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    I was there, and I can definitely say these were really great Games. The atmosphere was unlike anything I've ever experienced (and I was at the Kansas-Missouri game at Arrowhead in 2007 when we were ranked #2 and they were #3.) It was one supersized party, something I had never been to until February. I'll never forget being downtown whenever Canadian athlete won a medal, particularly a gold. And what I will really never forget is the fact that the people of Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada were willing to let me in to partake in this once in a lifetime opportunity, and frankly my debt of gratitude to the people of Canada may never be paid off.
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    Really, that's the level of your discussion now is it OTO? We all know - including Brazilians - Rio won for political reasons and more intangible reasons (including scenery, the appeal of a new continent and a different culture etc) rather than having technically the best bid, but do you really have to be an arse about it? Why is the "best thing" about it that Brazil won't host again for ages? You obviously have a good understanding of things in this topic and in other topics (and Danny and I have agreed with a lot of what you've said regarding the stadiums), but you can't seem to discuss things like a normal human being. That's a shame really, I mean that.
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    I doubt it to be honest Danny. It's such a unique set of circumstances in Rio; the city has a huge existing stadium and their Olympic stadium is one of the smallest in recent decades. Most cities won't have those two factors forcing a two stadium plan into operation. I'm not necessarily saying it won't work in Rio, just that I can't see it setting any kind of precedent.
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    Well at least SOMONE admits the "reputation" points are nothing but a grade school popularity contest. Somehow they are giving Rio a pass. Like, affirmative action for Olympic Bid Cities. Get off your crutch.
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    According to O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper, Morumbi is already ruled out of World Cup 2014. The announcement would be done only after World Cup South Africa 2010. Sao Paulo City Hall already have a plan-B, a multi-sports venue in Pirituba neighbourhood, but, also according with Estado, the city hall is denying any public project for the World Cup. I still think Sao Paulo city and state (the most rich in Brazil) deserves something better to host the World Cup. Morumbi is a shame for the financial power of Sao Paulo state. http://www.estadao.com.br/estadaodehoje/20100414/not_imp538050,0.php - Morumbi is out http://www.estadao.com.br/noticias/esportes,arena-de-pirituba-e-plano-b-para-abertura-da-copa-2014,538155,0.htm - Pirituba is plan B
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    Anyway the World Cup in Brazil is getting really delayed, and I hope the governments starts to build things quickly, because it seems they are waiting the elections in October...
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    And you are so completely deluded.
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    Actually, all of Brazil is deluded, If you think Brazil won because it had the best bid. Brazil won for political reasons (and huge crying and whining by Brazil). The best thing is, that after 2016 it will probably be more than 100 years before Brazil hosts again. Just like Greece!
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    I don't know, maybe you should explain this to Danny, one more time. Watching Danny jump up and down while his face turns red, and steam comes out of his ears is fun.
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    No wonder Rio is most known for its gangs and violence. I've see no one here but a Brazillian try to use violence at past games as venom to critisize others. They seem primed for violence and problems.
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    Vancouver might have had the odd glitches, but the spirit and enthusiasm with which Vancouverites and Canadians embraced them was not one of them. It's up there well and truly with Sydney and Lillehammer for its joyful host support.
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