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    Says the guy who clearly quoted me just to post yet another spam, useless post. You're not very good at this, are you?
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    Why doesn't he just go to Skyscraper City and stay there.
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    What? What is that? I don't even know what you mean? Anyway, assuming you're talking about a section for buildings and venues, well, this is an event bidding board. You want a board with forums and sections dedicated to stadiums and stadium architecture, go to Skyscraper City. Thing is, what's up with all these newbies requesting forum sections for minor events just because they exist? If all of these had such a section, we'd have a three page home page to have to scroll through to find anything. Jeezus, this site existed for years without problems and with us able to navigate to find things, and there's obvious relevant sections anyway where you could post just about any sport-related thread. Now all these newbies come in and decided they wanted to redecorate the place with forums sections for everything.
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    cripes. you're hopeless. i hope you get eaten by a bear. oh wait.
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    Your multiple posts with hardly any content is uncalled for.
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    And finally, you shouldn't use hashtags on a message board. This isn't Twitter.
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    No reason to be worried. Almaty and Beijing just wait with open arms.
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    Nice to see Tony still doesn't know how message boards function, almost 2,000 spam posts later.
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    So you're swinging back to Almaty again after a couple of weeks claiming Beijing will get it... And suuuuuuure...5 billion...Santa Claus probably does exist as well in your world.
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    Sorry, I also add, you all have 2 weeks to put your name forward for participation.
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    Wow, that's certainly different! Brave anyway. I get the feeling it's either going to be a stroke of explosive genius on the part of the ceremonies director or a bit of a random disconnected event. Looking forward to seeing how it's knitted in. "One tower block will remain which is currently used to house people seeking asylum in the UK" Better make that clear, otherwise people will think it's a repeat of the Sochi 5th ring!
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