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    It seems I have too much time on my hands... Look by NZLGamesBids, on Flickr This is "The Look" for my logo which I described as... Hope this adds value to my logo. NZL Just a note, neither the templates nor the images are mine, just the logos pasted over them.
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    Here is my Melbourne entry, Logo by NZLGamesBids, on Flickr Firstly, is the shape of an M, symbolising Melbourne obviously, with a cut out representing the top of Port Phillip where Melbourne is situated. Geometric shapes often feature in modern Melbourne architecture and design and this combined with the sandstone colours is a representation of iconic Melbourne attraction Federation Square on this logo. The aforementioned cut out also represents a mountain, bringing the logo back to the winter olympic games. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks, NZL
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    1)Countries that are bidding and winning the rights to host the Olympics currently are using them as national prestige events to highlight their great accomplishments. Allowing a neighbor nation to host a venue/event does not fit into this narrative. Exemplified by Korea refusing to considering moving the sliding sports to another country because it is 'against national sentiment'. I.E. national prestige and national feelings of self-worth. 2) There has already been a backlash within the IOC over this and some very delicate wording about these changes only applying in exceptional circumstances. The USOC has already stated they will still bid with a city-host model. 3) The IOC has not reached out to Rio to try and have secondary venues for volleyball, handball and basketball moved to Sao Paolo instead of going ahead with rush jobs to complete the Deodoro cluster. Highlighting the lack of desire to actually see these changes take effect. 4) Temporary venues are not much cheaper, and consistent of a much larger environmental footprint that is prone to waste. 5) The IOC is not re-opening 2022 despite the legitimate arguments that the IOC has changed the conditions of the bid after the process began. I will believe the IOC will accept and implement these changes when Bach calls out a winning bid from Paris with a significant cluster in Lille or Lyon, or Hamburg with Breman or Berlin with Hamburg or Rome with Milan. Until than this is just putting lipstick on a pig. Or a bloated albino elephant as the case may be.
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    Location:Annecy That explains everything.
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    OOOh is it that time of year again, I hadn't seen to be honest.
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    Please leave this forum. I am tired to read your pointless posts.
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    Logo by NZLGamesBids, on Flickr My entry for Anchorage. It shows the mountains behind the city, with the the tile "Anchorage" represents the skyline. There is no special meaning behind the colour, just that it looks "wintery". NZL
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    Better question.. why multi-national bids? Why is that necessary simply because Agenda 2020 allows for it? Canada and the United States bidding together? Does that give either side a better shot at winning? I personally don't think so.
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    2024-beijing 2028-shanghai 2032-nanjing 2036-shenzen 2040-gaungzhou 2044-chengdu 2048-qingdao 2052-xi'an 2056-tianjin 2060-wuhan 2066-shantou 2070-dongguan 2076-shenyang 2080-chongqing 2084-wenzhou 2088-harbin 2092-hangzhou 2096-jinan 2100-urumqi because f you
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    That's a long list. Not sure what that has to do with the Olympics though. I get you're trying to make the case for Boston as an innovative city, but seems like overkill to make a point. And if you're going to link Facebook to Boston.. yes, we all know the story about Mark Zuckerberg. Don't know I'd necessarily credit that one to Boston since within a few months of launching the site, he moved the company and their operations out to California and never came back. If Boston is looking for good narrative for a potential Olympic bid, I think their reputation as a great college town is a great place to start. It needs to be more than "we're an innovative city.. just look at this laundry list of companies with roots in Boston."
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    You are right. Being an innovation hub is about more than hosting the HQs of a few tech companies. However, Boston is more than just that. As was noted before, the Boston region is an education mecca where academics and researchers from every imaginable field come together to share ideas. It is through its universities that Boston provides the unique environment that fosters the collaboration that fuels innovation. Here is an example: MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has stimulated the development of Boston's robotic's industry. Notably with companies such as iRobot, Boston Dynamics, Brooks Automation, Barrett Technology, Kiva Systems and many others headquartered in the area. What is notable is that all these firms were founded by alumni from MIT's Artificial Intelligence Library. This common connection forges relationships between these firms that fosters innovation in excess of what may come from any other pair of companies with proximate headquarters in the same industry. Boston isn't the only example of this phenomenon. Stanford plays the same role for Silicon Valley that MIT plays in Boston. Boston's dominance in the field of robotics is even recognized in the San Jose Mercury. However, I must admit you are right to point out that Boston's most dominant innovative industries (biotech and robotics) don't get as much attention in most people's minds when compared to the software that comes out of Silicon Valley or the hardware that comes out of Tokyo.
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    I don't totally disagree on that... just commenting on the fact Innovation is one of Boston's main objectives everyday not just for the Olympics and giving sourced information for the people who say Boston is not one of the top cities in Innovation. We have top Innovators in all categories.
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    As a tech writer, Boston is very definitely considered the US's major tech and innovation hub after the Bay Area. Route 128 has been long considered the country's second Silicon Valley. And MIT itself regarded as the world's leading tech and innovation academic institution bar none. Boston reclaiming its place as a technology hub
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