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    Yeah, "the side of reason & pragmatism" & yet those hardly ever agree with one another. I just don't see how Stockholm bailing out is "really good news". This is really failing to see the far bigger picture here. Especially when you had senior IOC officials (including Bach) expressing disappointment when St. Moritz & Munich (cities from repeat host nations already) rejected to present bids. And virtually everyone here was declaring Munich a runaway favorite for 2022 before they said no. A city which had hosted an Olympics before in a country that has already hosted three Games as well. Go figure. While broadening the Games is an essential part of the Olympic Movement, it also has to be approached with bids from places that the IOC believes can deliver. They're not taking the Games to Kenya or Tunisia just for the the sake of being "universal". That's really not being "pragmatic". And right now, other than perhaps Krakow, there's really no other bid on the 2022 applicant roster that could fit that bill. It's also not pragmatic to think that the "old reliables" aren't ever going to host again simply bcuz they have already done so. Otherwise, the IOC could really find themselves in more of a conundrum that they already find themselves in (a repeat of the late 70's/early 80's, where no one wanted to bid), with caliber cities literally running the other way. That doesn't sound to me like "the true, genuine spirit of Olympism" when you have people actually afraid of hosting the Games i.e. Rome, St. Moritz, Munich & now Stockholm. The IOC really needs to re-evaluate many things if they don't want to see this dismal trend continue. Unless they don't mind of handing the Games over to wonderful places like Doha, Baku & Almaty. How exciting.
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    The Pan Ams will be successful. Boneheads on the city;s economic development committee. The Expo can;t even be bid on and they won't council to vote to study it for a million? Idiots seriously. I plan on heading to City Hall tomorrow to tell these 5 they are morons for voting for an expo ! Anyways the bid isn't fully dead but its likely over for 2024. want* this is what happens when you type fast on mobile
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    It wasn't an "unrealistic" bid. It just wasn't the normal, compact little bid that we have seen in the past. No one disputed that the distance to Are wasn't a problem. But it wasn't an unworkable problem. The IOC could have said "OK, you have 200 athletes in a different town, we can work with that this time". The games have flexibility. But the IOC could have also said "NO, too far" and I think everyone would have accepted that. After all, in a race of six cities, five aren't going to make it. I mean, we have all sorts of other ideas around that are just as "unrealistic". The long discussed off-season Southern Hemisphere Winter Games in Santiago, Mendoza or Christchurch. Pancake flat Finland proposing to host the 2006 Games. The Games returning to a tiny village. And then the most unrealistic Winter Games of all...the one's were going to see next month. But I know...there are all these folks around here who are bored with the Olympic Games in North America, Scandinavia or Western Europe. And they'd love to see them hosted in Burma, Mozambique or Uzbekistan. Yet the horrible irony is that as the Games get bigger and bigger with larger price tags and more requirements for media and visitors, it is these New Frontiers that are being proposed as potential host. Paris should lose the massive games of 2024 to Nairobi because they already hosted the puny Games of 1900 and 1924? It just seems so funny to me.
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    Allowing a poor country to overspend on a two week sporting event in the name of personal glory is hardly a victory for pragmatism. Although I guess the rotting concrete of Montreal, the graffitied venues of Athens, and the big vast empty nest in Beijing are all signs of true pragmatism. Or was that egoism? Stockholm had a lot of the elements in play already. Are was going to be their big question mark. But Sweden is a pragmatic and practical country. Like Vancouver or Salt Lake, many of the venues are there already and have hosted world class events...regularly so! Sweden didn't pull out because of Are. They pulled out because they are worried about cost overruns and that is a bad message to all but the very naive or the biggest of egos.
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    This. This is what it comes down to. Much of my apathy for the Canadian plight for a fourth overall Olympics stems from the hosting of 2010. Had the COC stayed on track and blocked Vancouver 2010, Toronto would have had a watertight case for the Olympics, and probably would have won 2020 against Tokyo, Istanbul and Madrid. Just quietly, the most tactical thing Toronto could be doing right now is making friends with Denver, Salt Lake or Reno. A Winter Olympics in one of these cities in 2026 or 2030 would open the door to Toronto in the 2030s.
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    On top of any other reason, it's a pity because this board would have lit up in activity for the next four years had Toronto bid. Neither are locks to enter, though. I wouldn't be that confident in today's bidding environment.
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    I can't see how you reconcile that statement. Surely, if you were "attached to the constant development of new and innovative concepts for the olympics" this is not the bid to be cheering its death. If you are looking at a flexible approach for how an Olympics can be hosted in a way that opens up the possibility for a wider number o possible applicants from more aspiring and fresh new locations, Stockholm's and Krakow's are the ones to back. Few here would probably be as keen on wishing for Sweden to host a WOGs than me. And, yes, I supported the bid. But I was never confident in it. More cautiously hopeful. I was reserving judgment on its chances till the applicants report and the candidate list. But beyond that, even if it only made it as far as the candidate stage but missed out in the final vote, it would have been a good indication that the IOC executive was open to exploring "new and innovative concepts for the Olympics" to make it possible to more widely share the possibility of hosting the games. For that reason alone, beyond my emotional attachment to a Swedish games, I was wishing this concept some support and success. It leaves me hoping now for Oslo, as an antidote to the widespread cynicism the games now seem to be regarded with in most reliable democratic countries, or Krakow, as a new frontier with some innovative and flexible thinking in its plans to show that to host a games you don't need to be straight-jacketed in some fixed template, that in some quarters here would comprise: must be as compact as possible in city with a mountain behind it for visuals, produce colourful support documents, in a country where the government is prepared to run roughshod over financial, political, social or environmental concerns and spend whatever it takes - and then throw in some more - to mount as grandiose a party as possible for two weeks.
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    Sums it up nicely...I've been curious and also a bit sceptical about the bid, but it would have been interesting how - also as an aspect of pragmatism! - the IOC would have dealt with the distance issue. Doesn't help if winter sports crazy countries like Sweden, Germany or Switzerland run away only to be replaced by, let's say, Azerbaijan (they have skiing areas too apparently), Kazakhstan or China because they'll be willing to "foot the bill" no matter what.
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    Okay, that makes more sense, thank you for the clarification. That said.. I still think to call this a victory and to be cheering this decision is wrong. We don't know what went on behind closed doors, but this seems more about government funding and support than the nature of their technical plans and the distance between Stockholm and Are. If they had never submitted the bid in the first place, maybe then you could have called it a for pragmatism and that the Swedes came to their senses and decided against a bid that they probably didn't believe could succeed. But that's not what happened. They DID submit the bid. It wasn't until a city council vote that they became "lucid enough to see some of these elements" that they had planned on going with anyway. Again, if you want to view this news that it was the concept of the bid that they decided was the problem, I have my doubts about that. So yea, if you want to call it a victory because the Swedish organizers and a few folks here thought the bid had a chance even though you gave it no chance, fine. But for me, I think it's unfortunate and disappointing that a sports tradition-rich country like Sweden is having this much difficulty putting forth an Olympic bid. I don't consider it good news that they were willing to put forth this bid, even though it was a longshot, and then the city government determined it wasn't financially feasible. That's not something I'd choose to celebrate.
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    Some may have misunderstood my words apparently... I can honestly believe that the IOC and olympism can survive a pull out by Sweden? I can understand that some may have welcomed the idea of a WOG in Sweden favourably but I can hardly understand some of the strange laments I've read here and there. As for saying it is a very victory, I do confirm that this is, a victory. In terms of victory for the people that were -rightfully I think- underlying the unrealistic face of that bid. Against all those who were, against all odds, supporting this bid without pragmatism or even realism. And who seemingly let their enthusiasm for Sweden take over. But...letting one's heart speak instead one's mind is an easy, and very forgivable mistake. Besides, I also confirm that , for all those who are attached to the constant development of new and innovative concepts for the olympics, this is indeed a good news. And I'm glad that Sweden has been lucid enough to see some of these elements, which I m sure they did. I can't really see where there should be any controversy here. There you go...
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    Where you have Sweden and Italy pulling out of races, where you have Germany not wanting to enter after coming in 2nd in the last winter vote, and where the USOC seems less than enthused about bidding, those aren't positives. Sweden bailing out is not, in itself, a cause for concern, but it just adds to what could be an escalating problem. Maybe you're right that the IOC needs to find a way to trim costs for the Winter Olympics (although that's easier said than done.. no sliding track means you'd have to lose 3 sports, not just 1), but I don't like the notion that it's okay Sweden drops out because another city/country out there will have the money. I trust the IOC not to make the mistake FIFA did and let an unqualified country offer up nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars to host their event, but at the same time, I'd rather see the IOC figure out a way to make the Olympics affordable for the countries that most deserve to host them, not merely the ones with enough money to foot the bill.
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    Economic Development Committee is now hearing about the bid. First up is the people who wrote the report. Live updates from twitter: https://twitter.com/annhui
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    http://fotki.yandex.ru/search/сочи/users/sochi-like/view/729506 Building on a banner exclusive!
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    So the FIS it seems has included South Africa and Venezuela as qualifying (even though their athletes didn't meet the standard). So we have 90 nations going to Sochi.
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    Well, these are not the Bid Books. The Set consists of thee heavy volumes. These are some sport proposals and some issues from "Share the Spirit". But the items are nice and I would put them on ebay. The real set would maybe go for 600 Dollar max. There is still the Beijing set available for around 600...
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    Did I miss something here? What victory? Stockholm's withdrawal is a disaster for the IOC, in the cold light of day. The distance issue may have spoiled their chances, but they didn't withdraw for fear of losing because of that, they withdrew because they saw hosting as too expensive. That makes it the fourth wealthy European nation to withdraw a bid or refuse bidding in a referendum within one year (Switzerland, Germany, Sweden for 2022, Austria/Vienna plans for 2028 scrapped in a referendum), plus the recent Rome exit. Applauding that situation and calling it a victory is completely mindless, I'm sorry.
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    Lol. That response deserves a slow clap.
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    Evil Russians certainly
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    Again give to Oslo so time and money is saved. Does the world really need to go through this. The race is over. Hey, thanks for showing up! lets move on.
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    Its time for the IOC to cancel the Youth Olympics. With two cities out of the bid for 2022 winter games the IOC should take heed. No one watches it and no one cares.
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    Thumbs up to that ! I'm happy to see this really good news, and this resounding victory for our side. The side of reason and pragmatism that Baron, Athensfan, Lord David, myself and a few other people are part of. A victory also for the true genuine spirit of olympism, always concerned about the universality of the games, and a constant will to renew the games with new, innovative ideas and concepts. And I m sure this victory is the first one of a long series. Good news !
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    By the way, have you read also the second half of the new Insidethegames article? Right, Mr. Putin: If homosexuals are highly successful globally known singers, they have a bit of a justification to live freely and to be accepted by the Russian society, even if they love to plough other guy's a**es. But if they are only moderately successful in their professional life, or even are without success, they have to be bullied, discriminated and maybe even killed. That statement makes your earlier statement towards the Olympic volunteers a lot better, of course. :wacko: And that this guy mentions homosexuality and child abuse in the same breath, tells a lot, too. It's absolutely appalling. This is even more outrageous than the behaviour of the Communist honchos before the Beijing Games. P.S. Or just take the expression "this non-traditional sexual orientation". What, for heaven's sake, makes homosexuality (which has, by all that we know, existed since the early days of mankind) a less "traditional" sexual orientation than heterosexuality?
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    We may not like their government (unless you're an extreme religious conservative or a Tea Party supporter), but just remember the average Russian is as proud of their nationality and culture, and will be caught up in the euphoria of their time in the spotlight, as we Aussies, or Brits, or Canadians or, yes, Chinese, were proud of and as uplifted by our time in the sun.
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    Don't get me wrong...I didn't dislike Stockholm, but this is great as a Krakow supporter. Oslo will still probably we the frontrunner but Stockholm's exit just blew this race wide open because outside of Oslo, there is no automatic favorite and many members often never go straight to the favorite, although then again many do.
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    Err um, you're forgetting his first bet was non starter LVIV! Everyone was in agreement that Lviv would not even make it near the candidate stage, but our all-knowing 16-month old thought otherwise.
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    And the race shouldn't just favor the old reliables. I mean for 70-80 years, it's always been Europe -Europe. We are now a global village, so if some 3rd world republic wants to spend for the IOC's party, they have as much right to as the old standbys. The IOC just has to trim the Games down to manageable size. Get rid of a lot of the idiotic sports no one but a few hundred people get excited about.
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    Is that your publication? I believe so. It's too expensive at Amazon co jp.(about 90USD). BTW I didn't say the title because the book is not published yet. The author is GB member,Victor Mata who comes from Brazil. I like his witty,humorous and philosophical murmurs and I want him to publish his book one day.
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