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    Goethe, this isn't the end of the world, and we don't need posts like yours which seek to eliminate any middle-ground. To say, as you did earlier, that you thought Britain was on the side of democracy but now you're "not sure" is being a bit of a drama queen over this issue (and as I've said the democratic deficit emerging in countries like Greece and Italy is far more of a worry - at least we'll remain in charge of our national budget). To say that rejecting a punitive financial tax is "defending the banks" (and by implication the problems they caused in 2008) or that this is indicative of our governent being "puppets to the bankers" is indulging is silly hyperbole. It is possible to reject a particular tax but still be pro-reform, to want the banks to hold greater reserves of cash, for there to be greater safegaurds in the retail arm of banks for consumers, to close certain tax loopholes etc. And to say Britain needs pressure from the outside to get things right is a wee bit patronising. Germany has used its veto many times this year when Sarkozy has propsed, for example, creating Eurobonds. I don't remember threads about Germany leaving the EU, or sinister suggestions about Germany having its agenda manipulated from the outside etc.
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    Does this question get asked whenever Germany is unhappy about Europe?
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    Hi all, Actually i'm an old member for this forum, my old nickname was Tanak_ray, after a very long hiatus, I'm back, and i'm very happy, finally we have japanese on board... Yoroshiku yukke14 :)watashi wa nihon go benkyoshimashita
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    Seriously Myles? You can find the mental fortitude to write a book but not to take a five minute online survey? It literally took 5 minutes to finish... very easy...
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    I think it's fine to jettison the acknowlegemwnt of previous hosts. Lists are boring and this list is getting too long. It made sense in Athens (having hosted the first Games and bringing such a sense of history), but I don't think it needs to happen again. The ceremony is long enough without reiterating something anyone can see on Wikipedia.
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    Folks, relax a little. At this time of year, there should actually more important things to think about. As I already said in the other thread: For my opinion, "a little" too much is made of Cameron's decision. The UK will stay in the EU (Cameron himself confirmed that yesterday in the House of Commons), so in the end I'm sure no one will talk about these events anymore one year from now.
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    And this is what happens when you make the athletes the center of "everything." I mean...at the end of the day, what do they really contribute to human civilization? Nada... Sorry to sound so down on them. But too MUCH obeisance is paid to these over-paid, highly insecure half-wits. Teachers, doctors, nurses, the police forces...these sectors of society should be marching on THAT OPENING Night and getting all the global attention...not these globs of muscle and bone.