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    Vail and Beaver Creek Area - 97 miles from Denver Central District
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    When desperate, resort to bigger font......
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    WHERE ARE THE CITIZEN SUPPORT NUMBERS??? We all know about their venues. But will the locals come forward? Where are the slopes?? All those venues are for nothing if Denver does not present 80% support!! Do you really think the IOC is that gullible again??
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    So I'm talking to a friend of mine who has made multiple trips to Reno (as a freelancers for ESPN), here's what he had to say.. " not only is Reno one of the most white-trashy towns you'll ever see, that airport is way too small to handle that many people coming in, and even with all the big hotels I don't think there's enough for an event the size of an Olympics.. not to mention anything more than flurries shuts the airport down" He's been to more than a few cities, both big and small, so I trust his assessment. I still won't go so far as to agree with the idea that its a national embarassment in the making, but especially that last part would concern me.
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    Whaaaaaaaa??? Don't be misleading the foreigners.....
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