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    My entries: Tokyo 2020 - The Portal My Tokyo entry is based on the medieval Japanese portals and archtecture and in the traditional Japanese paitings. The shape with curves brings the sense of motion to the human figure celebrating victory. The rising sun is also present, the most recognizable Japanese icon. Anchorage 2022 - The Borealis Star A very recognizable symbol of Alaska, the Mount McKinley, is the main piece of this logo. The Aurora Borealis made of flags give the shape of the famous landscape, also reaching to the top, where the Northern Star with gold colors represents the goal of the victory, the glory. I tried to bring a bit of the sea/fishing/port life to the font, since fishing is a major activity to the Nothern US state. Both typing fonts were designed by me.
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    Can you two please give it a rest with all this back and forth? If you want to make your predictions about the next 50 years of the Olympics, go right ahead, but enough with this constant bickering over who will or won't host in the future and when. No one cares who you do or don't support. Most of us don't need to hear your specious reasoning over when a certain city or region's "time" will be. Reading your posts is like watching 2 drunks in a bad bar fight. And don't say I should just ignore you. You're be doing everyone a favor if you just ignored each other for a change.
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    And another... This is my submission for Santiago 2022. It's a ski run through a mountain valley, shaped like an "S." I picked the colors from the city flag. I'm churning these out because I'm holed up at a hotel with nothing to do while I wait out a typhoon. This comp has been a welcome way to spend my time and keep my mind on better things. Thanks! And there will probably be more to come.
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    Sorry Rols, but we all know that England desreve to host all the Olympic Games form 2024 onwards
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    England is the family home, where football was born, grew up from a boy into a young man, and became what he was. The rules were created in the family home, discipline instilled, fair play always important. The decor is old-fashioned, stuck in the 60s, and clearly won't win any prizes, but it's homely and reassuring. The family comes over for a roast every weekend knowing in their hearts nobody else does it quite like Mum. Brazil is the home it moved into once it got married, had kids, and wanted to make its mark on the world. A beautiful house in a sunny location, kids always kicking a ball against the fence in the back garden. An eye for style, he keeps promising to redecorate before guests arrive but inevitibly - with rowdy kids to deal with - it only gets done in a last minute rush. The only small problem is the noisy neighbour, Argentina, moaning about the size of the hedges and who they belong to. Football works in Germany where he's direct and efficient at what he does. And he holidays in the Netherlands where he's able to let his hair down in style. But he's getting old now, and the football family is full of infighting. So he is moved to Qatar, a hot, cramped retirement flat that nobody wants to visit with faltering air conditioning, where he'll see out his final days, unable to even enjoy the simple pleasure of a beer or two.
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    Cyberbullying is a crime in some countries, and is not tolerated on these forums. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyberbullying Recently, one member escalated their cyberbullying tactics against a member beyond these forums by posting a petition on a major site. That member has violated the terms of service of both this site, the petition site - and I filed a report on the petition site. Depending on jurisdictional issues, that could lead to a criminal investigation. That member has been permanently banned from GamesBids.com forums. If you do not agree with the opinions or posting style of a member, you may constructively debate the issue or use the "ignore" feature to remove the posts from your view. Instructions on use are located on this page: http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=help&do=01&HID=18&hl=ignore. At no time may you use hurtful comments to express your disagreement with another members post. Moderation of a busy forum by just a handful of moderators can leave gaps, and not all cases that infringe on the terms and conditions of the forums are caught, and some violators will not be penalized. However even if some instances go unpenalized, some will not. If you break the rules, you may suffer the full consequences without warning. If you find any cases of cyberbullying in these forums, please report them immediately. These forums are meant to be a fun and informative environment where people can share information, ideas and more (within stated rules) without fear of harassment or bullying. Lets please work together to keep it that way.
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    HAHAHAHAHA. Coming from the guy who is still butthurt about the 2018 World Cup result.
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    I was trying sooo hard to like this, I really did want to, but I really can't say I enjoyed this opening ceremony much at all. I just got the feeling that it was more telethon, more concert, more EMA awards ceremony...... more eurovision interval act - than the opening ceremony of a Commonwealth Games. That's not to say that it wasn't a well produced show, it was, and I wouldn't have expected anything less with the man at the top. The stadium looked a picture both in light and once the sun went down. The lighting design was fantastic, it looked so serene with the blue shades at the end. The video production quality was great, the screen worked well, the stage and floor design was well thought. Not to mention the performers, they were gold, amazing enthusiasm. This would have made the perfect closing ceremony, but for an opening...... no.... I just wasn't feeling it. I do wonder if plans were changed when the implosion was canned, I'm sure I read that we would see stuff about the regeneration of Glasgow, and I didn't see any of that. The countdown.... yeah pretty good, can't complain with that. The opening act though, it was just so meh. Again, it would be great for a closing, but it had such a low impact for the opening of an event like this. The thing is, it wasn't original, it's what Sydney and Vancouver did in their closing ceremony. I think the Unicef contribution was abit too much. Certainly a worthy cause, but it was shoved down our throats abit too much, and it did verge in to telethon land a few times. I will say the couple dancing was a beautiful moment, and they certainly could have built on that a bit more, but it seems to me they saw that more of a transition filler. The good bits apart from that.... I thought they did the protocol really well, the arrival of the Queen was fantastic, and the music used for the baton entry was great. The Calvin Harris mash up was fantastic, still maybe suited slightly more to a closing ceremony, but was visually stunning and showed great spirit. Athletes parade..... mint I do understand the concept behind the ceremony, but I think you can still give that feeling across while at the same time having a more well rounded show. Manchester showed that in spades. Again, a well produced show, but just no stand out moment to me. What will be the iconic image of this ceremony. It will be interesting to see the angle for the closing ceremony. I found Manchester's closing (I use this comparison as David Zolkwer was the AD for both), to be far more traditional and had one of the most ambitious pieces of stadium theatre that I've ever seen in it (Common wealth). Maybe this ceremony is a grower, and there are moments I will rewatch , but at the moment - Im feeling abit deflated. Still, after all that being said, well done the people of Glasgow. The spirit shown by the performers was fantastic.
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    Jesus Christ. I can't handle this anymore.
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    Tony, before you go to all events you are planning, think about visiting Disney World before... Just in case...
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    Nice to see a closing ceremony which does not degenerate in a soulless pop music "let's party now" concert.
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    Thanks for the wonderful contribution.
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    I have to say I'm surprised by the intensity of some posters' disregard for Oslo. I really don't see it as "been there, done that." What I see is that the IOC has taken two big gambles with the Winter Games in a row: Sochi and PC. The Winter Games are already the tougher sell and squarely in the shadow of their Summer counterparts. We hope both Sochi and PC go well, but I suspect that the passion and enthusiasm for the Games may flag a bit in their wake. It's a great time for a fail-safe host that can guarantee enormous enthusiasm and educated crowds. Of course, Munich would've been the first choice, but I trust the Norwegians to do a fantastic job. Unless the government withholds support (and that is appearing unlikely), I think this race is well nigh over. I've got nothing against Krakow, but it's not a slam dunk and I think that is what the IOC both wants and needs.
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    Well I understand the city well so off course I am. At least I am not going to be stupid enough to keep posting in every thread or to keep commenting after getting attacked for the pure stupidity of posts. I'll preach my opinion about you: You are an uneducated dumb as* that needs to stop posting here. Not sure who is who but here are my opinions of the five: a) I like, but the bottom stand type thing seems off too me. Solid logo, the font though could be changed. c) The graphics are good but it doesn't scream Bangkok to me. d) I think this is the one to beat. e) More colour would have helped.
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    Bible Study Time? 2 Timothy 2:23New King James Version (NKJV) 23 But avoid foolish and ignorant disputes, knowing that they generate strife. Proverbs 26:4New King James Version (NKJV) 4 Do not answer a fool according to his folly, Lest you also be like him. Matthew 15:14New King James Version (NKJV) 14 Let them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.” 1 Peter 2:15New King James Version (NKJV) 15 For this is the will of God, that by doing good you may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men—
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    This statement is incredibly angry and off-putting. The IOC ought to say "mea culpa." Instead they're lashing out at the Norwegians. This isn't going to fix anything and it shows just how out of touch they really are.
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    So, take the Cup away from Russia because they have troops fighting in another country, and give the games to the US. That's logical.
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    Ok lets put this out there. Tony, you ain't the only one here that has issues in the head. Some of us don't bandy them about like they are fashionable. I was absolutely horrid as a poster when I first started. To the point where I left for a couple of months and rejoined under this account. Things got better because of wonderful people like Rols, CAF, Kendrega and puppy. Even krow has been helpful (to an extent). Mind you he still things I am a walking wikipedia and in some respects isn't entirely wrong in so far has I tend to have knowledge without context. Key difference between you and I is that I took what others said and tried to use it constructively to be a better poster. I actually would say that the advice and guidance from Rols in particular had real world benefits in university for me. You don't listen, you are not constructive to discussion and you use your disabilities as a crutch. You point to everyone else as the problem instead of looking at yourself and seeing something that can be improved and bettered. You show no signs of being able to develop and mature. No ability to self-identify, or show empathy to others. Yet you expect understanding and acceptance when you show none. I can personally identify and understand some of the difficulties you are having, but you need to show the maturity to learn and develop. I remember completely snapping on someone here once about how I posted. I put out there that writing and grammar are things I have struggled with due to learning issues. With that, I also tried to find ways to improve and be a better contributor to this forum. I am not completely there yet. But I still understand that the only thing in the world I can change is myself. I have to strive to be better, to deal with my issues in a more competent way and to overcome obstacles and distractions. That growth only comes with self-reflection. Look at yourself, talk to people you trust and find ways to be better. Instead of just spotting off that you have issues and need understanding. Guess what, we all have issues. Everyone could use a little more understanding and support. Show that you are trying to be better, trying to improve and that understanding will come. Plant yourself in the ground and don't budge and you'll get treated like an unwanted weed.
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    I'm struggling with what everyone's problem is. It's only since KL that the ceremonies have started aping the Olympic ceremony style scale wise. From day one Glasgow has been about bringing the Games back to a realistic intimate level without sacrificing the fun. A 100% success. The closing - like the opening - was just a fun night out. Not some country defining moment. Bravo.
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    This is less about Lima, more about Gold Coast Lion's incessant fantasies that are completely out of touch with reality or ignoring basic facts like, uhm, South America is still preparing for its first Olympics, after 120 years of modern Games. They won't get another one just 12 years later. For the session itself, I don't know who else is really bidding, but also here, in 2016 it will be in Rio - maybe the IOC would also not want to return immediately to South America? It's good to see Lima putting itself on the map, but GCL's 2028 projections are meant to be ridiculed.
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    I had a meeting today with an IOC Member regarding my PhD and asked the question about the IOC in secret talks with London to take over the games and was informed that this will not be happening. They said that Rio will host the games and the IOC will put resources and support into gettin Rio over the line to host a successful games.
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    No Pyro, you still don't get it. Tony's "crime" has been to be clueless and to be overenthusiastic. Yes, I've found that annoying too. He HAS served - multiple - suspensions. I'm quite confident that after this wake-up call and *drama*, that if he doesn't improve himself the Mod wouldn't hesitate to do so again, perhaps permanently, or put his posts onto review status before publishing or whatever. Your "claim" that he threatened you (which quite frankly does not ring true) aside, I have not seen him be malicious or nasty. Quite the opposite. As Mainad said a few pages back, he's nowhere near the level of real trolls we've had here in the past. Complaining about how he's ruining the forum, yet spending more time, and more posts than Tony himself, stalking him around, trying to organise lynch mobs and petitions against him, ridiculing him and abusing him for daring to post anything, rather than just ignoring him and contributing positively to other forum discussions, IS bullying. I'm not the only person who was finding much of the constant hounding and needling of Tony by a particular few more objectionable and annoying than Tony's posts themselves.
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    I might get myself in trouble for saying this, but I'm going to say it anyway. Let me preface by saying I've been thinking about this for a while and it wasn't just spurned on by this Tony incident.. I understand the number of mods relative to the size of this site is pretty low, but you guys need to do a better job of keeping order around here. Athens talks about "an atmosphere of contention and aggravation".. that issue goes way beyond Tony and for me (and others, many of whom have said as many) it's been that way here for a long time.. This forum feels like a place where the inmates are truly running the asylum. And in thinking about this latest incident, it's like the whole site has been 1 big ticking timebomb and Tony was the fuse that set it off. It is a pretty valid point to bring up that Tony has still been allowed to post when IMO he probably should have at least been suspended by this point. I know you can't be everywhere on the site, but at some point in the past few weeks, you have to have seen that Tony was grating on some people's nerves and maybe he needed to lose his posting privileges, even if only temporarily. All these times (including this one) he said he was going to take a break and hasn't done so, maybe you should have taken some sort of action. Beyond that though, and for reasons that have nothing to do with Tony, this place has become toxic. I don't know what or who caused that or if there's a solution to that or if it's so far gone that there's no hope of a return to sanity. I'll freely admit I've played a part in that and probably made a couple of posts I shouldn't have, but it seems like the general aura around this place is that it turns a lot of people into assholes and that there's little to no decorum left around here. I have thick skin, so I know what I'm getting into when I post here, but it shouldn't have to be that way. And I think that falls on those in charge of moderating this site. I don't blame you guys for what this site, it feels like, has devolved into sometimes. I haven't been around long enough to know what it was like in the good old days, but I do get the sense of where things have changed over time and not for the better. So that's my thing. I know I've had interactions here with some regulars that have been pleasant and enjoyable and fun. And then interactions with those same people that feel like a bad marriage gone wrong. We all probably want to see less in-fighting and far be it from me to ask everyone to take on that responsibility, myself included. But if nothing else, let's take this Tony incident as a wake-up call that we don't want what goes on here to escalate into a more serious situation. It may be a little overbearing to have a thread on "Cyberbullying is not permitted in these forums" since that should be a given. But it's not a terrible message to be reminded of. For that, I applaud the mods for reminding us all not to treat each other like crap and that it shouldn't be tolerated.