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  1. The YOG does lessen the name of the games a tiny bit because it adds more levels of plurality of the multiple flames going every which way which was already heatedly debated when the winter games got started, but I'm convinced that time will show this is a more concerted effort to involve smaller and poorer countries in the movement. It's focus on youth is a bit of a segway into the promotion of rebuilding the third and second world starting with the youngest generations and making sports an accessible vehicle for internationally-minded social structures. That and those smaller countries will be able to see their own victories in winning medals and hosting duties that would otherwise only MAYBE exist once in a lifetime at the full Olympic level. Look at Singapore, it would NEVER host a full Olympics. EVER. The modern Olympics themselves have created their own community of athletes who train professionally for Olympic events, whereas a long time ago all athletes were amateurs. The YOG recreates some of that amateur passion, "people power", and will likely serve to bridge bridge the gap between people and amateurs with high level competition and professionalism that people may feel with the current modern games. (Ice hockey and basketball anybody?) Besides all that, overall viewership and interest will dictate what lessens the name of the games. I guarantee you based on first hand experience that 99.9999% of people in the US don't even know what the YOG are, or even what the Pan-Am games are for that matter, which have been in the US twice (I think). The value will only be in the eyes of the nations interested. For example, Canada is probably the only country that really cares about the WJHC whereas you'd be hard pressed to find knowledgeable fans of it elsewhere.
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  2. Wow! An actually cogent, coherent post from this source for once!! And I do agree with the cauldron. It's impressive for the first, few seconds it rises out of the ground (as in the Opening). But it's not something that you really look longing at and then touches your soul. It's too massive and industrial-looking. A classic cauldron should be something of ineffable design and even whimsical if possible.
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