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    I wish this politicking with Scotland, Wales, and Nothern Ireland is over. And also wish that corruption is over too. I want to see some Olympic Football (soccer)in action.
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    Alright, we've hijacked this thread long enough, so this is (hopefully) my last thought on this... We're all sharing our views and opinions on the topic at hand. Sometimes people come up with theories that, to someone else, seem completely out of left field and may or may not have any legitimate basis behind them. That's fine. And if you want to debate that person and discuss her/his viewpoint because you disagree with them, that's fine too. And if you want to call that person out for coming to what you believe is a misguided or baseless conclusion and want to express that, go right ahead. But if you're going to do that (and you know have plenty of times before, including recently in this thread), then you are most definitely giving commentary on that person not the topic, so don't be surprised if that person gets defensive to your response. If you want to offer a counter-argument or some sort of differing opinion, go right ahead, but you can't leave it at "it's beyond me how anyone could say that" just because you disagree, especially when you have a habit of trying to turn people's opinions into hard-line conclusions on their part. You're right it's not your job to convince anyone of anything, but again, if you're going to get so worked up over someone offering an opinion, then don't tell that person he's/she's "not allowing any margin for error" or "how can you say with any degree of certainty" as if you ARE taking it upon yourself to try and shape other people's opinions.
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    Neither. Both don't need the games neither do they deserve them. They are too obcessed with building just to be bigger and better.
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