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  1. Poor India. It has all the makings of a disaster movie. It makes one wander if India made the right sacrificial offerings to its gods before this enterprise to stave off this kind of bad juju. I told ya SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE was a fluke. I'd watch that Danny Boyle very closely.
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  2. Actually one way in which India has in the past has been able to maximize their medal standing which wasn't available these games was the awarding of separate medals for the snatch, clean and jerk and then overall total in weightlifting (this potentially making a weightlifter a 3 time gold medallist with 6 lifts in total). This is of course not how they practice at the Olympics and surprisingly Delhi 2010 has come back to the single overall weight being the sole determinant of the medals. As for shooting the success of the Indians has certainly been the result of their efforts in the sport, not purely because there is a huge number of medals on offer. In the past the Brits and Aussies were dominant in the sport at the CGs but now the baton has passed to the Indians. No if you want to argue that there are too many medals awarded in toto across a multitude of sports perhaps that's a fair point. However the shooting program has been in its current format since at least Melbourne so you can't throw that against the Indians as a bias for their athletes. Wrestling and archery also have a tradition of being in the CGs so it's not as if Canadians have not had the opportunity to experience or build up for their participation in the Delhi Games. The hard cold reality of these games is that Canada has slipped in its ability to match up with the major competing nations in summer sports at the CGs.
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