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    The odd thing is that the big winter IFs (FIS, IBSF, IBU) are run by northern Europeans who may want to see their home countries host someday. (This fact makes it even odder that the Swedes did not recruit one of them to help with the IOC politics; they paid more attention to their internal politics than the constituency that matters.) I also don't think the logistics are a dealbreaker; they just needed better answers (e.g. sleeper trains) than the ones they gave. In PyeongChang people rarely moved same day between the snow and ice clusters, and moving within the snow cluster was hard. Showing expected movement patterns and addressing concerns on things like hotel rooms would have gone a long way. Falling down technically was one of the ways they failed to reassure on risk. If you're going to go spread out at least show how that will work. Helsinki's failed 2006 bid (which proposed Lillehammer as the mountain cluster) had a transport plan involving flying between cluster--not sustainable, perhaps, but they had an answer. Calling yourself the most sustainable bid ever without acknowledging that many stakeholders will be flying was also a mistake; once again, talking mostly to themselves and about their own virtues rather than calling it what it is; Milan Cortina's transport plan is hours on coaches on mountain roads, but they admitted that at least. This all came down to hubris; the Swedes appeared to really think that Agenda 2020 / New Norm meant the IOC was desperate, not that Lausanne wanted its ego to be stroked. The Swedes did not want it badly enough to "do what it takes" politically. That is the issue with the lack of a story. The Brazilians sold themselves as a rising power that had never hosted, and look at where that got the IOC--a disorganised games in the middle of a political crisis. A sports power which has never hosted is not enough of a narrative, but the Swedes really appeared to believe it.
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    It's quite simple - if the event is going to divert significant financial resources from more pressing public needs then it won't get spent and alternate forms of funding has to be found. This is the right policy for Scandinavia right now. Sweden does not have the budget to spend on big events like Japan, USA, China etc. They saw what Agenda 2020 was allowing and put together a solid plan that would spread the effort across the country and internationally. The IOC had an alternative that while not ideal was at least in the same country and had Governmental support. Sadly the IOC is not as brave as their exhaustive press releases indicate.
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    She’s probably with AA ATM!
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    It was Milan’s extravagant shopping that won the day! And boy, AA must be stewing in his own juices, cuz he got yet another one WRONG!
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    Srly, I missed her right now. Reading her old tantrums and anti-Swedish conspiracy theories is not the same.
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    I’ve been too pissed off to comment till now, but, yes, quite right Puppy. Gunilla Lindberg was right on the money with her comment: “Is the IOC ready for the New Norm or is it just talk?”
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    Yep. Unless there's a full open door for the Nordic countries, they won't be there for the IOC for some years. But checking more of this, in full honesty, it seems the Nordic countries are actually rejecting hosting big events. For the Euro happened similar story. They went almost as "whatever" during the qualification for the 2020 Euro to get the Pan European stadiums. They didn't ever showed enthusiasm for the Friends Arena. Then all the Nordic bid withdrawn for 2024. In 2016 Denmark pushed the idea again for 2028, but since then, full silence. And that's not counting other events which Sweden and Denmark had rejected including the European Handball Championship. It seems the Nordic countries seem to get over for the idea to get events there (Unless if it's Eurovision Song).
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    Yes, it’s been noted that Brisbane’s main (& really only) plus is their weather during the Summer Games-time window. But that alone doesn’t justify the means to make it happen. Yes, Melbourne would be the smarter, much more Agenda 2020 compatible city, but there seems to be internal politics working against them, since John Coates is all too gung-ho for Brisbane for whatever his reasons. And of course don’t say that in the Brisbane thread, cuz there’s a certain element over there that is a lot like a certain you-know-who was about L.A. in the L.A. thread!
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    I wrote this elsewhere but it make sense posting this here as well: Sweden lost because it mishandled the politics, failing to realise that the IOC knew Winter Games were fragile and wanted reassurance, not to be treated as if the IOC "needed" them more than the other way round. There was also no story to Stockholm other than the "never hosted" one--which Rio 2016 pretty much ended as a playable card. (Gothenburg is 400 years old in 2021 and is staging a multi-year celebration, which could have been a story.) I hope that they pick themselves up and try and try again until they win, just like Pyeongchang.
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    I hope they dump that plan and have all 4 ceremonies at San Siro Stadium they can have another 235,000 more ticket sales for the ceremonies if they have it all at San Siro Stadium.
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    After today, something tells me that the Swedes won’t be back anytime soon. This last Swedish effort was tepid at best anyway (& very last minute, politically speaking), & it was obviously not enough, even for a winter sports country that’s never hosted the Winter Olympics before & who’s had several failed previous bids as well. None of that mattered to the IOC today, & I’m sure that the Swedes will remember that for quite a while yet. But of course, the SOK could still be glutton for punishment, so who knows.
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    That's why Paris learnt that lesson with the 2024 bid. Also, I remember Chirac and Delanoë (The French mayor at that time) despised each other, even if Alain Juppé (Chirac's right hand) admired Delanoë (Had Juppé became President instead Sarkozy, he would invite Delanoë as part of the government, but that's another story). That's not the way happened with Macron and Hidalgo (Even with their own differences, both worked together for the bid. Even Valerie Plescesse -The governor of Ile-de-France- worked with them). Ironically that's the same thing Sala (Milan's mayor and PD politician) worked with Giuseppe Conte and (gasp) Matteo Salvini for that bid (That bid was capable to unite 3 antagonic parties). That aspect is key for the city-nation relations and gave the image of political unity for the bid. Löfven (The Swedish Prime Minister) did a good job considering the circumstances, but the "rebel mayor" of Anna Könin Jermyr was really damaging for that image of unity.
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    Busy for 18 months?! Wow! Anyway, don’t take that long of a break next time!
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    Thanks. Well, I was busy, but I'll try to be on board.
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    OMG, Roger! Where in the world have you been?! So glad that you’re back! Miss your insightful, other POV posts! And speaking of certain misguided posts like the ones you just quoted, there’s other previous short-sighted posts just like those that are a thing of nostagia now around here.
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    Normally I wouldn't want to say the press conference will be dealbreaker, but damn, Stockholm didn't ever try. I wonder if some of the dubious voters watched that conference and said: "Hell no". That reminds me 2012 race when Paris was the favourite but London won. Paris had the best bid (Best technical qualification, narrative), but the lobbying was just messy (And then Chirac's comments on Finnish food). On the other hand, you have London, creating a proper exciting bid around the youth and olympic movement with Blair on board. The difference was, Paris learnt that lesson and went to create a different bid for 2024, now with Macron and Hidalgo on board. Using the same mastermind behind that campaign. In Tokyo, you had a normally serious Abe in a humanistic face related to a bid which can work as catarsis of a catastrophe. Or Rio and Pyeongchang as the cinderellas. Beyond the technical aspects, as was mentioned before, is about "selling themselves" and Italy lived for that. Milan was always expecting to shine alone over Rome and created an opportunity with an old seawolf like Magallo. Sure, the Swedish government was in negotiations; but the lack of confidence per government came before the elections and let's not forget Milan is currently a bright spot of the mainstream PD in antagonism over the current italian government with La Lega and M5S on coalition (That bid made possible three opposite parties working together). Also, I believe the Swedes looked like "amateurs" while promoting the event? The dilligence over the SOK was there, but between the government's lack of response, relative low approval by audiences and relevant holes related to financing and logistics were enough obstacles. Comparing Magallo, Richard Brisius failed so bad in that aspect (Off topic: he looked so regal in that conference).
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    I was tempted to post a comment here, but not worth it. But it anyone wants to see want the polar opposite of 20/20 hindsight is.. There's only one story here and it's not a horse race
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    I think the Swedish government just let their Olympic/sporting community have a little fun in presenting and "backing" the bid so half-heartedly. It just didn't build the critical mass that the Italians were able to build (even to the point of pushing aside their last big-city Olympic host, Torino, just so Milano could finally add the nomenclature "Olympic City" to its resume). Rome finally allowed that opportunity since Milano had always been a frustrated Summer wannabee (and which slot CONI has always reserved for Rome).
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    But you're assuming that volunteers in these situations you mention have to go back home to their distant point of origin. I don't think any responsible OCOG would allow or foster that. It would be highly irresponsible for them to do so. I am sure volunteers , for a well-planned Games, are encouraged to shack up/ find shared housing close by for their duties.
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    It would still be rather awful for people from Stockholm. At Vancouver 2010 volunteers had to meet very early in the morning at a transit site to get picked up by a bus and then go to Whistler. And they might make you wait there until midnight. And Whistler was only a two hour bus ride from Vancouver. For volunteers from Uppsala the equivalent would be driving an hour to a meeting point in Stockholm an hour before time to wait for a bus and go over your responsibilities, then take a 10 hour bus ride to Are, then work there for >8 hours, then take a 10 hour bus ride home, and then driving an hour back home. That's more than 30 hours in one "day" of volunteering. I am not saying that the Swedish bid was unworkable. But it would have been very challenging even with strong government support. With very little government support I think it was a longshot.
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    The shrieking English PA lady was atrocious. These ceremonies use to be such dignified affairs, some (not all) now seem like carnival sideshows.
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    It's offical, Kraków will host the 2023 games, i actually didn't know we did bid. After Kraków 2024 winter olympic games bid debacle... im really happy about it, maybe it will improve confidence in hosting bigger events if done well ^^ https://www.idahostatesman.com/sports/article231857403.html Well i hope we manage to boost popularity of those games since i like the idea, this will be biggest event since Euro 2012 in Poland imo, it will definitely be bigger then World Games 2017. Since Athletics is our main Olympic discipline i hope we will manage to fix this aspect of the those games.
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    So we really are seeing the end of the Olympic bidding process. Probably for the best in terms of the long-term health of the Movement, when you see the legacies of over-promising around the world. And if Coates is right (obviously there’s the caveat that he is Australian) there’s one thing for sure - Australia will be great hosts, they always are. I imagine this’ll mean Salt Lake 2030 will be confirmed at the same session if they get official quickly enough.
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    Why oh why do commentators all over the world act as if they're being paid by the word?
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    But aren't you the one constantly touting Ostersund/Are as already being one of the best & biggest winter resorts in Sweden & all of Europe? So do they really need to make it all the more "bigger & better"? And would the local populance & government support such an idea in a much more democratic country like Sweden? Sochi & Russia, on the other hand, had nothing, zilch, nada. And Putin & his clan were ready & willing to put the huge work into it. Those are the huge differences between the two countries. Sorry, Pillan. But I just don't see it. Ostersund & Sweden doesn't need this kind of big investment, when even you yourself say, you guys already have one of the biggest & best winter facilities out there. And IOC members talking among themselves in the open, is totally different on how they would cast their vote upon any particular candidate in a SECRET ballot.