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    This city MUST be loved. You simply cannot help it! It demands the LOVE of the observer right on the spot!
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    I dont understand the conection with Araras and Santos Dumont?! Yeah, i have sure all world will forget the opening OC of the World Cup in Brazil like all world forget the OC of ALL WORLD CUPS.
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    If there had been no common enemy (Soviet Union) after the war, then I dare say post Nazi Germany would have been left in the hellish mire it created for itself.... lets not forget it could have surrendered unconditionally at any point leading up to Dresden. The UK and USA had no moral obligation to Germany whatsoever and so to suggest that the allies should feel shame for Dresden now is just ridiculous. It was a human tragedy that I look back on now with regret but not shame.
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    No; it's "morphing" into a more suitable venue. (BTW, last night on AMAZING RACE, they had some of the contestants skate 2 rounds at the long-track speedskating venue at Nagano.
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    Wow, just seen the highlights of the NZ match! That looked like harder work than it should've been! But congrats Alex, NZ looking good so far this World Cup.
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    A metric fuckton attend T&F (obviously helps that it's in the largest stadium). The main problem is indoor track facilities don't have tracks that are the IAAF standard; indoor tracks are a bit smaller. And that doesnt even include the fact the Reggie Lewis CEnter only hold about 5k people
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    Demolition has finally begun (source: SSC http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1475150&page=10)
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