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    What a disappointment! The Paralympic mascots are perfect, but the Olympic ones are totally random and not related one to the others... Individually they work well, but the three of them together look kind of weird. Only one design would have been much better in my opinion. Also, these will be the first Paralympic Winter Games with two mascots, won't they?
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    "Not so-memorable Games"...quite subjective, and not to mention that the Winter Games generally aren't "memorable" to the same extent as the Summer Games. Who really remembers Nagano? Lillehammer? Albertville? Really, only the people in the host cities/regions/nations. Not to mention, you've always had a thing against Vancouver. Vancouver is a better city today because of the Olympics, thank you very much. The "Look of the Games" is one very minor thing. It was an unfortunate thing to have cut, but recall that the world has been in recession for the last 2 years. And although the Look of the Games lacked, the city went above and beyond to provide a very hospitable and atmospheric experience - unlike any Olympics before it - in the city streets as well as in the many Live Sites. VANOC's original plans for the Look of the Games before the recession. @ Kenadian: Furlong isn't perfect, but the fact that he's one of the very, very few to have held on to the job for the entire journey is an astounding accomplishment. The guy led an organization with zero issues, until the 2008 recession rolled in.
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    Without American military strength, and enduring efforts to promote freedom and peace, where would the world be now? Had we shown weakness our country would probably not exist now, which likely would please some of you. God knows what Europe would be, certainly not free and independent. Unfortunately now evil regimes have learned they will loose in a fist to fist fight with the US, so they have infiltrated free and capitalist societies, and particularly in Europe and the US they are using our systems against us. This is why it's so frustrating to hear some from the free world bitching about the US, this is playing into the hands of those that will destroy you at the first viable opportunity. Our court systems and laws are being used against us, it's more and more difficult to defend against infiltration and attack, and our "friends" show weakness in resolve with little support at the slightest crossroads to enduring freedom. For the record, we believe in freedom and independent rights of all nations, and we will continue to fight for our freedom, and all nations that want freedom and fairness for the world. We will make mistakes, we will continue to learn, and we will continue to lead. We are young, we are successful, we are proud, and we care about the world. We will endure the criticism, and continue to help those who criticize us when they are in need, we are forgiving and we believe in the future.
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