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  1. It's actually a Klingon-Pakistani conspiracy!!
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  3. These kind of remarks will not do them any favours with the IOC in future. Instead of blaming others, if they just admit their failings and learn from their mistakes then it would make Delhi more attractive to host future major events.
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  4. I'm sorry, but only an idiot would think this is a conspiracy. Delhi and the CWGF screwed it. Case closed. Get moving
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  5. I saw that yesterday. So bloody typical. Overall, it's just a typical Kalmadi thin-skinned response to blame the messenger rather than own up to any shortcomings. I certainly don't give it much credence. That said, the media isn't totally blameless. I'm not saying they haven't been highlighting issues that needed to be aired, but as usual when they can scent blood, frenzy has taken over from restraint. It's always easy to beat-up a good scandal beyond true objectivity. But to imply a coordinated conspiracy overestimates how much rivalry there is between various media outlets. If there was a consiracy, it was that so much of the press kept quiet until last year for fear of offending India.
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  6. 4seasons, u and I r such kindred spirits. We should get together and hold hands while the Delhi show unfolds!!
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  7. Zain, I have no PERSONAL quarrel with you. Yes, with me...and most of us in the west...you see what you get!! Unlike a lot of people in YOUR part of the world, a lot of insiduous (do you even know what that means? I doubt it.) cowards and hyenas who hide behind smiles, 'politeness' and burkhas but WITH MURDER in their hearts and deeds!! Everyday SCORES of people are being blown up in your native Pakistan because murderers hide behind disguises to kill and maim people. STOP preaching to me about your sanctimonous and holier-than-thou sh*t. This is merely an INTERNET forum. When the extreme elements of your cult have STOPPED murdering innocent people in the name of your god, then I will stop too. But until that time, I say you SHUT UP and keep your preachy 'piety' to yourself. [/b]
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  8. And I suppose that just reminds me of why the CWG will never raise in stature. Even I, coming from a place many would consider "developed", perhaps even more developed than England itself according to some Englishmen, would not make statements like that. It reeks of arrogance, insensitivitiy, ungraciousness, and ignorance, and I thought we have people here (including myself) who were disgusted by the arrogance of the people in charge in India? I am becoming utterly sick of the opportunisitic few who appear determined to see this games fail just to ram home the point that the CWG should just cycle through the white developed countries.
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