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    *sigh* Who the heck will care during the Games how the lamps look like? I know that I've engaged myself in most of the London 2012 design discussions here, but now it reaches a point where I'd say that that constant criticism à la "I don't like this, I don't like that" is puerile and senseless. In the end, all that will be forgotten by the time the Games take place. We (at least we the TV audience) probably won't see the mascots anymore, we won't pay much attention to the colours and patterns on the sidefences (but we'll rather pay attention to the competing athletes) and we'll most certainly not see much of the lamps in Olympic Park. In the end, all those designed elements will only be a backdrop for the actual event, namely the sports events, the ceremonies and the coming together of people from all over the world. And as long as London doesn't give us sidefences covered with poop, medal hostesses wearing rags and an Olympic Park lit up by burning funeral pyres, we shouldn't worry that much about designed details.
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    "So hideous hate this hate that rubbish horrible shoulda woulda coulda ugh blah blah" Come on, people! Remember when the brand was unveiled and everyone exhausted the thesaurus entries for 'ugly' and wanted to gouge their eyes? Admittedly I myself was taken aback my the pink-and-blue colorway at first, but I thought the core concept was very clever. I wondered how the rest of the look would turn out, holding on to the notion that if there's any city in the world that can pull this off, it would be London. And now, almost five years after the launch, it's all coming together nicely -- the pictograms, the look, the uniforms, even the architecture of the venues. It has definitely aged well. It looks so current and unified compared with those of previous games. It doesn't have that generic "swishy swashy doodly curvy blotches set in the 8-color crayola palette with some tropicana variation sometimes" look that is so typical not only in the Olympics but in other similar events as well. The influence of the look is palpable, too -- how many infills and geometric motifs have we seen in the fantasy logo and bid competitions here? The Team GB uniforms are awesome as well. The general opinion is that it's not British enough. Why, if that's the case then we might as well make the athletes wear something like this: Which will match the logo that everyone feels is the right one for London: That will inspire the look of the games, too! Groundbreaking.
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    It's a blue Union Jack. Big deal.
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