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  1. Vancouver went through a lot before the game started. The recessions, protest, el nino...etc. Thank God that Vancouver is so beautiful and the Canadians created an amazing atmosphere for everyone.
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  2. OTO, you're wrong, sorry, baby!!! If IOC wanted Rio to do the things "traditionally", IOC would require it! Simple like that! Or at least IOC would never choose Rio (that crazy-people-that-want-to-change-our-Loolapalooza-festival) by voting 66-32 in final round, OTO! Take the Port Area change as example, Rio mayor asked (without support from Rio 2016 committee) and received a huge NO from Gilbert Felli and Nawal El Moutawakel live on national TV! If IOC doesn't want something, simply, they will not approve. It has been like this for more than a century!!! Your arguments are flawed, and sometimes, childish! PS: About winter games. I will not discuss this with you since I'm not used to winter games and/or Vancouver. So, whatever I say from this point will be pure "opinion based on no accurate info".
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