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    Did you really just reply to a 3 week old post? To which, once again, you missed the point? Let's illustrate how big of a hypocrite you are here. For a pretty long time now, you've been going on and on and on and on touting Reno-Tahoe and now here, you actually have the audacity to call out other posters for doing the EXACT same thing with Istanbul and calling it "overload"? If we're going to resort to name-calling, I can do that to. You are such a self-indulgent tool, I'm surprised more people don't just flat out ignore you. You yell and scream at anyone would who dare to disagree with you, and when someone catches you in a blatant misinterpretation of facts (to which you insisted that person was wrong), your recourse is to post "well, I didn't really care, it's not like it's going to change my life or anything." Maybe I should just learn to ignore these things and let them go, but someone needs to call you out every once in a while, and it's not like I'm the only one. If you want to continue to talk out of both sides of your mouth (or in your case, perhaps these posts are coming out of another hole), don't be so damn surprised when I or some other poster you're insulting doesn't agree with the old man telling the kids to get off his lawn.
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    I'm pretty impressed with the arrangements of the anthems. Sounds like similar arrangements the New Japan Symphony Orchestra used in '04 but this time ours, at least, sound a little more powerful. Anyone know who is playing this years anthems?
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    I just realized, after watching a few of our medal ceremonies on NBCOlympics.com that they are using a few different renditions. O.K. - Canada has now won gold. Where is the Canadian Anthem? Of course, it is not on NBC. Couldn't find it on CBC.
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    Spot on. Los Angeles and Salt Lake are two of my favorites because it touched on American culture and my country. Do I think they were the best - yes. Were they? To some yes, to some no. Do I expect others to think they were? No. It just has a special place for me. This whole bashing Bejing's ceremonies is much ado about nothing. The embellishments they did are just upping the technology bar that started with probably Barcelona and has continued from there. I mean the drummers in Athens were not both live but it didn't take away from the ceremony and I really liked that part. As for the replacement of the little girl, that is a bit odd simply because lip synching is normally only done by the artist who actually sang it. But to turn it into a scandal is a bit much. P.S. - I love their torch and the torch lighting. And how creative to take Lillehammer's cauldron, Wrap it tightly in Atlanta's cauldron and attach the L.A. spout for the actual lighting!
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    Thanks for the info - I knew that - don't know why I put the New Japan thing! And thanks for the links - Germanys I thought sounded good. I'll look forward to hearing Canadas to see if they do it traditional or a little more like the rendition in Torino which I thought was good. And yes, once again God Save The Queen is soooo sloooowwwww!
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    I agree CAF that the medal should have the original dog in it! I like that medal, you shouldn't change it!
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    I loved just about every second of it. Probably my fav OC to date.
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    I enjoyed the opening with the drums and the lighting of the Olympic cauldron. Much better than Athens, but for me, Sydney still stands out.
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    I thought Athens was boring. I barely remember it at all. In fact I remember Sydney much more clearly.
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    I'm sleeping. Very boring, except two or three good parts. I look forward for the parade! Not a single breathing taking picture....
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    Face it...they didn't beat Athens, because Athens was different. Papaioannou mad an artistic performance that was continuous. China made a segment about enviroment, about the paper etc, that they are not connected. Technological, yes it was better, but we have already done it in 1997 in IAAF World Championships. Sorry, but the ceremony was boring, no spirit at all.
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    Says the guy who can't tell us enough about how great Reno and Lake Tahoe are and how inconsequential Denver is going to be in a race that hasn't even started to materialize. At least Istanbul is an actual official bid. You don't want to read about it?.. then don't come to the sub-forum and complain how you're reading about it. Jeez Louise, you're over-sensitive about these things!
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