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    It's a shame that there're basically no entries this year. Here are the 3 logo I managed to come up with (the links are for the logos on white background) http://www.up2me.co.il/imgs/72996411.png http://www.up2me.co.il/imgs/592757.png http://www.up2me.co.il/imgs/83887732.png
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    Good news of the bid, the opposition came from an "outsider" mostly known for her xenophobic and anti-Aboriginal campaigns.
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    I thought the exact same thing when I saw the 80% figure cited. In addition, how many of the planned venues are simply listed as legacy opportunity. The feasibility study simply called them community centres, not exactly a viable legacy as has already been pointed out. I'm a bit perplexed on the main aquatics venue. I get the idea of using a planned arena but I would assume that arena is the Brisbane Live Arena which seems like it is also marked as the basketball arena unless there's a second arena also being planned? And the stadium issue will continue to be a problem. Brisbane is relying on the much talked about but failed stadium with huge amounts of temporary seating. Now going from 55,000 to 30,000 might be easier than say London's original plan or the Incheon Asian Games Stadium fiasco, but it still leaves the city with a stadium with no permanent tenant. It's a big assumption to assume a team will be ready to move in. A few weeks back I remember an article here dismissing an idea of co-hosting with New Zealand. While I think that's definitely out, it would not surprise me to see Sydney included in the final venue plan especially when the costs start going up for some of these new venues. Brisbane has no need for a rowing or slalom canoe course when Penrith Lakes would work just fine. I could even see the likes of Acer Arena included.
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    I still think one of, if not the main reason for the creation of YOGs was to use them as a consolation prize for countries that do not stand a remote chance of hosting the real thing. Sure the IOC started out with the likes of Singapore and Nanjing but this was more to give the YOGs a solid footing. Since then they've branched out to the likes of Buenos Aires and now Dakar. Going to Dakar means the IOC can finally say they brought the games to Africa, but it does not look as though Dakar is up to the challenge. I could definitely see the IOC calling on Morocco or perhaps Brazzaville which hosted the 2015 African Games and has the venues needed.
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    This is a bit disingenuous, though, considering that the structures that need to be built are the most expensive venues. There are many cities that are "only" lacking the main stadium, aquatics center, and two large arenas for gymnastics and basketball.
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    Okay design, simple yet elegant and mantains coherence with the brand. Though I kind of miss the colorful Rio 2016 tickets to be honest. Also, noticed the opening/closing ceremonies tickets designs were not revealed. Will be interesting to take a look at them since they sometimes, though not always, give away details of what to expect for the show (London 2012 tickets were basically spoiling us the cauldron design). Rio 2016....not as much, possibly a hint of the olympic ring forest?.
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    Don't forget the number of media as well. That's probably an even bigger jump from LA `84 to 2028. It's been said here many times before, but it bears repeating.. the narrative of "LA was successful in 1984, therefore they will automatically be successful in 2028" is a really dangerous approach to take. I don't doubt that they have a lot of smart people working and managing all of this, but it is far from a given that history will repeat itself when so much more is being asked of the city and the organizing committee this time around.
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    Just to expand on my previous post, the below projects are underway in Brisbane regardless of the outcome of the games bid. Cross River Rail Main feature is a 3.7 Mile underground tunnel 2 new stations on on the tunnel route including one across the road from the Woolloongabba Station and the first new city station in 130 years (Albert St) along with 3 New stations on the gold coast line (Pimpama, Helensvale North and Merrimac) upgrades to another 10 stations (4 on the tunnel route (Boggo Road, Roma St, Exhibition and Dutton Park on the route, and Major upgrades to Salisbury, Rocklea, Moorooka, Yeerongpilly, Yeronga, and Fairfield stations on the southside Brisbane Live As part of the changes to Roma St station (putting the station underground) a significant amount of public space will be made available. Some of this will be made available for a new venue known at the moment as "Brisbane Live" Brisbane Live will be privately funded 18,000 seat venue which will be at no cost to the taxpayers of Brisbane This venue will sit on top of the biggest train station in Brisbane (long distance busses and trains also leave from this venue) This venue is market driven and it was AEG Ogden who approached the government for this Brisbane Metro The first stage of Brisbane Metro is underway and will provide a 21 kilometre service will have 18 stations along dedicated busways between Eight Mile Plains and Roma Street, and Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and University of Queensland Will use Bi-articulated EV Busses Will also connect to wolloongabba. Brisbane also has an extensive network of Busways - these are not just bus lanes on existing roads but are fully grade separated bus only roads that generally follow major roadways to keep busses off the roads. These were used when brisbane hosted the G20 conference as motorcade routes. To add onto what i said above. There is very little anger directed at the Qld government. This is probably due to the fact Qld is pretty much unaffected by the fires. The major local newspaper (The Courier Mail) tried to manufacture some outrage against the state government but it did not work (The Courier Mail has a distinct slant to the right and the current state government is left leaning. We also have a state election in October) The anger is directed at the federal government and in particular the prime minister who is a climate change denier and even brought a lump of coal into parliament. The PM also took a holiday to Hawaii just before christmas when the full scale of the bushfires was known rather than stay back and lead.
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    1984 was a massive success because they didn't have to build all that much, so they weren't spending a lot of money. This is the pitfall of tying infrastructure projects to an Olympics because now they're rushing to deliver and that rush is going to cost money. If the private sector is willing to pay for it, then they're fine. If not, that's a problem. And the response shouldn't be "well, if they don't do all these things they said they would do before 2028, it probably won't matter anyway."
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    Jakarta is a non-starter and the IOC will politely tell them not to go ahead with this. I've said before, the IOC needs solid bids with minimal finance for venue and infrastructure construction., not to mention security. That rules out the likes of Indonesia, India, all of South America and Africa. Realistically, the IOC is probably only seriously considering bids from the following regions/countries USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Western Europe, Russia (doping scandal could be an issue here). That's it. I cannot see the IOC taking any chances on going to the developing world after the Rio debacle which was worse than Athens and I don't see them entertaining the likes of Budapest and Belarus in Eastern Europe either. Makes sense why an Australian bid is a big favorite right now.
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    Not sure, though the old mosaics of Nomi no Sukune and Athena which were in the old stadium were preserved and also installed in the new one. Yesterday, the very first sport event in the new National Stadium was held, with the final of the Emperor Cup being held there.
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    Swedish government just loves to scare away any chances of sporting events ever taking place on their country, don't they?
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    I take it that approval from all relevant governments permitting, we can expect the confirmatory vote to be at the Session attached to Tokyo 2020? Can’t see any point in dragging out any more than that - from either party’s point of view.
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    Jeez, just might have a chance at winning this year, considering no-one else seems to be noticing it. Well, there's Glacib (by the way Glacib, is that an entry you posted? - I'm just seeing a blank space). Anyway, I present my entry for Cairo 2032, based on the Egyptian lotus, while also (hopefully) suggesting the Olympic flame. So, anyone gonna try take it on? @paul? @daveypodmore? @JDCLauron? @woohooitsme83? @aismanggo? Anyone? Is there anybody about there??????
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    I am optimistic for a Cairo, Casablanca, Cape Town or Durban Olympics at some point in my life, but I see Durban and Cape Town (Cape Town over Duban in the tourism/post-Games interest sense, Durban in the economically-responsible, already has a 85k pax stadium built sense) as the greater of the 4. However, after Durban being stripped of its 2022 rights for the Commonwealth Games, and Rio's economic situation at the start of the Games, I do not think the IOC is interested at the moment in countries that they cannot guarantee will be ready for the Games 7 years later, it is just not a game I think they want to play at the moment. However, I will be rooting for Durban in my heart, even if my mind tells me otherwise It will be interesting to see who is awarded the 2032 Games. If they follow standard 7-year protocol, they will be voted upon in 2025, which means the race will start in about 2022-2023, and the serious bids that make the final voting will all be reflective of Paris's success in 2024. I can see cities like Munich, Barcelona, and maybe even Rome or Milan being interested in 2032, and either revoking their bids if Paris is a hot mess, or fortifying them if Paris is very successful. This all goes to say that Tokyo 2020 leaves a positive view behind as well. But I know if the IOC has a strong city like Munich or Barcelona, one with a very stable government, and one (well, both really) with very positive sustainability records from their previous Games and many reusable features, they will vote for the European city over the South American or African candidate. I can see Buenos Aires throwing itself in there as well. But for the immediate Olympic future, as we fall back into a time similar to the late 70s/early 80s era, I think the IOC will stick to safe options.
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    I don‘t think that idea of the regional concept in Germany 2032 (if that ever comes to fruition!) can be a model for a country like South Africa (or elsewhere), because while that 2032 idea may involve a region with numerous independent cities and other admin divisions, it is geographically still only a very limited area and not stretching to different corners of the country. As for Africa in general, I also don‘t see any realistic option other than South Africa - or if terrorism issues can be solved the countries bordering the Mediterranean.
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    The American's competing for Belarus was just stupid, I felt sorry for the original two Gymnasts scheduled to compete for BLR (Sviatlana Lifenka & Valeryia Tsekhmistrenka) These two may have dreamt about competing for the their home nation but it was ultimately snatched away by 2 Gymnasts who don't train in Belarus, Don't speak their language & Have never set foot in the country. I watched an interview on Youtube and I noticed that Alaina Kwan had no shame when she said 'So we just replaced the 2 other girls and took their place' Really disgusted me. I'm sure placing 74th isn't that much of an improvement for Belarus. Seriously, You had greats like Olga Korbut and Svetlana Boginskaya, It wouldn't hurt in asking them to come over and train their Gymnasts. The US Team was awesome! I loved how they co-operated with one another and stuff! I would say Biles, Douglas, Raisman & Nichols are definite locks for Rio, I would think the other spots would be contested between Madison Kocian, Kyla Ross & Bailie Key (Who is trained by Kim Zmeskal!). For Russia I would expect Mustafina and Komova on the Team, Unless something HUGE happens that takes them completely out of the equation, I see them on the Team. I would think that Paseka would also be on the Team, Russia need some strong vaulters and considering she is now World Champ on the apparatus I see her in Rio for sure. I'd say Afanasyeva is a lock too. I think the other spots would be between Spiridonova, Melnikova & Skrypnik. Grishina...Not so sure about. Japan seem to be following US's footsteps, They finished 5th (US would usually end up there in the 70's) so expect great things from the Japanese in years to come I would think in the 20's they'd be medalling in team competitions. My favourites however were the Netherlands, They brought back 'Artistic' in Artistic Gymnastics for sure, Adored Lieke's and Eythora's Floor Routines. Pulling for GB Women to win a Medal next year! I really really REALLY want Catherine Lyons on that Team! I hope Ellie, Becky, Amy, Claudia and Ruby Medal individually too!
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    Grishina getting onto the Russian Squad would be very unlikely, After her London Performance, She's been blacklisted by Russia since, You don't see Pavlova competing after Beijing for Russia for the same reason. Grishina's better off doing what Pavlova did by moving to somewhere like Azerbaijan and competing for them. I would love to see Melnikova and Skrypnik in Rio! Also can't wait to see Flavia Saraiva there too!
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    ^Samaranch Sr even advised them not to bid for 2016 either. Yeah, the struggling economy was a big factor, but the timing is still off. It's still too soon after Barcelona. Not to mention that their narrative was consistently contradictory & very weak. And what's this that they can "understand" why Tokyo won, but still can't get over the fact that Istanbul surpassed them in the vote. That's still not being totally honest with themselves. "Someone had to go out first", & it's still fair to say that the vote went down how it was objectively expected. I think it was lucky for them to even get the run-off ballot in the first place. Quit while your ahead, as the saying goes.
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