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    Let me give you some information than We presume that there will be 3 clusters: Olympic Park, Old City and Ataköy Cluster. Taksim might be called downtown because it will be the main hotel area. Olympic Village will be in Olmypic Park btw. There is no "real" downtown in Istanbul. Because it is so huge there are like 5-6 main centers in the city. But Taksim is the main connection point of everything, it is like the heart of the city. This is the main map: At the top Olympic Park, in the very south Ataköy and Old City just next to it. Taksim is just on the right close to Golden Horn. Olympic Park-Taksim: 26,4 kms this two centers are already connected with light rail and tram. Olympic Park metro will be finished at the end of this year. Olympic Park-Ataköy: 18 kms and these two has direct connections with light rail, metrobus and suburban rail Olympic Park-Old City: 20 kms this cluster has also rail, metro and tram connection with main center. Ataköy - Taksim: 18 kms Old City - Taksim: 5 kms Three clusters and main hotel area(Taksim) all have rail system which is connected to each other. They are developed right now with new lines. Rail system was not developed like this at our last bid. Ataköy-Old City: 16 kms and there is direct rail system connection you can see page 20 of this thread I posted a detailed infastructure plan of Istanbul and also some venues. also there will be a new highway at the very north of the city which will be the expansion of Third bridge in the north. This highway was planned to use as Olympic Lane in our 2008 plan.
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    another olympic sports hall is being built right now next to Sinan Erdem Hall which will create a great cluster here, Ataköy Cluster. This area has also a beach and a possible triathlon course and other outdoor events. There is an existing swimming pool here with 5000 capacity which will be probabbly assigned to Water Polo competitions. This new one is being built right now for 2012 World Indorr Athletics Championships and it may be used for volleyball or another indoor event. It has the capacity of 7500 seats. I think we will have a higher grade than ever in terms of venues. Most of them will have had organized at least one Worldwide event till 2013 which is great. European Swimming Championships was organized at that pool in 2001 btw. you can also see the other pictures here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.132498240143146.21182.132162130176757 btw this area is already connected with light rail, metrobus and suburban rail.
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    this awkward "I'm looking for Freedom" singer should stay away from the Eurovision Song Contest - I think "jawnbc's" hunk would be much better - I do not like his music style, but he is much sexier than this outdated Baywatch actor... my god he has such sexy voice
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    That is one amazing backdrop.
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