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  1. That ever popular Beijing's Some Olympic TV Updates now has a Vancouver remix for all of us to enjoy! Let's start with, who else?, our hosts from north of the US border. If you been reading the press release from a couple of years ago after CTVglobemedia obtained the Canadian Olympic TV rights, it was apparent how wide-ranging it will be from CTV to MTV Canada. Now in total that consortium will air an unprecedented (for Canada) 2100 hours from 11 TV outlets, 10 radio stations, and a devoted website. Far more than what the CBC aired for Torino--425 hours. 657 hours will naturally be live throughout Canada on TV and Internet. But the CTV-Rogers gang will air features that will make it like NBC North. On the ctvolympics.ca website, all of the qualifying rounds will air with 14 live feeds in HD with all of the athletes. As we get closer, I'm sure there's more innovation to be had from CTV. Read more from the Toronto Star. Haven't yet heard much from NBC except, since it's in North America again, everything will be live like the Opening Ceremonies, and coverage will be at morning and night. Internet coverage will definitely be back at nbcolympics.com, though in what new features remains to be seen. I can definitely see HD (the US can't get left behind by Canada in that for the Olympics). How about slo-mo and various camera angles option? Multiple streaming live and on-demand (with commentary)? Any plans for podcastings? Will that Internet 12-hour embargo be in effect like it was with Beijing? Language options like Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, etc.? Since Vancouver's Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be seen live on prime time, how about leaving it alone from commercials? Surely it will be like that online and on-demand? We'll see...
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