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    "The whole torch relay thing has gone totally ridiculous over the years" Agreed with sochi and Beijing. BUT I may be biased but I think both vancouver and london had great torch relays. The aim of both was to get the excitement and the spirit of the games going in both countries and they delivered. No big stand out statement events, just visiting lots of the country and delivering a great atmosphere.
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    We'll agree to disagree here I think.
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    Saw the last ten mins.....thought we'd hold on after NZ squandered that pass with a couple of minutes to go.
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    They really deserve the prize. Meanwhile Inose is seriously in trouble. @ gotosy,I appreciate you that you frequently post the very fresh news that I want to know. You are always perfect! So I hereby give you the prize "Best journalist of GB forum of the year".
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    Can't help but think of Al Jazeera when I see this logo. It's clever, just don't think it works that well as a Games mark. See, I think this is a good example of where it is probably more pleasing to the traditional Olympic logo lovers , certainly it would win over Sochi in many peoples eyes, but where I'd have to say it's a far more flimsy logo than London or Sochi.
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    For more information on Baku 2015 check their 1st Newsletter http://www.eurolympic.org/en/news/baku-newsletter/doc_download/271-newsletter-1.html Much more things than on the website !
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    It is the real thing. Good for you.
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    No there is no plan for a referendum.... this is only an idea of the IOC member Guy Drut ! I highly doubt we will never see a referendum in France for such thing... This is not in the French culture....
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