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    https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/organizers-finalize-new-dates-for-tokyo-olympics-beginning-in-july-2021/ar-BB11Uz8s?ocid=spartanntp Dates finalized for Tokyo Olympics: July 23rd - August 8th 2021
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    My sympathies are with the people suffering from the virus. Jesus.
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    In the last decade they've been more open with mainland China (even though the new anti-mainland government which rules since 2016 has soured these relations) and most of the tourism Taiwan receives is from mainlanders. Taiwan dodged the virus for two months because they banned the entrance of all mainlanders very early. Problem is the virus is not exclusively a mainland China thing anymore hence why their COVID cases are slowly rising now. There are strong rumours the virus did arrived in NK and that the government quietly killed those who were infected. It's difficult to know anything precise from NK given their orwellian censorship machinery. Philippines now has more than 1000 cases according to this article: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/regional/2020/03/29/virus-cases-in-philippines-exceed-1000-with-272-new-case-recorded
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    Yes I know it's a bit insensitive but I just can't hear the word lockdown without thinking of this... First, a bit of history... In the early 1900s, the Olympic movement wasn't in a great place. Two Games in a row had been eaten up by the World's Fair, leaving them as an awkward afterthought lasting 6 months. This somewhat pissed off the Greeks, who thought the Olympics were their property, so set out to save them - by using the 1906 10th anniversary to stage their own Olympics, known to this day as the Intercalated Games - Olympic but unofficial, they happened but aren't on the records. They also just happened to invent the opening ceremony: That brings us to now. The world is, tragically, in the grip of pandemic. Many countries are in lockdown & isolation, meaning lots of bored GamesBids members. We are obviously in a terrible situation, this forum's boredom is the least of our worries, but it is a rare thing we can do something about. So... Welcome to the first & hopefully last Intercalated GB Olympic Logo Comp! It's a shotgun comp, it is Olympic, it's not adding to the total count so the next main one will still be #14, & there is just one city involved (well...). It's also a return to the GamesBids tradition of designing a logo that hasn't been released yet. Please welcome... MILAN-CORTINA 2026, ITALY! We all hope that Italy recovers ASAP from the current crisis, & when they do, which they will, hopefully the 2026 Winter Olympics will be a great point in the future to look forward to, even though it's a long way off. Which means they deserve a proper logo, rather than whatever this is (the font, eww): One of the style capitals of the world deserves better. The rules are normal, in fact simpler than usual, but here goes: We are, as ever, after a logo that encompass the overall feel of the city and local influences that can be tied into a design concept. How can the city articulate graphically what it could bring to future Olympics hosting? What flavour will they bring to the games? The logos should be presented as full colour designs on white background. If you like, however, they can also be presented in black and white or utilised in forms like street banners, t-shirts, apps, vehicles, pins etc. For voting purposes, the main (colour) logo will be used on the polls, & extra stuff is not obligatory, but any extra material you produce may help you “sell” your design better to the wider GamesBids voting membership.  This logo is for the hosting of the 2026 Winter Olympics. So you CAN use the rings, and as it's how they define it at the IOC, it should be Milano Cortina 2026. Please post your preliminary submissions on this thread. If you want to hold anything back to be presented as a “surprise” when voting starts you can contact me or Rols via PM and I'll tell you where you can send the extra material. However, it would be nice to see as many on-thread submissions as possible for people to chew over in-thread, & to try & get the old buzz back. Yeah I know the place resembles a dodo but maybe some members in isolation might see. Feel free to post as many logo designs as you like, & to ask for feedback from our famously discerning electorate. If you really can't decide between your own designs for a city, feel free to start a poll (or to ask for one to be started). When the time comes for voting, however, you will be asked to settle on a maximum of ONLY ONE official logo as your official entry. The format depends on the numbers. It might be the traditional exhausting exhaustive ballot preferred by the IOC, but if numbers fit & opinion ok, I'd prefer the World Cup-style tournament system, just to further distinguish this from the December tradition & fit this city of football. But we need a good turnout, so get designing! The competition is open to all members of GamesBids, or to any new legitimate members who join before the end of the submission period. I, with consultation, will rule on the legitimacy of new members. As you would expect, I will rule on any disputes - always aiming to be as fair as possible in the process. As always, just remember, this is all meant to be fun. Olympic spirit, remember?. Hopefully this will spark up some action on the board, especially if there are any returnees. I'll be dipping in, keeping a close eye on things, but otherwise will try and keep my green yoshi-paws off until the polling stages. The deadline for submissions is 1pm London time (that is, midnight in Sydney, as per one tradition) in one month's time, St George's Day, THURSDAY 23 APRIL. That gives the traditional month's period, covers Easter fully, will hopefully see Italy into its recovery, & smuggles a second UK cultural reference in to wind Rols up And this is just to alert @Rob. to the existence of the new comp in the hope that he'll do his traditional bit of putting up links to various free design programs etc for the benefit of those who want to take part but may not have the facility at the moment. All that is left to say is thank you Rols once again, and to all participants for having the guts to put your logos up for this shotgun GamesBids dissection, & may the best logo win. Hopefully we'll make it to some Google Image searches too. GOOD LUCK/IN BOCCA AL LUPO!  I was not expecting that to be Italian for good luck...
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    Yeah, cruise ships docked in Yokohama...maybe the Diamond or the Ruby Princess will be available?
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    They must keep it burning, and they should hold a symbolic ceremony on the date Tokyo 2020 should have started.
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    I wouldn't have liked London 2012 to become london 2013. So I think its good to keep the same name for what ever the reason.
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    Fun will be carried over to next year, but I honestly felt at ease about this decision. This week, the number of infected people increased slightly in Tokyo during the cherry blossom viewing season.I do hope the same situation would not happen in the world at this time of next year.
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    What's the saying: you want to make the God/s laugh? Plan well in advance.
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    Ironic that the games that had to be postponed were the ones that were actually ready to be on time.
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    From CNN: “It was also announced that the event will still be dubbed Tokyo 2020 despite the postponement.“ https://edition.cnn.com/2020/03/24/sport/olympics-postponement-tokyo-2020-spt-intl/index.html
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    April is still cherry blossom time in Tokyo. The thing is the IOC wants the Olympics when there is NOTHING else -- no other major conference or such thing in the anchor host city. So, if there are other major conferences or championships of non-Olympic sports already planned for June-July-August '21 in Tokyo; they're going to have to ask those organizers to delay or move THEIR event in order that the Olympics are the only show in town. The postponement impacts all other events already scheduled for when they want to move it to. And don't forget the royal family's participation. If the new emperor had already scheduled a month's retreat or something like that for July; and it can't be moved -- then the Olympics will play either in June or in August.
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    Yeah, I don't see them re-doing all those 10,000 torches. Even putting a sticker over the old logo might not work for the torches. For the over the 1,500 medals, I guess they can just stick a "1" over the last "0." Well, if there is space, it could be called "TOKYO 2020*" (*- 21) or "TOKYO 2020+1" to make it factually correct because it's going to be odd/funny wearing medals which say "2020" when you accomplished your feat in 2021. Not unless Tokyo 2020 changes ALL THE calendars in Japan to stay 2020!!
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    They should still call it Tokyo 2020 and keep the flame burning, may be hold some small event on the day it should have started. My sympathies at the moment are with the People of Tokyo.
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    Yep, isn’t it ironic that the board is the most active I’ve seen in a good long time, and it’s all because of what ISN’T likely to happen. And I’d also hazard a guess the fact that many of us have a lot of time on our hands a bit lately has a bit to do with it. It’s disquieting times. The vast majority of us here are likely in various stages of social distancing, isolation or even lockdown by now. The provision of diversions is rapidly dwindling - beyond streaming services and the internet - and tedium may be a big problem we’re gonna face soon. In one way or the other we’re all in this together now and GamesBids may be one good avenue for us to actually be able to socialise over the coming months. I’ll admit I had a hand in putting Yoshi up to this. Yoshi’s always keen to keep the comp tradition going, and i just figured there may be a lot of us with a lot of time on our hands at the moment. This is an easy and socially safe way we can all pass some time in these unprecedented times and maybe even have some fun and ward off the blues. So come on everyone, lets see if we can rekindle some of the old GamesBids spirit. Got anything else better to do?
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