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    my submission for toronto 2026.. toronto2026 2 by atifnadzir, on Flickr toronto2026 by atifnadzir, on Flickr
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    Funny old world isn't it....I always wonder why they built Windsor Castle right underneath Heathrow airport's flightpath
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    Here's my submission for Toronto 2026. Welcome any comments.
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    What type of penises are you involved with? Nice cauldron, Sochi.
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    How about the trip from Krakow to Jasna? Shorter yes, but you're dealing with 2 completely different languages in Poland versus Slovakia. You're also dealing with different currencies (Slovakia is on the Euro, Poland is not). Those are not minor issues for folks traveling between 2 countries. And that's if they make that trip in the first place. Most people, be it athletes or spectators or VIPs, are not required to make the trip, let alone to do it multiple times. If they do, is it really that much different from, as zeke noted, folks in Beijing going to Hong Kong to see sailing or visiting various football venues? You said a little earlier that you can be objective looking at this race because you have no vested interest in the winner. In seeing you argue against Stockholm and Oslo, I'm not so sure about that. You seem really dead set against either of them winning when you're talking about nOslo and Stockholm being a historically bad choice for the IOC. Not to speak for FYI and zeke here.. we would take your opinions and arguments a lot more seriously if they didn't seem like they were fueled by the same type of irrational vendettas you seem to have when we're talking U.S. candidates. So in answer to your question.. yea, you kinda do have faulty perceptions about the race because if you're asking us to take you seriously (and I know a lot of times you're not), you are anything but objective.
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    Uh, no. It's the IOC's job to whittle down the bids. This board is here to talk about bids. And talk we will do. And nobody here - especially you - has more insight into the minds of IOC voters than, say, members of Sweden's Olympic Committee. They - who know the IOC voters better than you - don't think it's a slam dunk they will be eliminated due to distance. So don't get all pompus and make it seem like you *know* that physical distances will primarily make or kill a bid. And just to repeat a basic point you can't grasp for some reason.... IOC and people running the Games have to circulate amongst the various venues during a SOG as well. And they pick SOG hosts will far flung venues ALL THE TIME.
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    Christmas Eve has always been the main celebration in my family, and last night me and my partner hosted - had my sister - whose now going through the same battle Puppy, Baron and Seth have gone through - and her family over. And as often happens when you're expecting things to be sombre, instead it turned into a really joyous and fun night - ate too much, drank too much, annoyed the neighbours with our renditions of Carols and hits on Singstar. Feeling a bit tender this morning ... thankfully Christmas Day's usually a day of rest and laying back for me. But still feeling a nice afterglow from last night (and have lots of yummy leftovers to graze on). Happy Christmas to all my friends here - hope you have great celebrations.
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    I think this is more revealing of the low level of critical thinking that seems to be common on this forum lately, and not Athensfan's joke backfiring - which was itself witty and accessible. The GamesBids shortbus seems to be much longer in 2013.
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    Cut him some slack, Athensfan. One can also say that in a more polite way. Not everyone reads such a thread all the time and knows every post, including this thread and the whole debate around Tony - and you know that I didn't get your joke at first either.