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    Hello. Long time since the last time I posted here (a few years now). Answering your question: Yes, we have a financial crisis and the house bubble burst at the same time, but it is not like we are at war or starving (like it is implied by some comments). Madrid is a city with almost 6 million people, there is always need for housing (social housing, luxury housing or whatever type). The organization plans to transform the olympic village into social housing. I also wanted to comment (regarding another posts) that although the country is in a financial crisis (like many others), we are perfectly capable of financing the olympics. Another thing is if I agree to spend the money on that but financially is perfectly possible. Another post commented that we would have to rely on international visitors to sell the tickets.... Man! Does people really think we are that broke? We would have 25% of unemployment but the 75% of the population have a job and spend their money. You just have to see that soccer stadiums are full every weekend, with basketball the same and with so many other sports we we have world class championships. To be honest, I think that although we have a good bid, the games might go to Istambul as they went to Brazil or China. To have a good bid doesnt guarantee anything and I guess that if Turkey doesnt get the games is for some reason such as the war at Syria getting worse and affecting Turkey or something like that. I think each country of the three bidding has their own problems and we all know that the reason a country gets the games sometimes are not based on the best technical bid. Having said that, I just wanted to streess the fact that Spain is one of the largest economies in the world (yes, in the middle of a crisis), but you just have to come to Madrid to see that the development of the country and the city itself, its infrastructure, etc. means that the investment we would have to do is less than other cities such as Istambul or Rio. Anyway, lets see what happens! Hope I can contribute with more posts in the future...
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    ACCORDING TO A STUDY CARRIED OUT BY THE IOC 81% of Spaniards support Madrid 2020 bid 03/19/2013 The minister of Education, Culture and Sport, José Ignacio Wert, and the president of the 'Community of Madrid', Ignacio González, have underlined the great public support for Madrid's candidacy for 2020, more specifically 81% of Spaniards, and the full coordination existing between the three administrations. Both public figures participated in a speech about the public and political support for the candidature during the second day of the examination that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is subjecting Madrid to as part of its candidature for 2020. In a later press conference, they revealed that the study into public support for Madrid 2020 carried out by the IOC reveals that 81% of Spaniards support the city's candidature for the Olympics. On this point, the minister related the decrease in support by several percentage points as compared to the 2012 and 2016 candidatures because of the "state of public opinion regarding the economic situation". http://www.marca.com/2013/03/19/en/more_sports/1363718000.html
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    Perhaps it's reverse psychology? Maybe they're aiming to goad the IOC into proving how forward-thinking they are. Mind you, I don't see a female IOC president as being particularly progressive. Pick the best person, man or woman, for the job. Nawal is poised, direct, communicates well and understands the IOC well. I've always thought she would be a great choice. I'd be FAR more excited about her than Bach.
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    S##t that was a Fuuuuuuuuuny show!!! We use to emulated the cast at school. Still gets re-runs on TV. The double ententres and innuendos were classic. Typical British humour!!!
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    Madrid - calls bank for monlthly mortgage payment extension; submits application for a loan to build a swimming pool on the same phone call.
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    Natal and Manaus seem to be behind.
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    By my count, this is what the team trophy would look like based on the results of the 2013 worlds. I picked The top 9 countries plus Ukraine. I gave Japan, Ukraine and Spain a 3 point on the pairs short. I might have made a few small mistakes, but it should be close. Men's short Canada 10 Japan 9 France 8 Spain 7 USA 6 China 5 Germany 4 Russia 3 Ukraine 2 Italy 1 Women's short Italy 10 Japan 9 Canada 8 USA 7 Russia 6 France 5 China 4 Spain 3 Ukraine 2 Germany 1 Pairs' short Russia 10 Canada 9 Germany 8 China 7 France 6 USA 5 Italy 4 Spain - Ukraine - Japan: 3 Short dance USA 10 Canada 9 Russia 8 France 7 Italy 6 Germany 5 Ukraine 4 Japan 3 Spain 2 China 1 Short: Canada 36 Q USA 28 Q Russia 27 Q France 26 Q Japan 23 Q ----- Italy 21 Germany 18 China 17 Spain 15 Ukraine 11 Men's long Canada 10 Japan 9 USA 8 France 7 Russia 6 Women's long Japan 10 USA 9 Russia 8 Canada 7 France 6 Pairs' long Russia 10 Canada 9 France 8 USA 7 Japan 6 Free Dance USA 10 Canada 9 Russia 8 France 7 Japan 6 Long Canada 35 USA 34 Russia 32 Japan 31 France 28 Total Canada 71 USA 62 Russia 59 France 54 Japan 54 Italy 21 Germany 18 China 17 Spain 15 Ukraine 11 With this scenario, Canada would win the gold medal before the final segment.
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