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    Sound's like somebody is feeling their pet host being in danger.
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    Why do you start this nonsensical threads of YOG bids that likely won't happen?
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    Keep in mind that *notbody* needs a sliding track. Except for the few places that can borrow an old track, every possible host has to deal with the cost of an unneeded track, so it's not really a disadvantage for Alaska.
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    Nick Jonas!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! OMG!! I think Planet Hollywood and Miss Trump-Universe have a sweetheart deal for the pageant. Probably all those casinos losers get a free ticket to pageant after dropping $100,000 at the slots or at the tables!!
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    Yes, I know all this already. But it's precisely these fastidious-natured 99 individuals, that will get to vote on 2020, why Madrid will have a very hard time. Any one of them could vote for something as trivial that they may not like the colors of the Spanish flag. And while Spain does have more representation than Turkey, & maybe Japan, within the IOC, this only means something under normal circumstances. Right now, Spain's economy is in shambles. They've caused an uproar in the wrestling community & there's still Operation Puerto. Not to mention, a Madrid 2020 win, would block ambitions from other European countries that could make a run for 2024. So I can't see any of those supporting Madrid, let alone vote for them. And then of course, there's still the Barcelona effect which still not enough time has passed for a country of Spain's size & influence. What Spain should do is go for a Winter bid & really get behind it, they would have a MUCH stronger case in that scenario. But apparently, the Castillan-Based SOC is so blindly focused on a Madrid Summer Games. And if you don't think that Madrid will win anyway, what exactly is the point you're trying to make then.
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    It's funny. We had envy when the Amsterdam arena was built. Still a fantastic arena, but the beautiful today can be the ugly tomorrow, so I'm proud of what they did with Maracanã and Mineirão. Stadiums 60, 50 years old that have been preserved. They could have done the same with Wembley that had much more history. It looks modern today, but soon will be a common stadium.
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    I don't know Anchorage and its area, so do not say it is not feasible to organize the Games here. I just check the size of the population... and saw that the size of the Metro is almost as big as the Annecy's area... So I don't say that it is not possible to organize the Games, but I'm surprise that no one is questioning this feasibility when a lot of people here were attacking the size of Annecy .... And I think that USOC is in the same situation as the French NOC... they will not bid for a Winter Games untill they would have organized a Summer Games !
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    Yep, there is no room for them. Tokyo has the technical aspect covered; Istanbul the emotive.
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    It's actually a new missile launch site. The nukes will be disguised as chairlift towers...
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    It's all Lord David's fault - all that money spent producing a bid book to get his jollies off!
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    that's a slippery slope right there. Hopefully Salt Lake cities medallists didn't bribe to win! ha ha
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    LOL - I like running's analysis (even if i sense it's coloured a lot by his enthusiasm for istanbul). Seriously, though, and I'm not saying I expect or even would like Madrid to get the games, and the way they're articulating it seems contradictory (as rr points out), but when the IOC gets so much stick over the extravagance and scale of recent games (and in light of the latest critiques coming in over Sochi's spending/corruption), a plan like Madrid's with so much already in place and trying to offer a cut-price games SHOULD be a good selling point. Of course, though, as so many of us point out, does that really matter to the IOC if they have other bidders willing to stage the extravaganza on the scale they like their showpiece event to be? It really does look like mixed messages from Madrid, also. It's all very well they're pitching it as a games for the "athletes", but everyone claims that somewhere in their pitches. After that, it all seems to be more about what the games would do for Madrid, rather than the other way around. I don't think the IOC's ever been swayed by the "We NEED the games" argument.
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    I don't tend to go into raptures about medal designs, but these are nice. Actually, I'm really liking all aspects of the "look" we've seen. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's one of my all-time faves. Even the logo/wordmark, which I was a bit bemused by at fast, seems to fit in well with the quilt look - it probably needed to be plain and simple to stand out against the quilt.
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    Well, they're trying to build a good foundation of an argument to bid for the Olympics, but apparently there were some cracks in that foundation.
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    I think the lists don't explain 'everything' since it shows the average - to understand the ranking at all they have to release the ranking/list of every single country vote...
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    The funnel in the center of the roof is horrible IMO, the stadium would be much better without it since the design is actually not that bad.
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    "Whether your point of view on a subject has merit or not, you always rub people up the wrong way" > translates as your points maybe right but that's irrelevant because I've got a beef with you stemming from when you first joined this forum so I'm going to not engage in sensible, reasoned debate but rather attack you. "Don't bother to argue with me on this because it's demonstrably true and happens in pretty much every thread you involve yourself in." > translates as I think I'm better than you by so much so that I can arrogantly demand that you do not reply back to my antagonistic comments. In order to bolster this claim, I'll mention generalized views of your supposed behavior whilst conveniently forgetting the nuance of those debates. "I'll await the hordes of other forum members telling me I've got you all wrong... " translates as popular opinion makes something a fact. If the majority of other forum members share my views (even though they're wrong) that makes what I'm saying right. Did you have an actual point related to the thread Rob? Or is this just a personal vendetta against me? Is it upsetting you that I care about the woolwich atrocity? Does it upset you that I'm asking questions? Saint Rob, can I ask questions -- is that all right with you?
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    Thank you for taking the time out of your life to count my posts. That shows that you're not in any way shape or form OBSESSED with me. What does that say about you? Actually, the fact I've posted in this topic (as have other people and I didn't actually start this thread) really means that I'm interested in this topic. Would you prefer I discussed more pressing matters such as Kim Kardashian's pregnancy instead of the latest inhumane jihad attack which affects all our lives? If I'm being replied to I tend to reply back unless the post is extremely silly (as many of yours have been). Could you point me to the Gamesbids rules on the acceptable number of replies in a given thread concerning a topic such as this? Excuse me? What does the commonwealth games have to do with a jihadist murder and moreover, why shouldn't I talk about it? Are you trying to imply that by questioning Islam I'm somehow the bad guy? Is that what you're saying? Or is it that the notion of a commonwealth is predicated upon placating jihadists so I better pretend Islam is guilt free? I find that post really strange mate. You might mean something nice by it but the notion I can't talk about jihadist murder in London (which the whole world is talking about) because my country is hosting the commonwealth games is absurd.
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    How many children go on killing sprees because of allegorical fairytales as opposed to LITERAL ISLAMIC KORANIC DIRECTIVES? This is the point -- Islam IS producing many jihadists and isn't taught as some fairytale -- it is based on the REAL LIFE PERSON OF MOHAMMED. Roald Dahl and J.K Rowling books don't seem to quite on the level of the Koran somehow....... You said "if you're raised and educated properly and are of sound mind" -- that's the whole point. How can a person be raised of sound mind if they are indoctrinated THEIR ENTIRE LIVES under Sharia law? You know, if the Koran didn't contain any of those ABUNDANT references to kill, wage war, subjugate the infidel/enemies of Islam then things couldn't be misinterpreted. So why does Islam have words like those in their Korans at all? Their isn't 'alternative' meanings to an Islamic directive to 'smite off someone's fingers'. -- it means to chop yer fingers off. And the fact these words are authenticated via the MOST OFFICIAL DOCUMENT IN ISLAM means that Muslims have the Koranic backing to do these things in the name of Allah against the infidel. Not all do. But because these words do exist it means some inevitably will. If the nasty words didn't exist there couldn't be any misinterpreting going on. Simple as that. And no, not all religions are bad.
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    "Any religious text can be re-interpreted or translated to suit ones immediate needs" No it can't. In the Islamic Koran, when it says "Therefore cut off their heads, and strike off all the ends of the fingers. This shall they suffer because they have opposed Allah and His Prophet, and whosoever shall oppose Allah and His Prophet, verily Allah will be severe in punishing them" it means to literally cut off someone's head etc. Why would a religion have words like these? what is the purpose of words like these? How does one read words like these and NOT interpret them as directives to killing? Your quoting of Old Testament quotes proves what? How many Jews or Christians have recently killed someone in the streets whilst shouting "glory to Moses" or "Praise to Jesus"?. It's an objective fact that Islam is by far the biggest -- both quantitatively and qualitatively -- of producing terrorists. ​You've also conveniently glossed over ONE BIG GLARING FACT either because it's inconvenient to your argument or because your just plain uneducated on it. Islam WAS FOUNDED by Jihad. Yep, Mohammed, the founder of Islam practiced Jihad. And since in Islam Mohammed is considered the perfect human form for ALL muslims to aspire to, then that means jihad is authenticated as righteous in Islam. Everything CAN'T be misinterpreted. Some words can be CORRECTLY INTERPRETED. Why is it when muslims produce yet another killing (there's been over 20,000+) Islamic terrorist attacks since 2001 we keep getting told "they're misinterpreting the text". They're not, because the text is saying TO DO EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING.
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    Right, I agree. The human condition is flawed.We are built egoistically and therefore drawn to bad behaviours. That's why it is imperative that our society is free from hate since it is fundamental in shaping us and who we are. But there's only one way you can interpret words like these: Koran verse:(8.13) Therefore cut off their heads, and strike off all the ends of the fingers. This shall they suffer because they have opposed Allah and His Prophet, and whosoever shall oppose Allah and His Prophet, verily Allah will be severe in punishing them Not every muslim who reads verses like the above will go and kill. But the fact such hateful verses do exist in such large quantities in Islam's Holy Books means that the people who do read these words and do have the feelings to do bad things have the Islamic authority to do so. Remeber, in Islam, the Koran is the authority -- muslims don't believe is moral relativism or man made liberties. The truth is Allah. Allah is the truth. Mohammed was his messenger on earth. Mohammed was a jihadist therefore the prototype for all Islamic jihad is authenticated with him. If muslims are peace loving, why haven't they reformed their religion and removed every reference to killing from their books? What do they hope to achieve by allowing people to read and absorb that filth?
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    A cult which uses liberal secular privileges in the host countries to further its own goal -- to install the global caliphate. That's why defenders of Islam and its jihad like runningrings use the liberal tactic of slurring people as bigots -- they hope to silence people from correctly pointing out certain truths about Islam.
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    Did you edit your post from "You sad, demented human being." to "You sad, demented human being. You, and the guy on the picture. Both mentally-ill, weak, brainwashed individuals" to avoid accusations that yet again, as your posting history shows, you're more obsessed with attacking me as opposed to taking issue with the ACTUAL TERRORISTS? I agree about the brainwashing part -- these jihadists are brainwashed with Koranic hate. No wonder they act so badly. Do you have something against mentally ill people runningrings? It's just, that's at least twice you've labelled me that in this thread alone. It's not true but ofcourse you know that -- you're merely saying it to try and 'hurt' me because I had the audacity to challenge the liberal lies used to exonerate Islam from terrorist guilt. It speaks volumes that your anger is greater for me than it is towards the terrorists whom you have consistently made excuses for whilst simultaneously attacking anyone who dared point out facts.
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    Nope. I do however know some religions have more merit than others. We only need to look at the world to see how one religion seems to outscore all others combined in the hate stakes. Were you hoping I was religious so you could say "but this religion does bad things"? Sorry, all religions are just mankind's attempt to make sense of the world. Most religions, whilst keeping tenets of their faith embrace the modern world. Islam is still partying like it's 700AD.
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    Paul, you must have photoshopped it. How dare you insult Islam. (Sarcasm).
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    Is this one contemporary enough for you: Or did someone hijack microsoft paint and 'misrepresent' this too? Wait, this must be taken out of context runningrings as you repeatedly keep saying.
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