesn't invalidate the fact that Brazil is the nation that is growing the most in sports in the Americas and I'm pretty sure they will end above Canada in Rio 2016 (since translation from PanAm to olympic medals isn't linear, Canada has more competitive athletes overall, but currently Brazil has more "champions").
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    As far as I remember the sports in which Brazil didn't send their full best athletes were: - Football (everyone sent B teams anyway) - Basketball (again, everyone sent B team, even Canada despite hosting) - Volleyball indoor and beach (USA didn't send A teams either and they're Brazil biggest opponent in these sports) - Swimming (only Cesar Cielo was absent or I'm missing someone? anyway he was injured) - Judo (Sarah Menezes and Rafael Silva) - Boxing (some of the most relevant boxers didn't go, but again, many other countries were also missing their best in this sport) - Tennis & Golf (same for every country, as this is an irrelevant tournament for all professional players) So yes, Brazil wasn't with their full team in ALL sports, but I don't think that would have affected the medal table radically since most of the absenses were in team sports which give few medals. Anyway if I'm missing athletes, please anyone notice me.
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    I would assume it's the later. If it's questionable whether or not men's baseball and women's softball belong in the Olympics, there's no debate needed whether women's baseball and men's softball belong in the Olympics. They do not.
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    If Beijing can have a Winter Games, why not Rio have a polar bear, right?
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    My biggest pet peeve can't be attributed to the Games, but a bit to the media: Eric Heiden. The guy won 5 gold medals in a single Games - on his own national soil - and all anyone ever talks about when they discuss Lake Placid is the hockey team. I understand the drama of the hockey team's win, but Eric Heiden is probably one of the US' top winter Olympians ever and the guy's unbelievable athletic achievement has been reduced to a footnote.
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