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    The English Football Association has been accused of damaging the image of Fifa in its attempt to win the right to stage the 2018 World Cup. A Fifa report says the FA behaved improperly when trying to win the backing of a key voter. However, Qatar have been cleared of any wrongdoing during their successful bid to stage the 2022 World Cup, thus ending talks of a possible re-vote. Source BBC News website As always, with FIFA, you couldn't make it up.
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    If FIFA didn't do anything wrong they would release the full report and Michael Garcia wouldn't be publicly criticising FIFA for misrepresenting his report. FIFA condems itself with it's actions.
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    When I first heard the report I posted a link to in the other thread last night, I was furious, but not surprised. During the course of today, my mood has gone from anger to hilarity and now resides somewhere near despair. For the whole investigative process to unravel in little more than three hours from the moment of the summary report being published has taken FIFA to new depths of failure and, as far as I can see this evening, leaves us no further forward at all. If Mr Garcia truly believes that his findings have been misrepresented, then it is his duty, in my opinion, to clearly set out his reasons for that and publish his report in full. Challenging the current situation through FIFA's channels is pretty well worthless. Furthermore, given the remarks made by one of their senior journalists on the BBC a couple of hours ago, he also needs to explain why he did not consider the evidence uncovered by the Sunday Times and any other parties. I don't doubt that he was hamstrung and hindered by many parties privy to this process but he can be a much greater part of the solution by opening up everything he has to the widest possible public scrutiny. Let me now turn to the published findings, for what they're worth. There can be very few people left outside FIFA, Russia or Qatar who seriously believe that these votes were conducted properly. While I find myself holding my nose at some of what the England bid team did, it is impossible to avoid using words like whitewash and stitch-up in relation to this. And to say the FA damaged the name of FIFA is like being lectured in sobriety by a drunk. What of the future? Barring some sort of mass prosecution of FIFA bigwigs or bid officials, I see no way these elections will be re-run. But that's almost secondary to the much bigger fight we have to ensure that the governance of this sport is overhauled once and for all. It's not enough for the FA to get angry, reject all criticism and say it won't bid for FIFA tournaments under the current leadership. Let's not forget they got involved with the process when they wanted to bring the World Cup to England and criticised those who exposed its shortcomings in the run-up to that vote. So, as much as I agree with much of what has come out of the FA today, I don't want to just hear words from them anymore. I want to see meaningful action. I want to see Greg Dyke at the heart of a reforming agenda to clean up the governance of football once and for all. Governments need to be brought on board. All the means at our (those of us who believe in reform, that is) disposal must be brought to bear on FIFA to reform itself. We can't afford to wait for Blatter and his cronies to retire or die. There is now a clear dividing line between the football that I still love, the game of the grassroots, and that of the elite as represented by FIFA that now so reeks of the filth of fraud. The message must be simple. Reform or we will go on without you.
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    As befits a metropolis of 30 million, NOT a single venue should be less than 75,000!!
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    No British government will support a World Cup bid for years imho, and today's omnishambles from FIFA only underlines this. The Commonwealths in 2030 would do nicely. For selfish reasons London would be great, but I kind of agree that a smaller city might gain more benefit.
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    Again, I see England hosting an event's centennial in 2030, but that's not the one I was thinking. Or would you rather have a Commonwealth Games than go for a World Cup? Because I doubt England would get a shot at both.
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    The findings of Fifa's inquiry into allegations of corruption during bidding for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups have been questioned - by the man who conducted the two-year investigation into the claims. In an unexpected twist, lawyer Michael Garcia says the report "contains numerous materially incomplete and erroneous representations of the facts and conclusions". source BBC news website. Can't. Make. This. Up.
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    They Called my house asking if you support the 2024 bid
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    No need to be all pushy with Tony. His post wan't particularly provocative.
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    I am NOT a fan of chopping and changing the Olympic Program- the Olympics is about timeless consistency in some ways. I thought in Sydney they should have capped it at 300 events/ 10000 athletes and no more... Ballroom dancing relies on a judging panel- like ice skating and boxing......so not a good idea (apart from its general craziness).
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    Belfast would be a fantastic place for the CwG - quite a number of great venues, with a few upgrades, plus a lot of waterfront land around the Titanic Quarter. I think it is slightly galling to see London even remotely consider a 2025 Expo bid - I shudder to think how the French would digest that confrontation.
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    I still rather London NOT host the Comm Games- and let it shine in smaller cities like Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast etc...
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    Let's be fair about what FIFA is "required" to do for 2022. They chose to put the World Cup in Qatar knowing what it might mean for the calendar. And here we are with FIFA in a huge quagmire. They had a number of willing candidates for which this wouldn't have been an issue. The question is not about a requirement.. is it worth that compromise to go to Qatar? Sure doesn't seem like it's worth the trouble. As for the IOC.. think about the circumstances that left us with these 2 candidates. All of these traditional European cities/countries balked at bidding for the Olympics. If they are not willing to enter the race, why would non-traditional places want to bid themselves? You want to jump ahead to where 1 of those cities has been awarded the Olympics, but that doesn't happen in the first place unless they bid. And they're not going to bid unless it makes sense for them to do so because it's more trouble that it's worth to compromise the calendar simply to go to 1 of those locations. You can't put the cart before the horse. Again, as I brought up in another thread.. a southern hemisphere Olympics means building facilities in a location that's not accessible to a lot of people, convincing people to watch and/or attend a Winter Olympics when it's summer for about 90% of the world's population, and throw off everyone's calendar to where there's a good chance it's going to cost you money. If (that's the key word there) a southern hemisphere city were to bid and could convince a majority of voters that they are the best location for a quadrennial event, then the IOC could make the choice to compromise the calendar. But when you have an organization that is funding by television dollars and sponsorship money and needs to work in harmony with the individual sport federations, that's not something the IOC can do. You think the IOC is unpopular now? Imagine what happens if they start make demands like what you're suggesting. How's that working out for FIFA?
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