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    The latest plans are for the Bell to be located in the northern gardens of the stadium, which will be the newly landscaped area to the immediate north of the stadium which during the Games was the collection of food kiosks (pretty much where there was speculation before the Games of the location of the tall tower cauldron). This landscaping will be similar to the canal side landscaping and allow people to walk across the green Victorian bridge in the centre of the Park and up onto the stadium podium level and around the canal to the stadium car park and onwards to the Lea Navigation canal and Greenway. There was an LLDC meeting recently about the location of the 9/11 memorial which consists of a steel column of the former WTC. The finalised location is on the new grassy hill outside the Aquatics Centre between the car park and Pool Road, but the LLDC are not completely taken with this location, as it does not feel the location is of the calibre required for such a memorial site, and its presence in the backdrop of the Aquatics Centre and the Orbit. The design for the V&A museum are also being finalised and will be made public in the next few months. It's located on the former site of the Waterpolo Arena and takes up the whole plot as the new building, with its plaza level connecting seamlessly to the Stratford Bridge opposite the Aquatics Centre. It is significantly larger in scale than the Aquatics Centre, very different aesthetically and is certainly what I would term an 'iconic' piece of architecture, although that turn of phrase these days is met with slight disdain. It certainly has the 'attraction' power needed to pull people to spend more time in the Park. There's definitely a lot more to come in the Park and around the Orbit the results of which will properly kick off this summer, and the Invictus Games taking place in September will again recreate some of the Park-wide magic not seen since the 2012 Games. Definitely a very healthy future ahead.
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    I also found that weird from AF. Even if Danny might sometimes get overly sensitive, at least he is trying to give an insider's view of the wider picture in response to people posting random stories from international media but is not devoid of critical opinions. To put him in the same (basket)case as a certain someone posting biased trite day after day is bordering on insult.
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    Forgot a really important one, Stockholm 2004 could have been really special reverting towards the old times and turning around the trend of extravaganza in a beautiful city. Some may say it is too small, but if Athens managed to do it, Sweden could also have pulled it through.
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    I love the way you keep an eye on these flaky online polls about whether Paris would prefer an Olympics or an Expo. but completely ignore the lost referendum in Germany when it comes to your favourite Berlin hosting the Olympics. One matters more than the other, but it's not the one you think! Anyway. Step-by-step Paris is moving in the right direction. First we had the embryonic bid team touring London and Tokyo and talking to the IOC and former and current Olympic organisers, now they're setting up working groups to study the feasibility. I like the thoroughness they're showing so far.
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    I could only see a Paris bid being a formidable opponent, despite some of the French pessimism in early polls. Which I could understand, considering their three losses. But they should at least give it another good try. It'll be twelve years since their last attempt, & surely the IOC would consider it a very attractive option & think long & hard if they really wanna bypass them yet a fourth time. Barring a strong, compelling candidate from elsewhere, the French would have an extremely strong case.
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    But it's two cities quite a distance from each other. Copenhagen-Malmo would be a true spreading the burden of hosting across two cities which are right next to each other. Copenhagen-Hamburg just sounds like a logistical nightmare in the making.
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    I heard that too - appr. 20,000 temporary seats should be added
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    Thanks for the update. Can't wait to see the designs for the V&A. I've not got a problem with the word iconic if it's used correctly, but everything's sold as iconic these days to the point the word is meaningless most of the time it's used. If the new V&A *is* actually iconic, then great! Does this mean the housing in that area is being reduced substantially? I thought the Water Polo site was going to be a new neighbourhood. Good to hear the bell is coming out of storage. Will it still be able to be rung? Lastly, why are we putting up a 9/11 memorial in the Olympic Park? Surely a memorial to 7/7 would make more sense, though putting anything like this in the south of the park which is meant to be an area of celebration - not quiet contemplation - seems more than a bit incongruous.
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    I'm not at all keen on the cubic ones. I hope they'll look better with lots of team flags and banners.
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    And NO SOUTH AMERICAN TORCH RELAY FOR 2016 http://blogs.lancenet.com.br/rio2016/2014/05/22/faltou-folego-para-o-revezamento-sul-americano/ Plans for the relay of the Olympic torch through South America were buried. It was confirmed that the torch will travel through all states during the 100-day relay. And the desire of a torch relay across South America, spurred by the Rio committee since its application process, lagged behind. After the 2008 Beijing Games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), decided to end a global torch relay race and focused only on the host country. But Rio had claimed to take the relay to the countries of South America was a way to involve them even more of the Games, which take place the first time on this continent.
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    Some comments from the video:
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    Shakira? Again? Not saying the song is bad or anything but FIFA seems to have an obvious fixation for her. Three WC's in a row with her, jeez. Is true that racism happens everywhere but there are also the countries on which those acts are punished and those on which they seem to go unchecked often, such as Spain and most of Eastern Europe. Also, it's not only in football. Spain overall is one of the most racist countries in Europe. I know this by personal experience and most seem to view Latin Americans and Africans with big contempt. Insults like "sudaca" (a derrogatory term against latinos) are very common there.
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    The biggest failure for me are the unrealized transport projects. They don't affect me as I won't be attending the World Cup but initially I felt they could benefit the surrounding communities, so it's disappointing this legacy won't be reality.
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    North Korea definitely needs some Olympic spirit help!
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    No fuel. I want Brazil to be finished on time. I'm glad Curitiba is speeding up. Can't wait for Thursday 12th June 2014!
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    Get down to Planet Earth. Quickly.
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    Here is some pics
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    I've given this portion much thought and why it failed so miserably. I think it was, again, a misguided conception of Boyle and team. Where opening ceremonies also delve into larger themes and their bigger-than-life executions (allegorical references and a Day by the River; a salute to ancient Greece for Atlanta; the Great Barrier Reef, the wildfires, the immigrants of Sydney; the Giant head, history, nautical ties of Greece to the sea; China's history told via its 4 great inventions & contributions to civilization and inventive ways of telling it -- just to cite a few examples); London chose to honor another large abstract concept and its living inventor (probably a first there) but telling it with a very common love story; thereby reducing it to very jejeune, banal and lowest common denominator terms. I mean you go for grander things in an Olympic opening ceremony; and tell them grandly -- a digital puppy love story just wasn't convincing -- and not just with grungy looking people from Soho or some Bohemian neighborhood. You don't pay hundreds of $$$ for something you can see for free when you want to go to town slumming -- or that is the culmination of a 4-year wait since the last eye-popping spectacle. The idea of an impersonal digital, therefore cold, lifestyle and a very personal and intimate emotion like first love--just didn't mix and come off convincingly. It just had too many gimmicks and cutesy tricks. And that's my analysis of why I think this segment, out of all the 2012 portions, failed to click with at least, a good number of regulars here.
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