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    With more than 60 or 70 cruise ships laid up around the world, why a potential coast city could host an Olympics with 2 years notice! mapquest directions
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    Queensland Olympics bid to drive post-COVID-19 recovery: AOC Credit: Brisbane Times https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/sport/queensland-olympics-bid-to-drive-post-covid-19-recovery-aoc-20200526-p54wkf.html By Gregg Baum May 26, 2020 — 2.53pm Far from dampen Queensland’s 2032 Olympics bid, the coronavirus crisis can work in its favour as well as acting as driver of recovery for the state, the Australian Olympic Committee says. AOC chief executive Matt Carroll says Queensland already has the edge on less advanced bids from Indonesia, India, Germany, Spain and, jointly, North and South Korea. “Queensland is ahead of the game. They can move very quickly,” Carroll said. “They’re already well down the track of master planning for the Games. “The state government already has given the green light to pursue it. The other cities are talking about it, but they haven’t started their candidatures. Whether they do after this crisis, the IOC can make a decision by 2022. They’re no longer bound to (make a decision) seven years before a Games.” The AOC and the Queensland government have put the bid on hold while the country negotiates a path through the crisis. Meantime, maverick north Queensland Federal MP Bob Katter has labelled it a waste of money and resources at the worst time "If it was a stupid idea to sink billions into a Brisbane Olympic games before COVID-19, then it is infinitely more stupid now," Katter said. But Carroll maintains that under new, slimline International Olympic Committee protocols, the Games themselves will be cost-neutral to Australia. Meantime, there would be a decade of new opportunities. “On the other side of the crisis, we think the candidature has a role to play,” Carroll said. “There’s a 10-year runway. There’s the other major events that a thing like the Olympic Games will start to attract to Australia.” Already locked in the women’s basketball world championships in Sydney and the world road cycling championships in Wollongong, both in 2022. Beyond, there’s the possibility of the women’s soccer World Cup in 2023 and the men’s rugby World Cup in 2027. Australia have made bids for both. “The Olympic Games is the icing on the cake in the end,” Carroll said. Carroll said there would be immediate work in planning and tourism, and nearer to the time work in businesses providing services to the Games as well as at the Olympics themselves. Typically, he said, the host broadcaster employed 10,000 local people to produce the Olympics coverage. These would be spread across the state. “If you think about it a different way, after the COVID-19 pandemic, the additional benefits and drivers are actually an incentive towards hosting the Games,” Carroll said. “And hosting the Games is getting cheaper each time. The IOC is simplifying the Games.” Host cities are now encouraged to use existing and temporary venues, smaller than previously. “The IOC now says, if you don’t need it in the future, don’t build it,” Carroll said. “Just do a temporary facility. You’ll see it in Tokyo [next year] and certainly in Paris and Los Angeles, hosts in 2024 and 2028. Extras such as live sites are optional henceforth. “You can see the scale is being adjusted, and for good measure,” Carroll said.
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    What is a "world class aquatic centre" anyway? Having an Olympic-sized pool and ancillary facilities is something many cities can build, but there's very little use to put thousands of seats in that venue considering how little that would get used. But it's interesting to note this is a thing... Flushing Meadows Natatorium That was going to be the water polo venue for the New York's 2012 Olympic bid. It got built anyway and opened in 2008.
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    makes sense at the moment to sit and see what happens. There was a radio interview this morning with a sports reporter and the thinking was as follows: we don't know whats happening with Tokyo. It's possible Tokyo will not go ahead. if this is the case, Tokyo has flushed big money down the toilet. they will want some return for this money. therefore, do we push everything back 4 years? (ie Tokyo 2024, Paris 2028 and LA 2032) or do they award Tokyo 2032 as a compensation? The bid is not dead - as much as some on the more extreme right would like it to be - it's just paused, and it is the right thing to do at the moment.
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    I’d just like to point out that Bob Katter is one of our idiot politicians. He’s from rural Queensland (the state I live in) and he’s a homophobic idiot who is essentially just a shock jock who goes for headlines. He’s not a politician anyone in this country with a brain takes seriously.
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    Lithuania won the voting (jury & televote, mine included) in the German replacement programme last night. Small consolation.
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    That is exactly what I was going to guess. I can’t think of many more people who would need a booklet like this. Plus, it seems to nice to have been distributed to the general public.
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    Thankfully those games aren’t in 2025, because that’s when Birmingham (AL) will host the World Fire and Police Games...
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    Here is equestrian part
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    Australia is a safe pick in these times..and sadly epidemiologists are predicting global pandemics more regularly in the future... Australia is spending (ie wasting) $100 billion plus on new submarines, and $100 billion plus on new strike fighters at the moment. So I never wont to here that we cant afford 3-5 billion for the Olympics!
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    oh and just to add onto the above. if all levels of government are really are on board i would think Brisbane would almost be dead certs to get this now, given how we have managed covid and it looks like we are though the worst of it with minimal deaths and infection rates into the single digits a day now, where as places like India and indonesia are still struggling to contain the virus
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    Fully Agree. A big event the whole community can build towards and get around might just be what the economy needs. 2032 in Brisbane would be something that we could look forward to, and be used to do some big projects that would make brisbane a better place to live. My only concern is that i can see politicians being scared of even talking about hosting the games with the current economic situation of high unemployment given i can see people thinking "why are we spending billions to host the olympics when so many people are out of work" not thinking about the jobs that would come out of an olypic games
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    No, the IOC has stated that they are no longer bound by that 7 year-lead time rule. They've said that they can pick/announce a host city any time if the conditions are right. I suppose if Sapporo and Salt Lake are the only serious contenders for both 2030 and 2034; they can lock them in early or much later than the normal 7 years.
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    Australia is due to host the 2030 Pan Pacific Championships due to the rotation system between the main four nations. This would be fitting to be held in Brisbane as a lead up to the 2032 Olympics.
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    ^^ Thank you for your contribution! I hope someone eventually uploads the full opening ceremonies (and no more clips which are the concert by Bird Thongchai )
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    Hello Folks! I've found some rare footage. This is News Footage from Channel 7 of Thailand about 18th SEA Games "Chiang Mai 1995" In this video include 11.12 to 12.09 - Closing Ceremony at Eastern of Thailand(for Sailing and more.) 14.23 to 15.15 - Closing Ceremony at 700th Anniversary Stadium at Chiang Mai 17.51 to 17.56 & 19.01 to 19.12 - (Very Important Scene if you want this.) Lighting the Cauldron by Two Great Nagas() 17.56 to 18.01 - (Very Rare!) Extinguish the SEA Games flame by Same Two Great Nagas from Opening Ceremony I hope you to enjoy some little footages in this time. Thank You, Kob Khun Krub.
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    From my research, here are some venues that could be used for the games (not including the main Olympic Stadium) Brisbane The Gabba Suncorp Stadium Queensland Tennis Centre Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre Anna Meares Velodrome Ballymore Stadium Courier Mail Piazza Brisbane Aquatics Centre Hibiscus Stadium Belmont Shooting Range Queensland State Athletics Stadium State Hockey Centre Brisbane Entertainment Centre Nissan Arena Chandler Arena Sleeman Sports Complex Brisbane Showgrounds Brisbane Exhibition Ground Sleeman BMX Track Wattle Creek Equestrian Centre Holloway Field Brisbane City Hall Auchenflower Stadium South Pine Sports Complex Kangaroo Point Southbank Parklands Minnipi Parklands The New Brisbane Live Arena Gold Coast Carrara Stadium Robina Stadium Carrara Indoor Stadium Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre Gold Coast Aquatics Centre Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre Coomera Indoor Sports Stadium Gold Coast Hockey Centre Village Roadshow Studios Southport Broadwater Parklands Nerang Bike Trail Broadbeach Beachfront Currumbin Beachfront Burleigh Beachfront Royal Pines Golf Course The New Gold Coast Arena Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast Stadium University of Sunshine Coast Arena Lake Kawana Noosa Heads Bokarina Beachfront Ipswich North Ipswich Reserve The Springfield Reserve Other Moreton Bay Sports Complex, Moreton Bay Manly Boat Harbour, Moreton Bay Redcliffe Stadium, Redcliffe Logan Metro Centre, Logan
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    I think an excessive use of exclamation marks is a better sign of hysteria than making decisions based on scientific advice.
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    LOL XD Guess what I found on Wikipedia https://gyazo.com/131565bd06a2dd73744064a55d5f8420
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