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    Yeah, you said all of this last time. I'll believe it when I see it, bud.
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    We all, Im sure have Olympic collections. Whats the most unusual piece in yours? Mine is a door handle from the London 2012 Olympic stadium. The handle is massive and in the shape of a lightning bolt. It had a small starring role in the opening ceremony, just as Queen entered the stadium after her parachute jump. Its currently in the loft, just waiting for the perfect location : ) Im sure its worthless but I think its pretty cool.
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    I'm already convinced. Flights: booked Accomodation: booked Tickets: booked
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    Canada being 1st is not a shocker. As the host country, they're kind of obligated to send in their A-team to make a large impression, even if this is a lesser games than the more glorious Summer Olympic Games. The US have athletes that don't want to risk injury so they can compete at worlds and be ready for the Olympics next year. Just look at gymnastics, a Canadian female won the all-around competition, while they won silver in the team event. Both US men's and women's team won the gold, but over on the lady's side you don't have the big names competing at all. Over on the men's side, you have at least 3 that have competed internationally, and Sam Mikulak, who is normally a pretty strong competitor, won the all-around by only 5/100 points. I'd really like for a US to host a Pan Am games soon so A-list athletes would be more likely to participate and annihilate the competition. As for beach volleyball, maybe everyone is waiting for it to get to the quarterfinals and finals. I know if I'm going to spend money for tickets, it's going to be for one of the more important games.
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    Yeah, but let's take a really good look here. Baku would still need to further upgrade/expand those facilities that they used for the Euro games to be able to handle Olympic capacities. And even still, hosting these Euro games is still not the same as hosting the really big one, the Olympic Games. Which have twice the number of athletes, four times the number of countries, & a ten-fold of spectators, media, officials & dignitaries, which would require much more infrastructure that Baku just doesn't have, nor needs. In that sense, agenda 2020 would be a big fail in this instance. Baku got the Euro games cuz they were the sole bidder. I seriously doubt that they would've got them anyway if any other credible European cities were in the picture. And even when they were the only pick, ten of the 48 voters did not vote for them. Go figure. That's what it would take as well for the IOC to even take a good look at them. And even then, they'd be torn. I actually give Budapest more of a chance simply bcuz it's not Baku-koo. I seriously doubt either of them will make the short-list anyway, when you still have a good crop of other European cities on the roster. That's neither here nor there. South Africa already gave signs that they weren't bidding for 2024 long before the FIFA scandal broke out. Them chosing to remain low is more of a pragmatic nature than it is anything else. Especially when now they have their total focus on this 2022 Commonwealth games bid apparently to be a better platform for an Olympic bid later on. If anyone in the IOC should be worried about vote buying, looks like again Baku would be the one to look out for, or better yet, not look at. A smallish city & country that's practically controlled by an authoritarian regime, that's so desperate to get their name out into the world.. yeah, that sends red flags right there in that category.
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    I'm so sorry, I thought I would be able to finish in time, but I won't. I have to pull out of the race. Good luck to all the remaining candidates!
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    I used to have one bottle of the Centennial Champagne. But finally decided to open it one New Year's because it would certainly go bad if the family waited for another 100 years to open it -- and we certainly wouldn't have been around for it anyway. Plus, it was a cheap brand, Korbel -- and because moving an empty champagne bottle around is such a b*tch, I eventually just tossed the bottle away as well. There are some nice Olympic philatelic items as well.
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    My Olympic bid books? Nah. My torches? Nah. I guess the weirdest Olympic memorabilia I own at the moment is this: Limited edition Lindemans Chardonnay for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. In "gold", "silver" and "bronze" bottles. I'm sure they're just wine from the same batch/year.
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    30 million? For that? I expected a huge stage, taking good advantage of the baseball diamond field size. Larger 5 panel screens, covering the Rogers Centre signage and other temporary stuff like the royal box. Even if the roof was never a factor (they could have at least tried to do something with the retractable roof), most of us expect much more for 30 million, especially if much of the cast consists of volunteers.
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    I guess 2 masks: one from the Barcelona opening (the sun mask); and the other as part of my Atlanta opening costume (the blue-gold mask), designed by Cirque du Soleil. - Salt Lake 2002 audience participation kit. - an authentic Moscow 1980 Misha plush toy. - LA 1984 Opening & Closing souvenir programs - digital files from the Squaw Valley 1960 Opening souvenir program & copies of designs of LA 1984 production designer Rene Lagler from his private files (most shared in the book).
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    Good thread. Multiple Muk Muks. They are just marmoting up the joint. I have the Athens 2010 Youth Olympic Games bid books. They are pretty useless. The light blue poncho they made us wear at the Vancouver 2010 opening ceremony. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what else... oh I have tons of crap from my media days.
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    Brazilian do the things at the last minute (PanAms, World Cup, Youth Day, UN Environmental Meet) - it's like a national tradition... Why people is still worried? One day before the Opening Ceremony everything will be there, smelling new and shining and few employees will be removing dust from the construction... Nothing new on it.
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