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  1. Well, I will update with the developments so far from my previous list. Transports: -> BRT Transcarioca (called T5 in the bid book) -> Targeted for 4Q13 - 1st section (Barra - Penha) - Construction on-going. Main sites are in Campinho, Barra da Tijuca and Madureira where underground roads and highways are being built. -> 2nd section (Penha - Rio Intl Airport) - Demolistions have started -> BRT Transoeste (covers part of the former Barra-Zona Sul BRT) -> Targeted for 3Q12 - Construction under way. - Main bridge over Av. Salvador Allende has been completed. - Bridge over Canal do Rio Morto underway - Grota Funda tunnel has been fully excavated. - Duplication of Av. das Américas in Guaratiba and Recreio is advanced. - Some of the stations are under construction. -> BRT Transolimpica (called C-Link in the bid book) -> Targeted for 2015 - Project finalized. - Tender published. -> Subway Line 4 (Barra- Gávea, covers part of the former Barra- Zona Sul BRT) -> Targeted for 2015 - Under construction. - More than 1km of tunnels has been excavated from Barra to São Conrado (entrance of the tunnel is visible in Barra). - Jardim Oceânico station in Barra is under construction. - São Conrado station has been started together with the excavation of the tunnel to Gávea should start soon. -> Subway Line 1 (Ipanema- Gávea, covers part of the former Barra- Zona Sul BRT) -> Targeted for 2015 - Construction underway. - Service tunnel is being excavated to create a 2nd platform in General Osório station in Ipanema. - Excavations for the line will start in 2013, after a TBM is installed on site. - The other stations will be built in parallel. -> Duplication of Avenida Niemeyer - Not started. -> Renovation of the surroundings of the JH Stadium. - Demolitions on-going. Venues: -> Maracanã refurbishment -> Targeted for 4Q2012 - Demolition of both rings finalized. - Demolition of the ceiling is advanced. - Foundations of the lower ring and the external entrances have been installed. -> OTC and Olympic park construction (includes Aquatic Center, Field Hokey Center, Tennis Center, the OTC 4 halls, the MPC and the IBC) - International competition to design the facilities was launched. REsult should be published this month. - The new auto-racing track project is being finalized. (A requirement for the start of the OTC construction is that the current racing track is replaced by a new one). -> Riocentro Hall 6 construction - No news -> Athletes park construction - Opened this weekend. -> X Park construction - No news -> JH Stadium upgrade -> Targeted for 3Q2015 - Planned to start on 2013 after the delivery of Maracanã. Accommodation: -> Olympic Village - Construction started. - The land is being moved. Foundations should be start to be laid out next year. -> Media Village (Barra) - No news -> Media Village (Port) - Conceptual project approved. -> Hotels - Several hotel groups have initiated projects in the city, including Accor and Hilton. - 2 major hotels are being restored (Gloria and Hotel Nacional) - Former Méridien hotel has been reopened. - Several hotel groups are in the process of acquiring land to build new hotels, including Hyatt and Four Seasons. - Expectation now is to reach 34.000 hotel rooms by 2016, instead of the 28.000 proposed in the bid book. -> Port - No news if the renovations of the docks was inside the tender for the Port District PPP. Urbanization: -> PPP was assigned to carry the renovation of the Port District, including the creation of new Light Rail lines, expansion of the road network and the demolition of a highway to be replaced by an underground tunnel. => Works are under way. - Urban project for the areas of the Port which will be used for the Olympics has been chosen through a competition.
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