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  1. The thing we don't know is that Maracana issue can open a precedent for future host cities make two stadiums logistic as Rio will do. If we see it by other perspective, Vancouver (even being an Winter Games) did it first... I don't know how much IOC is interested in a stadium exclusively for ceremonies. Anyway, Rio will be test for this new way of doing things. I agree with you that if Maracana-two-stadium-thing won't work well, this will be never repeated and Rio will go down in history as the worst ever, but think otherwise, if logistics works well... Maybe a new standard can be set.
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  2. Well at least SOMONE admits the "reputation" points are nothing but a grade school popularity contest. Somehow they are giving Rio a pass. Like, affirmative action for Olympic Bid Cities. Get off your crutch.
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