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  1. To everybody here. Maybe I took the icon thing of Maracana too deeply. Many other Brazilians posted here other reasons for choosing Maracana as ceremonies stadiums, and some agreed with those arguments even our beloved "friend" OTO. I do prefer a traditional Olympic way of doing things. I prefer ceremonies in Joao Havelange Olympic Stadium. Period. But it's not up to me this decision and IOC already made theirs. I'm so tired of reading a lot of bullshit about this issue here. Please! You guys need to see a Rio map, read a little about Maracana, and better informed, so you guys will see that Maracana have other atributes we never discussed here and other things about Rio discussed here are totally out of line... Let's focus in Maracana: For TV broadcasting, Maracana is nearby Corcovado Mt. and many takes of Christ and the stadium can be done live, for the entire world, it's a dream for broadcasters. For those from nations mad for soccer (admitedely, the biggest part of the world), Maracana is a meaningful stadium, many newspapers around the world every single time calls Maracana as mythic. And probably it can be, somehow. I understand that many people here are against Maracana hosting the ceremonies (believe me) me included. But this way of "worst host ever", "a stupid mistake", "Brazis are thinking they can change the traditions" is a too radical way to discuss this issue. First of all: IOC approved, as told it here many times, this idea come from IAAF that always wished a exclusive venue for athletics. Rio made a economic-worthÿ proposal since Athletics itself don't attract the same public as the ceremonies attracts. The proposal was accepted by IOC during bid process, otherwise, probably Rio would change its ceremonies to JH OS, since the "iconic" Maracana is for sure less important than Rio's bid. IOC, maybe, is trying something new, as London tried a weird-crazy logo and mascot. And as we seen, the simplicity of London's logo is now a rule inside the Olympic Movement (I don't like it either, but I can live with it). Rio made a proposal that can be done, as Baron (a guy who worked in OC Atlanta 96) pointed many times. About the behaviours: I prefered a new host for 2012, like Madrid, Istambul or, of course, Rio, but London was chosen and I don't need to be a radical against London because of it. Indeed, now I'm happy they won. It's a world class city, it seems it will be great games, full of british charm. I don't like the mascots for 2012 either, they have only one eye... But, maybe it's a reference for the ferris wheel in Downtown London, the big eye (I don't remember the exact name). We should know better a city to discuss about it. So, can we discuss here in better way? Without offensive statements?
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