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    Stupid Bach! All he wants is securing all possible support for HIS personal ambitions. Becoming the successor of Rogge. BTW the headline does not fit do the text. I think Munich should prepare a plan for 2022 on its own and after the election of host of the 2020 Games, it can present it to the DOSB. I prefer Winter Games in Munich over Summer Games in Hamburg or Berlin!
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    A winning Munich 2022 bid will definitely be linked as the 50th anniversary of Munich hosting the 1972 Summer Olympics. I can easily expect the games logo being similar to the 1972 one, torch designed in a similar way, look of the games being similar, pictograms similar and of course the mascot would either be another dog or some animal that would compliment the 1972 dog mascot.
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    What a shame that this Grand Prix continues.
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    Don't feed the anti-Rio trolls around...
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