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    'Earned' might be better, in as much as earned the chance. Honest to God, if someone brings up the Black September attack or the Nazis one more time as a reason why Munich is a bad choice, I may have to hurt someone. In the first place, neither event has any bearing on Munich and it's ability to host currently. In the second place, if both were such millstones, why has Munich gotten 25 votes in the last ballot and moreover, continued hosting events since then. And in the third place, Munich nor Germany needs to constantly be reminded of their past. If anything, this is an opportunity to embrace the negatives, make them positives, heal and for good and all move on. Can we PLEASE stick to the actual ability of Munich and Germany to host these events and leave these tired red herrings out of it now?
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    Somebody needs to explain to Visa that you become an Olympic sponsor to get people to feel all warm and fuzzy about your company. This <crap> just pissed people off.
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    The guy looks like he is in nurse's scrubs and the women look like they are wearing bridesmaid dresses from the discount rack.
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    found this. if it is anything like this the show should be epic
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    I wish you a happy birthday, Lee!!! Enjoy your day!!! I would love to go to Teacup and Cakes in Thomas St. right now to drink a good english tea and eat some scones!! Or to Liverpool watching the torch relay!!
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    Welcome aboard as Bra'tac I absolutely love the theatrics of your idea. We can deal with the engeering practicalities afterwards and as an engineer, you are well qualified to assess the ideas put forward on this thread by different fans. Following your idea, if the Cauldron rose up on a structure from the canal unlit, and viewed on the jumbotron by the stadium audience in these initial stages, and remained unlit until it reached its full height above the Stadium roof and then visible to most inside, the final torchbearer then ignites the fuse from inside the Stadium. The final torchbearer having been simultaneously lifted to Stadium roof level by a lifting mechanism, eg perhaps from the top of that small circular stage in the Northern stands. Most of the stadium audience and those outside would witness the actual lighting sequence. It would not be a repeat of the fire and water themes of past Games since the Cauldron rose up unlit out of the water before it was lit - water was simply its disguise. As you said the stadium audience wouldn't feel part or close to it until the the structure rose up high enough to be seen and lit. They would however feel part of it from inside the Stadium as they would see in front of their own eyes the torchbearer being lifted to the ignition position from inside the stadium. The jumbotron would provide the simulatenous viewing of the structure rising up out of the canal until visible by the stadium audience. The question is, engineerin is it feasible to protect the structure in a waterproof compartment under the surface of the canal for a significant period of time pre-Games? I broke the bank almost and took my elderly energetic Olympic fan Mum to Sydney's Games (who would get ahead of me sometimes) with her walking stick and her dodgy hips (months later, both hips replaced), and we both loved it form begining to end. She always said it was one of the best times of her life and the fanstastic volunteers took her under their wing, with me supporting the 'star', lol, in tow at each venue. It was a 2.5 hours train ride every second day in and out of Sydney to attend the Games from our caravan park in Moss Vale, 3 hours from central Sydney. Food, drinks, backpacks and folding stools loaded in my backpack for us, but we had such a good time that it felt weightless. At aged 80 & weeks after her big birthday bash, we lost her a few days before Christmas last year. This week I've flown from Melbourne to Perth when this morning at 10am we're laying her ashes to rest (first time I could get the family in one spot since). Last night while sorting through her stuff, I found her yellow Opening Ceremony schoolcase that all audience members got at Sydney's OC on their seat. Mum would have loved your visonary idea and also the passion and creativity of the other posters on this thread as well. Best regards guys, Philip
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    Is it really? We'd all like to think so, but really?
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    Precisely - I can just about cope with only using the credit/debit cards but stopping people potentially getting cash out by replacing ATMs just leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Thankfully my debit card is a Visa one so I won't be adversely affected but not all banks offer a Visa debit.
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    You are wrong - Munich and the DOSB asked Israel and the Israeli NOC if they agree to the bid for 2018 - and they supported the bid!!! By the way Israel participated at the ESC 1983 in Munich and became 2nd - the Israeli entry of 1983 is very popular in Israel - Israel is very proud that it participated in Munich in 1983!! When you read the lyrics you will understand why: חי http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ajiF39xr0E
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    And again for highly built up Western cities (like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, Toronto) space is the biggest is sue. Even for expansive cities like Sydney they still went well outside of the CBD to construct their park. I am not trying to boast, but in reality the only Olympic calibre city with a large, unused area close to the CBD is Toronto and that is only because of the small-time thinking indicative of Canadian politicians since the 70's.
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    The sash is the little 'homage' to classical Greece (ya know...Prince Philip being ex-prince of Greece, etc.) I guess it's a lot cheaper than returning the Parthenon marbles. I like them. They're unfussy, streamlined, and add just a little color to the brief proceedings without asking for too much attention.
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    Yes we are having Coke glasses again from 18th July til they run out, there are 6 types for a variety of the sporting categories swimming, athletics can't remember rest. Unsure if we will have the toys for the happy meals hope we do but it's not like Beijing where there was 5 mascots only the 2 so can't seem them doing that. Will update. The drinks will cost $1.95 on own or free with a large meal. This is Australia though unsure of rest of world Beijing burger isnt out til July unfortunately right now its Paris Atlanta Barcelona and Sydney. Paris Barcelona and Sydney are from now til the end of Olympics whereas Beijing London and Atlanta will be 3 weeks i think
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    Your point about perception rather than reality is never more true. Spain has a lower national debt than the UK, the US, Germany and Japan (which has the world's largest). No-one is talking about Tokyo not having the money. Economics is tricky and subtle, rather like an IOC vote.
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    Hey everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. I've been trying to read up on all the speculation so far on the cauldron design (there's a lot in this forum and others, so I apologize if I get something wrong), and I was just thinking to myself: "If I wanted to build a tall tower for the cauldron (if indeed there will be a tower), have it remain hidden, and appear during the OC in some dramatic fashion, where would I put it?" I thought I was the first to think of this, but it turns out Citizen-Seth (from a late April post) beat me to it. The stadium is surrounded on three sides by a modified waterway to create the Stadium Island. If I wanted something spectacular and surprising, I'd have the tower rise up from the water. Whether the cauldron would already be on the tower or would make its way to the top of the tower somehow is another debate. Personally, I would love it if the cauldron could first be seen by EVERYONE in the stadium (not even Beijing accomplished that), then it somehow gets up to the tower/permanent location for everyone outside. Now I'm just going to throw out two "out there" ideas. The "tower" could use a similar mechanism as Heatherwick's rolling bridge, meeting another "tower" halfway up, creating an arch over the footpaths. Or running with the arch over footpaths idea, the base could be triangular in shape, each side rising from the water and meeting to create a triangle that may even lean toward the stadium (the hypotenuse is the waterway in this instance). Unfortunately, the audience in the stadium wouldn't see the tower rising out of the water. As much as I love the idea, it doesn't seem dramatic enough to just see that happen on the jumbo screen in the stadium and only see the top appear above the lights after it's been rising up for a while. As an engineer, I want to see an ingenious mechanism for the cauldron and tower. As a filmmaker, I want the cauldron lighting to be dramatic and elegant. Sydeny's OC came close to achieving a good balance, but the technical difficulties made it feel too mechanical. Athens' was elegant, but a bit too simple for my taste. Beijing was too drawn out (the running in the air part) and wasn't a "good show" for the TV audience compared to the stadium audience. I hope London can achieve as near-perfect a cauldron lighting as possible, and Heatherwick seems like the man to do that. P.S. Sorry for the long post.
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    No way, not with the railyard right next door. Not just for security, but it's unseemly. Just not a good idea. I'm really torn on Washington Park. The University of Illinois-Chicago is prime location for both the stadium and the aquatics park, it raises the profile of the university and chances are the university is probably where Obama's presidential library will end up as well, which could tie in very well in a long term modernization of the university campus. The problem is looking at the headaches London is having with getting a permanent tenant for a downsized Olympic stadium makes me worry that similar problems will develop with Chicago. We'll all just have to wait and see. I think after the success of the NATO summit in Chicago, Rahm's appetite for a big event to raise the city's profile is whetted. Plus, to try again and this time get the brass ring is emblematic of the city. After all, not only have they been denied the Games twice by politics, but it hosts a ball club that keeps trying to win a championship despite not having won one since 1906. We die hard in Chicago and we never give up.
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    I think its the fast paced nature of it that frustrates me. I tried the french site and the hotel add on took it out of my price range. I do know yu have been doing staggering work. If I could still niminate you to carry the torch I would, actually you should light the cauldron : ) I will keep trying, it worked today as you saw, I won Water Polo tickets Yay
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    Just a crazy idea, and sorry if this has been discussed yet, but isn't it a bit unusual to have the world's biggest bell only to ring it once? What if that thing turns over just before it's lit? As I said, just a crazy idea.
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    They're waiting for me. They just had to decide to downgrade the Euro 2020 effort. I will be in Istanbul June 8-10; so a logo should be out around June 15 or so.
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    Oh, I'm pretty sure most would classify me as a liberal these days :/ I'm comfortable with all different types of people... gays, straights, even Greeks....
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    And we all know what a farce Delhi was lol
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