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    Stupid Bach! All he wants is securing all possible support for HIS personal ambitions. Becoming the successor of Rogge. BTW the headline does not fit do the text. I think Munich should prepare a plan for 2022 on its own and after the election of host of the 2020 Games, it can present it to the DOSB. I prefer Winter Games in Munich over Summer Games in Hamburg or Berlin!
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    A winning Munich 2022 bid will definitely be linked as the 50th anniversary of Munich hosting the 1972 Summer Olympics. I can easily expect the games logo being similar to the 1972 one, torch designed in a similar way, look of the games being similar, pictograms similar and of course the mascot would either be another dog or some animal that would compliment the 1972 dog mascot.
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    What a shame that this Grand Prix continues.
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    Don't feed the anti-Rio trolls around...
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    Hmmm. I don't think that's a problem. Image-wise it's about the only US city, along with debatably Honolulu, that us foreigners might attach the word "exotic" to.
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    I was thinking of other US Cities, and one which punches above its weight and which the US could sell to the IOC as 1) a totally different culture to the rest of the US 2) leave a massive legacy would be: NEW ORLEANS If you're building a big Olympic village, there as an immediate opportunity post games to convert that into affordable housing. The designers of the games would have a blank canvas after the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The population levels are slowly recovering and are currently at about 70% of pre Katrina levels. Massive amounts of federal and state money is going into preventing a repeat of the flooding - $7bn from Congress, all the oil revenues for the foresable future for Louisiana. There is already speculation about a possible 2024 bid. The main stadium cost post-games house either The New Orleans Saints (NFL) or the Tulane Green Wave (NCAA) both of who currently share the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. As the New Orleans Hornets (NBA) have just been bought by the owner of the Saints, the New Orleans Arena (or replacement) will still be there. There is also a campaign for New Orleans to get a MLS franchise which may in turn lead to a new soccer specific stadium of about 20-25,000 seats. There are also two universites with arenas. New Orleans prior to Katrina, had international name recognition, but after the Hurricane for all the wrong reasons. It would maybe be a totally different type of US bid which would massively appeal to the IOC?