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    As a Brisbane based politics nut even i struggle to see where this is going. Sure the north and west traditionally vote conservative, but it;s the city seats where the election is won, and given whats happened in Qld with the last few elections i would not call it at all. There is no mood for change. no one has the baseball bats out like we did for Bligh and especially Newman. Theres also next to no election advertising at the moment (there was a Frekington billboard around the corner from me for about a week and than it was pulled down) meaning a good chunk of voters are not even thinking about state politics at the moment - and the current instablity in the LNP can't be heaping there case but would not be reflected in any polls released anyway
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    Interesting find. Who would have guessed that Hong Kong, set to be transferred to China in 1997, would have a billionaire who was willing to "donate" Beijing's 100,000 seater stadium.
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    Agree with the logic of postponing Birmingham for 4 years. Hamilton hosting in 2026 instead of 2030 would just be annoying (I feel the same about LA 2028 and kind of hope if Tokyo doesn't happen they'll rejig things so LA happens in 2032!) . Is a real shame Singapore has yet to host the Commonwealth Games - they would be a great host city.
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    I guess the cauldron would have to sit on the roof - not much space outside the Stade de France for a freestanding one, so it's either on the roof or an in stadium version like London, though smaller stadium cauldrons and another one in the city seems to be the way hosts are going.
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    The French have this proclivity to do strange things with their ceremonies. And they like to do outdoor/"theatre in the streets." 1. weird Albertville 1992 ceremonies 2. Med Games 1993 - held lakeside, or by a beach in Languedoc-Rosillon. (There's a partial clip of that on UTube.) 3. this FIFA 1998 World Cup 4. Jeux de la Francophonie 2013 in Nice when the OC was held at the Place Messina (the public square) in Nice. I hope they don't f*ck up 2024 with their weirdness. Oh, well, Cirque du Soleil just filed for bankruptcy becuz all their shows in Vegas closed -- and of course NO TOURING shows either.
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    The 1994 World Cup still holds the record for highest attendance, and that was with only 24 teams before they expanded. So clearly it wasn't that horrendous. Yes, I know the stories about European fans used to travelling by train who found it a little tougher to get around. Did Brazil not have to deal with that? Russia? And I'm pretty sure fans will welcome the North American experience with open arms after dealing with a World Cup held in Qatar. So save the sanctimonious nonsense as if the US-Canada-Mexico bid wasn't an obvious choice for 2026 over Morocco. It'll be an outstanding World Cup. And remember with expansion comes the new group stage format. 1/3 of all the teams will only play 2 games, so travel is not likely to be a major concern.
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    I intend to do a different one incorporating Aboriginal motifs and designs, but here's a modernized take on a logo. To be fair, I guess it really doesn't scream Queensland (Especially South East Queensland) as much, but hey. The Maltese Cross (Which I guess isn't a Queensland thing) is inspired by the flag of the state, whilst the petal like shapes point inwards symbolizing the four corners of the world. It's also stylized in a sun to represent the state's nickname being the 'Sunshine state'.
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    New South Wales Bids For 2027 Netball World Cup source The NSW Government and Netball Australia have launched their bid to host the 2027 Netball World Cup in Sydney and regional NSW. Minister for Sport John Sidoti said the 2027 Netball World Cup bid campaign is now officially underway, as part of the NSW Government commitment to bid for 10 World Cups for the next decade. “After Sydney hosted a successful tournament here in 2015, the world’s best players could be on our shores once again in eight years, giving the Diamonds the best chance to win another World Cup gold medal in our backyard,” Mr Sidoti said. “Netball holds a unique position in the NSW sporting landscape with many outstanding role models leading to one of the highest participation rates and in both metro and regional areas.” The NSW Government’s vision for the 2027 Netball World Cup would see the majority of games played in Sydney Olympic Park at the Genea Netball Centre and the upgraded Ken Rosewall Arena. Regional NSW will also get to share in the action, with several of the pool games likely to take place in outer metro sporting hubs. Minister for Tourism Stuart Ayres said NSW’s major event reputation takes the 2027 Sydney Netball World Cup bid to another level. “This could be another coup for our State, not only for athletes and sporting fans but the wider NSW community, with the event to boost the local economy by an estimated $30.5 million,” Mr Ayres said. Netball Australia Chair Paolina Hunt said netball keeps people of all ages active and having the best players in NSW for a World Cup will provide an incredible incentive for the next generation of elite netballers. “In NSW, netball is flourishing with more than 117,748 registered members, across 120 associations and 4,145 clubs,” Ms Hunt said. “NSW is a netball state, connecting every community like nothing else, empowering girls and women, both on and off the court, through the power of netball.”
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    Someone just put up a design- you will win! Thats how you get the Olympics these days as well!
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    FIFA made the right decision for the first time in sooo long. As for UEFA’s bloc votes, it’s sad to see that even now individuals in FIFA don’t get to vote for themselves, & from a perspective of naked self-interest re 2030, the FA probably made the decision that’d piss off fewer voters, but the real insult is the reason given by UEFA - describing the Women’s World Cup as a ‘development tournament’. Whoever at UEFA came up with that one should be ashamed of themselves Congrats ANZ, hopefully you’ll show FIFA what 2022 could’ve been too if the brown envelopes hadn’t won.
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    Australia and New Zealand win bid to to host 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup Credit: ABC Australia By Jacqueline Howard 26/6/2020 Australia and New Zealand have been successful in their historic joint bid to host the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup The trans-Tasman bid beat out that of final rival Colombia by 22 votes to 13 at the FIFA council meeting in Zurich early this morning. The tournament will be the first-ever co-Confederation hosted FIFA World Cup (Australia, being part of the Asian football confederation and New Zealand a member of the Oceanic branch), as well as the first-ever FIFA Women's World Cup to be held in the Asia-Pacific region. After previous bidders Japan and Brazil each pulled out of the race in recent days, Australia and New Zealand were up against Colombia alone. The joint bid was favourite to win after the technical audit scores were released at the beginning of June, which indicate the capability of a country to host the large-scale event. Australia received a very respectable score of 4.1 out of five, and Colombia a 2.8. Colombia, which did not qualify for the 2019 Women's World Cup, was voted for by most of the nine voters from European soccer body UEFA. In hosting the event, the Matildas and the Football Ferns will not be required to win qualifying matches and are automatically through to the opening round. It was also announced that the 2023 World Cup would be larger than previous tournaments, with the number of teams who start the group stage of the final tournament expanding from 24 to 32 teams. FIFA Council President Gianni Infantino hailed the expanded tournament. "It will be even more global and have much positive impact on the development of women's football," Mr Infantino said. Football Federation Australia chairman Chris Nikou said the successful bid was an enormous opportunity to grow football in the region. "FIFA today has made not one, but two countries very happy," Mr Nikou said. "Our pledge to the FIFA family is that no stone will be left unturned to produce the best World Cup and grow the women's game globally and in the Asia-Pacific region." New Zealand Football Federation president Johanna Wood promised the two nations would work together to deliver a tournament to remember. "Chris and I and the whole bidding team are extremely delighted with the result," she said. "We've always said with this bid, that it is as one and making history and creating opportunities." Players from both nations rejoice Matildas defender Ellie Carpenter had earlier told the Nine Network's Today show that the team had gathered in Sydney to receive the news together. "It would be extraordinary to have a FIFA Women's World Cup on home soil. We just dream of playing in a World Cup, let alone in our own backyard," Carpenter had said. And on Friday morning the good news was met with capital letters, emojis and exclamation marks aplenty as players from the Matildas and the Football Ferns celebrated. Matildas star Sam Kerr tweeted a gif of her celebrating a goal by doing a backflip, it followed another tweet that said "we did it. We freaking did it". "THE WORLD IS COMING TO AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND IN 2023 We did it!" tweeted positionally versatile Matilda Jenna McCormick The reaction of some of the members of the New Zealand squad was recorded and comprised of screams of joy, followed by chants of "yes". Football Ferns skipper Ali Riley posted a tearful selfie and joked with Matildas counterpart Sam Kerr about celebrating with a backflip Hosting rights extra sweet after 2022 World Cup bid failure The win was sweet redemption in many ways for Australian soccer after the nation was handed heartbreak during the bidding process for what will become the Qatar 2022 World Cup. In 2010, Australia vied for the hosting rights of the 2022 men's tournament, but received just one vote during a secret ballot, and was knocked out in the first round. The bid was backed by $46 million of Federal Government funds but controversy followed as Qatar was chosen instead. That bidding process opened up an investigation that found layers upon layers of corruption throughout FIFA and resulted in FBI raids on the offices of the governing body and a slew of arrests. Regardless, many past and present Socceroos shared the joy of the Matildas and Australian soccer fans alike, with one of Australia's most celebrated players, Tim Cahill leading the way saying he was "lost for words".
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    This is FIFA we're talking about. Who once chose Qatar over the United States. So yes, it wasn't 100% that Australia/New Zealand would win, even against a less interesting bid
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    Well it has become like a couple of recent Olympic Bids...candidates fell away until last one standing wins! The Aus/NZ bid is a good one and only 3 years before the Tournament. Both are virtually COVID free and can get on with preparations immediately. Thursday for the vote!
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    The election will be very close...Queensland is a strange place- only one house of Parliament, prominent 3rd and 4th parties, ever changing voting rules etc....it is anyones guess at the moment!
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    There’s maybe an argument at this point to say give Birmingham 2026 & cancel 2022. Would give the World Athletics Championships & their athletes the space they need, 2022 is a very cramped summer. Although obviously it’d be best of all if they can find a host for 2026 & keep Brum - I like the Commonwealth Games, it’s very sad to see them in so much trouble
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    Turning a speed skating oval into a public ice skating venue worked for Vancouver and I agree it's not a an exorbitant amount of taxpayer money to spend but I'd argue Vancouver is a winter sports city, way more than Milan. I could see Milan trying the same thing but how much use would it actually get? Pine Mountain in Michigan regular hosts the Continental Cup? How much use to ski jumps actually get though if they are not part of the regular FIS calendar? Nansen in New Hampshire is on the national register of historic places. Speaking of Canada, Calgary couldn't even find the funding the rebuild their ski jumps for their failed 2026 bid and had to use Whistler instead. Interesting you mentioned Bakke Hill Ski Jump. I had a student about a year ago create a mock Seattle WOGs bid for a class project and one of his proposals was to rebuild Bakke Hill. His plan also included the sliding track at Whistler and a speed skating oval that would become a community ice skating rink.
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    They certainly aren't cheap, but ski jumps don't require artificial refrigeration (unless Qatar wants to build one) and huge support infrastructure. You also only need a pair of $500 skis to go ski jumping compared to $50,000 for a bobsled. Speed skating ovals are relatively easy to operate as public ice skating venues and can even be easily converted to other uses as at Vancouver. A $100,000 per annum government subsidy for a public ice skating venue isn't a crazy use of public money. I am certainly not suggesting that building facilities for ice skating or skiing is cheap. But I personally wouldn't mind paying tax dollars to rebuild the Bakke Hill ski jump at Leavenworth in Washington State even without an Olympic bid, whereas I would be seriously annoyed if my state built a bobsledding track with public money. There are private commercial ski jumps in New Hampshire and Michigan that operate without any connection to an Olympic bid. Unfortunately I kind of agree, which is why I said "if". But I certainly think there's at least a chance that the Italian plan will work out OK financially. Milan is a lot bigger than Gangneung and Italians are more interested in winter sports than Koreans.
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    You are reading way too much into this. This is all a matter of circumstance and coincidence than any sort of effort to have history play out like this. When you say "the USA wanting to go back to hosting".. no, the USA has always wanted to host these events. They put in a bid for literally every Summer Olympics between 1944 and 1984. Took a break after that and bid for 1996, which of course they won. Took another break and bid for 2012. There has always been a "want," but the IOC doesn't always want to come here. Don't just look at the times the United States has hosted these events as the only times they have *wanted* to host these events. When I used the word "attraction," it's not about the United States and various cities being interested so much as the country's ability to actually bring those events here. And obviously that's going to be based on recent history where if they have hosted an Olympics or a World Cup in recent memory, they shouldn't expect to see another one for a while. In that regard, 1996 is a big exception, but look at what has been discussed here as the "what if Atlanta doesn't get 1996" alternate history. Maybe Salt Lake gets the `98 Olympics then. Maybe New York is properly timed to get either 2008 or 2012. Now all of a sudden these events are all much more spaced out. Either way, especially when looking at the Olympics and the World Cup, 1 has absolutely nothing to do with the other. The Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics are certainly tied together. In short.. how history has played out (and will play out) has absolutely nothing to do with American culture or global image or anything like that. All a matter of timing and it just happened to work out that 2026 and 2028 will see a World Cup and an Olympics here, with another Olympics probably not too far behind.
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    The finger-painting intros to the various continents are classy too. The look of the whole event is excellent.
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    So, the UK have always had a hill sufficient enough to hold alpine skiing events, even downhill, and we're just now hearing about it? If this is the case, why haven't the UK ever put in a bid to host a winters games.
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    If it's physically possible, Glasgow would be better than London surely #curlingscominghome
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