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    Yes, he is working and lobbying for Istanbul 2020 in the Hilton Buenos Aires right now one of his tweets: Michael.R Payne ‏@MichaelRPayne12 Sep Guess real decision over #2020 is whether IOC prefers to eat sushi; jabugo ham or turkish delight. Hope the #IOC has a sweet tooth.#Istanbul you can follow his twitter page until the vote .. it could be useful to know what happening there in Buenos Aires: https://twitter.com/MichaelRPayne1 and yes your friend information about him are correct according to his biography in his official website: you can know more about him in his official website: http://www.michaelrpayne.com/index.html
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    Finally, it's open!! http://news.yahoo.com/first-cars-cross-sf-oakland-bay-bridges-span-071137123.html The Bay Area has waited 13 long years for this thing to be built. And I remember when I visited the SF 2016 offices, we/they were talking about making the new Bay Bridge design an iconic part of the SF 2016 logo. And its $6.4 billion cost is enough to finance an Olympic Games.
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    Probably because every IOC member has had their email inboxes spammed the past weeks as well by the likes of JeanFinel and his ilk telling them how Japan is going to be a depopulated nuclear wasteland any day now. I'm sure we're not the only ones to have been having this campaign inflected on them (all the other Olympic forums have as well).
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    Are you kidding me with this?! How's "the only European capital that hasn't hosted the Games" - "more compelling"? It's not! Far from it. Munich becoming the first city to become host to both the winter & summer Games meant absolutely nothing to their 2018 bid. So I don't see how that would be compelling for Madrid. Or is it "poor Madrid" - "please give us the Games so we can finally outdo our Catalonian neighbors cuz were so jealous of them". Or is it - "illiminate the future" with also possible "riots" in an austerity ridden economy where their "fiscally responsible" & disingenuous budget would ballon. And for the millionth time, Tokyo is NOT proposing $20-$50 Billion Games. Not even close! They at least have more of a REALISTIC budget than Madrid. But I just love it how you changed it from your previous $40 Billiion mantra so you can knock on Istanbul. And I don't think that the Japanese are "lacking passion" at all. For a bid that started out with the lowest of public support & now has arguably surpassed the other bids demonstrates the exact opposite. It shows that the Japanese really do want this! And with their organizational know-how, I think those alone are very good compelling factors in itself.
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    But look what happen in previous host cities, they could change their system and if Turkey and its population commit to improve that, they will get it. Let's look at Brazil and back to the late 70s and early 80s, the South Korean government could change paradigms for good. Istanbul shouldn't be punished by one person and his entourage. I'm sure the IOC would make a condition to the Organizing Committee and the government behind to improve everything. Most of us know this is Istanbul moment, and I think Istanbul has big chances to do it.
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    Good evening Europe! Good evening World! Here is Malmö in Sweden - last year Loreen won with "Euphoria" in Baku... We are here in Sweden to find the winner of 2013 tonight. Since 2004 we are doing our own GamesBids Eurovision Song Contest here and you are invited to vote "eurovisionstyle": - pick your favourite ten songs from the grand final (be careful not to include songs, which didn't qualified in our two semi finals) - rank them - the first one gets 12 points - the second one gets 10 points - the third one gets 8 points - the fourth one gets 7 points - the fifth one gets 6 points - the sixth one gets 5 points - the seventh one gets 4 points - the eight one gets 3 points - the ninth one gets 2 points - the tenth one gets 1 point The voting for the GB grand final will be open until May 11th. For the grand final following songs qualified: France - "L'enfer et moi" Germany - "Glorious" Italy - "L'essenziale" Spain - "Contigo hasta el final (With You Until The End)" Sweden - "You" United Kingdom - "Believe In Me" Austria - "Shine" Estonia - "Et uus saaks alguse" Denmark - "Only Teardrops" Russia - "What If" Ukraine - "Gravity" Lithuania - "Something" Belarus - "Solayoh" Ireland - "Only Love Survives" Belgium - "Love Kills" Serbia - "Ljubav je svuda" San Marino - "Crisalide" Azerbaijan - "Hold Me" Finland - "Marry Me" Malta - "Tomorrow" Iceland - "Eg a lif" Greece - "Alcohol Is Free" Israel - "Rak bishvilo" Hungary - "Kedvesem" Norway - "I Feed You My Love" Switzerland - "You And Me" Let's start!!!!
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    I think Tokyo lacks passion and story, now with the distracting "problem" growing it’s less appealing just to rely on "we're Tokyo...we want to host again!". However, it is Tokyo and that’s important. But what is the message for the IOC to go there? Is it…..”It’s a huge important city that deserves to host again?”…..or is it “Poor Japan has only host 1 summer games and 2 winter games and the winter games don’t count!”….or is it “We should have the first back to back Asian games in the history of the games PC2018-TOKYO2020.”, or is it "Discover tomorrow?". I'm going to discover tomorrow tomorrow, I don't need to be in Tokyo to do that. I think it’s more compelling to go to the last large European Capitol that has not hosted with a message that the games do not have to cost 20 billion to 50 billion dollars to be spectacular, this will help move away from the Athens/Beijing/Sochi stereotypes……..if only for one cycle! Istanbul can surprise but riots look very unappealing, and the head of government in charge of the “crackdown” will awkwardly be there because it would be EVEN worse if he didn’t attend. That’s the lesser of 2 evils, the winner will be the lesser of 3.
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    Lol that's cool.. I enjoy the pics of Madrid. Makes me want to visit.
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    ^^This if no blackout happens...
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    The vote: 19:45 to 20:00 British Summer Time. during the vote we will know the first city to be eliminated after the first round as Sir Rols mentioned. The announcement: 21:00 - 21:30 BST.
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    Well, New update for the Programme of events: http://www.olympic.org/Documents/IOC_Executive_Boards_and_Sessions/IOC_Sessions/125_Session_Buenos_Aires_2013/Programme_of_Events-125th_IOC_Session.pdf
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    That sounds more like Mike Lee to me. He was the marketing strategist for the London and Rio bids. I thought Doha had signed him up early in this bid cycle. Can't recall hearing if he joined the istanbul team later or not. If you do have him - good! He's probably the guru of bids in recent years.
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    Well, Danny, you say one thing, the media says another. You challenged them on Sao Paulo's stadium and the very article you cited specifically said that Sao Paulo was back on schedule. As far as I can tell and based on other stories, the others are straggling. You should be encouraged however from the very positive reviews by the IOC that came out today. They seem to feel everything is progressing well and that legacy is a top priority. I would hope that would help reassure the people of Brazil as well. It may also help Istanbul.....
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    The World Curling Federation released the schedules of play for Sochi 2014 Olympic http://sochi2014.curlingevents.com/owg-2014-schedule-of-play Paralympic http://sochi2014.curlingevents.com/pwg-2014-schedule-of-play
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    Oh well, we have as many villages as you could want, like Little Snoring, Upper & Lower Slaughter, Cockett, & natural features such as Brown Willy, a hill in Cornwall. There are hundreds of others like this around the country.
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    Yeah, but when Istanbul got those 17 votes, they, along with 3 other cities, were competing against one of the darlings of new frontiers, Beijing. No one was gonna win against the Chinese. Even Paris only got 18 votes, just one more than Istanbul. But yet the French went on to get 50 votes for 2012. Plus, there were only two-rounds for 2008 in a five-city race. And it was clear that the majority wanted Beijing, & the rest were split among the minority votes. As for Tokyo 2016, I'm sure their 'peak' at 22 votes had to do more that many still thought that is was too soon for Asia again only eight years after Beijing 2008. Tokyo 2020 doesn't really face that hurdle in this race now. While Madrid has remained stagnant in both their previous races at 32 votes. And I can't see them getting too many more than that this time around, either. Especially in a race that the majority of observers are saying that it's a very, very "tight race".
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    Aw Jeez...they don't have to do that. Not everything has to be blessed by Mandela. They can spin it as such after Sept 7...which I think they probably will. But you DON'T have to coax it out of a dying old man.
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    Squash, not Wrestling, is the real victim of the EB's boneheaded move to kick Wrestling out of the games.