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    Hey guys. A big thanks for all the very astute and entertaining comments! Cheers, Anthony
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    Hey Gamesbidders, I will fly to Rio tomorrow for my second Olympic Games in person. After London 2012 I decided very fast, that I want to go to the next Games also. Of course I am aware that the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will be completely different, but that is exactly what I want to experience = different Olympic Games! I hadn't been to South America before so I will encounter "Um Mundo Novo" - I am very excited about it, but a little bit anxious also due I don't speak Portuguese or Spanish - so I will have to "survive" in a country where I can't speak the national language... I would like to invite you to follow my blog here on GamesBids - I had fun to do it during London 2012 and I hope you will enjoy my blog of Rio de Janeiro 2016 as well.
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    Hey everyone, It has been a while since I have posted here. No, I am not late to the party, at all. As a matter of fact, since I live in Rio, I was part of it the whole time, but life makes some surprising twists, which means sometimes I wasn´t able to do it properly. Four years ago I wrote this post, right after London Games. Then, I´ve tried to sum up all my expectation and fears about the Games and, on the last paragraph, I wrote: "Hopefully, in 4 years, I can come here and write that Rio made a great Olympic Games, just like London did last night, and finally have one of dreams finally come true and remember for the rest of my life." So, here I am, to fulfill my promise. I wish I was able to come here more often. When I wrote that piece, back then, things were doing OK for me. My daughter was recently born (after a very difficult period of pregnancy), and I started to make lots of plans again. Unfortunately, similar to what happened to Brazilian economy, it all went downhill after that. My wife, a year later, acquired a neurological disorder which, at least until today, is still unexplained and no closed diagnosis has been proved yet (she can still walk and do things like a normal person, but only for a short period of time, when she starts to feel shortness of breath). Because of that, I had to completely change my life and dedicate most of the time trying to help her and my daughter, while trying to keep a normal life, which started to become very difficult after a year. To make things worse, I´ve bough an apartment, before it started to built, months before my wife started to get sick, and it was only ready to move this January. Meanwhile, the building period began, and I followed closely (reading SSC forum) all the infrastructure and stadia, eager to watch in person, but most of the time postponing because was either too tired to go. Then came the World Cup and I´ve tried to watch as many games as possible, missing the Final because of my credit card company (long story). Then it was the countdown, the ticket marathon (almost a year logging at the site every single day at work and at home), the Whatsapp groups, with sirens and chats with fellow brazilians about the event. Even with all that build up, I wasn´t really completely focused on the Games because it still wasn´t my main priority and I kind of felt a little sad because I knew that moment wouldn´t return. So, because I wasn´t able to enjoy the pre-show, I decided that I would really focus on doing it when it really matters. And boy, I really did. 74 sessions. 125 finals (40% of total). All on site. Rushing from one venue to another at least once a day. Cursing the guy who thought the shooting venue would be easy to arrive and prasing the one who made a short walk for the golf venue. Regretting of doing some almost impossible movements intercity, even knowing Rio mass transportation for at least 25 years. Lucky that I got a crazy taxi driver that was able to arrive at the BMX venue in 15 minutes from the train station to watch both finals. Happy that some sessions were canceled because I wouldn´t be able to watch it anyway. Leaving home between 9-10 am and coming home between midnight-1 am (sometimes even 2:30) every single day dead tired with my feet hurting during the first 10 days. All of this because I knew it was once in a lifetime experience. Sure, I "miss" some of the most dramatic brazilian gold medals but, really, since I wasn´t really interested before, I knew I wouldn´t change my schedule because of that (and don´t regret it at all). Saw lots of other things that I will never forget, like the european supporters at canoeing slalom, the crazy heavyweight event in weightlifting (the TV missed a lot of the action on the stands), the Argentinians almost falling from the upper sectors during the QF Basketball against USA, and so many others that made me feel happy of being there after all the effort spent to see them. Then, during the second week, when things were a little less rushed, I started to enjoy the moments. Walking slowly around the Olympic Park and at Deodoro cluster, watching other people around the bleachers and walking around the venues. The volunteers. Everything. I knew it would be over soon, so I wanted to soak it as much as possible of the whole atmosphere. Finally, the final day, the final session, the final cerimony, and it was gone. So, it is possible to say Rio made a great Olympic Games? Yes. THAT great? Well, maybe not, mostly on details that would match Rio with the great ones, but it was one heck of event. It is strange that, if Rio wasn´t selected as a host of the event, I would be OK with that, although I would always imagine how would it be. I don´t need to do this anymore. It was a reality. Also, I think it is kind of weird that my projections of which stakeholders would be successful in organizing the Games were almost spot on (City Hall doing things right, State of Rio, BOC and former president doing it wrong), even though 1 year ago that scenario would be very unlikely. After all, who cares? I will remember it for the rest of my life (but I am still glad that I was right ) My apologies for not being present here during this period. I really wanted to chat with all of you, to make the experience even better. Now, I return to my normal life, with all the problems that were left behind, but with one big smile that will follow me every time I talk about those 16 days in August 2016. I don´t even know if I will be as dedicated to the Olympic Games as I was before (well, I am still a commentator during the Winter Olympic Games, so I guess I will keep for quite some time), if I will download every video from now on, but I know that, more than ever, the Olympics will be a big part of my life. Not bad for someone who joined here in 2003 when Rio was "only" the next host of the PanAm Games. Thanks for reading.
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    Omg guys, u need to sotp! It's boring how you're jugding the hole cerimony just by pictures. LETS RIO SHINE without yours negative comments. I'm loving everything, it's so colorful, so alive. They are working so hard to give their best. Lets wait until august 5 to jugde
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    What is it with you and gay slurs? Internalized homophobia? As a straight guy (even as one who likes cute animals) it would never even occur to me to say something like that.
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    Only mistake the IOC made (with hindsight admittedly) with Pyeongchang is going there 4 years late. This in 2014, & Sochi wouldn't have happened, & it's not a big leap to think that we'd now be watching Munich 2018 - handing off to Oslo on Sunday week. To be fair to IOC, I don't think anyone could've seen in 2007 just how bad it would get, & at the time it felt like a good, positive step, but as it turned out, picking Sochi over PC ended up being possibly the worst decision they ever made.
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    I went to Tokyo today and here are some photos.
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    Yes, we all know this. I even think that you celebrate when something goes wrong. But I don't care about your opinion. Keep searching the bad news while we (athletes and spectators) are here having fun.
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    Hello from a jet-lagged CAF... I arrived in Rio yesterday after a smooth flight - it was 3:20 a.m. and the airport was empty: no queues anywhere in sight. The luggage pick up was quick - the drive from the airport to Ipanema worked very well. My apartment is great - I even would say that it is luxury! The owner let me in around 6 a.m. and welcomed me really enthusiastic - a living room with a sofa, table, TV set and a wonderful view into a tree, which stands right in front of the house - a kitchen very good equipped, a bed room with a air-condition and double windows (which will help me to sleep, when I want to - the apartment is in one of the best known party areas of Ipanema) and a bathroom. As little extra the owner placed a wonderful white orchid on the table in the living room for my well being. After a short nap on the sofa I went to Botafogo - I bought my Rio Olympic Card (transportation is not free for ticket holders this time) and headed to downtown with the metro. I picked up the rest of my Olympic tickets at the reseller HQ and took the bus from Botafogo to Leblon. "Buses" - there are a lot of different lines and you have to learn to take/use them - I just recommend to use an app! The bus ride was fun - you can see so much more than in the metro! The city is vibrant - amazing little architectural gems between the 'normal stuff' - you can see people with their surfboards heading to the beach and at the same time people in their suits. i bought a Brazilian SIM card and I was looking for an Adaptor, since I have an issue with my MacBook power net cable plug - it doesn't fit into the socket. That Adaptor will be difficult - I spended a lot of time searching for an Adaptor, which fits with an European 'Schuko-plug. No success so far and therefore I will buy a new cable for my MacBook at an Apple Store today. Lagoa Freitas, where the canoeing and rowing takes place - when you look closely you will find Christo, the Redeemer The landscape of Rio is beautiful! Really an unique place in earth: the ocean, the lagoons, the hills, the tors and the tropic flora! And the people!
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    Of course he is - he’s been spitting his dummie for the past 7 years. Quite honestly, PC doesn’t have to do much beyond getting through the 16 days unscathed to already start to repair some of the damage done to the WOGs reputation that Sochi’s big spending did.
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    Here is my logo for LA2028. Instead of dumping the bid concept and starting afresh I have decided to link to the bid with a sun icon. The bid said #followthesun and the competitors and the visitors will do just that. The logo's beams are made up of past hosts highlighting the journey that the Olympics has got to to get to 2028. The word mark is then in blue to represent the sun rising behind the ocean. A new dawn for LA and a new dawn for the Olympics. All other support material can be found here. https://www.behance.net/gallery/56031033/LA2028-Branding
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    Thanks for showing the rest of the forum you are a child.
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    Our logo constitutes a dynamic 'K'. The 'K' stands for Kathmandu. Kathmandu is in Nepal. Nepal does not have a 'K'. '2030 - We're O"K"'
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    Rendering of the Olympic stadium (stade de France) and the aquatic center.
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    I heard boos but also many applauses. It looks like he was still hurt by the loss of gold. The American girls from beach volleyball just defeated Brazil but reacted differently. They were booed during the game but in the interviews they said that the audience also applauded for the victory. Unlike Renaud, Walsh is used to play in Brazil. She know that Brazilians do not boo as disrespect, but as a way to cheer and try to help the players taking advantage of the home factor. It's up to the athlete to try to forget the audience or focus on applauses, not boos. This different reaction is not just because they won the bronze today. They lost the semifinal yesterday and with sad faces they said that the public was amazing and thanked the brazilians for the support. I am not saying that this is a right or wrong behavior, but this is a brazilian olympics. It's different. The athletes should know that this is South America and not Asia or Europe. Anyway, I think the Brazilian public should stop this boo thing because we realized that this can be normal for us and other South American countries, but for the rest of the world this sounds like disrespect. A Brazilian TV (SporTV) even invited Renaud today and the presenter apologized him for the public behavior. But the problem is that this is almost automatic. The ball is on the opponent side of court? uuuuu. The ball is at our side? eeeee.
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    my very last pic at Olympic Park, the rings at Velodrome from the Special Olympic line bus I could see the Japan House but didnt have time to visit it just resting in lagoon, looking this amazing scenery in our last day in Rio what to say? We love the atmosphere, the venues are beautiful, the subway and BRTs worked well have no problems in Rio. We enjoyed each moment there. Well Done Rio!! Thanks for memorable time!
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    That was just an amazing day with an olympic feeling! After the first day I was very frustrated, but I thought i should go to "my" events - and it was perfect!! The transportation worked smoothly - no real queues at the entrance to the park as well as to the venues. I watched Handball in the Future Arena first - it is a non-permanent venue, but it was not too bad - the air condition worked good and the matches were amazing. First a very surprising defeat of Croatia by Qatar and then a very tight match between Sweden and Germany - which we finally won... After the two matches I wandered around the Olympic Park - It is a nice one, but I miss places to sit and places where you can find shades - furthermore there is no real entertaining - that was better in London 2012. I wonder why they didn't ask street artist to come to the Park and entertain the spectators. I believe it was too less time left to organize that, since the Park got ready in the last minute. The food/drink supply is still very "strange" to me - you have to queue twice: - at a "caixa", where you have to pay and get a voucher - at the real "drink/food" stand, where you receive your drink/food (or not, since it can be sold out) in exchange with the voucher You can't even buy vouchers in advance, since you receive the items you have ordered with the voucher - and strangely they open a bottle and you get it without the cap. I learned my lesson and brought some musli bars with me and a plastic bottle to fill it with water at water dispensers - I don't want to rely on this "drink/food-supply" anymore, but take make it clear: I have had a perfect lovely Olympic Day here in Brazil. I got some nice lemon ice cream from Kibon (which is Langnese in Germany or Wall's in the UK) Then I watched the final in Men's Foil Individual - that was really GREAT! I have never watched fencing before - I really loved it. Two rows behind me were some US-students, who rooted for their fellow very strongly, who fought for the Gold medal against an Italian guy... He lost and Daniele Godozzo won in a great fight and I had the luck to shoot a fantastic photo of him, which I have already sent to his manager - since I think he should have it.
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    This Opening Ceremony was amazing! I really love it - the Brazilian did a wonderful job! It was colourful, happy but also reflective! I haven't read your comments and evaluations yet - I just can say: it was perfect! The blue sea - the jungle and the Indios - very simple but sublime! The Music!!! How the music was written in white stripes on the floor, when the garota walked down through the street in Ipanema - I still feel the beat of the dreams running through my body - the idea with the plane building our of the paper cubics - the take off of the plane and flying around Rio!!! The cauldron is something new - I like it! Brasil can be very proud - for me it was one of the best ceremonies ever! It was out of one pour! In german we have the phrase "Out of one pour" - when you want to make a bell - the pour must be in one step and it has to be perfect otherwise the bell won't ring in a great sound! This ceremony was out of one pour - everything fit together!
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    Can you guys give it a rest with the GIF's and slurs? This isn't a fight anyone is going to win. If you want to debate something, debate it. Don't use ad hominem attacks. If you just want to vent your vitriol go play War Thunder or something instead.
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    Thought i'd post about my night volunteering at the Opening Ceremony. Was working at the entry gates so I got to see all the enthusiasm from the spectators. Was a little worried I wouldn't see any of the action but the night turned out to be even better than I thought. Managed to not get rained on as I was on break when the brief, but heavy shower arrived. Went back out once the ceremony began and we assisted with the various ceremony volunteers getting into the stadium. Once that was all underway I got to watch part of the Indigenous welcome, Christine Anu singing 'My Island Home' and Rikki Lee's beach bit. Then came the real highlight of the night, we were stationed back outside the stadium during the Parade of Nations. The athletes entered from the opposite end of the stadium from us but to my surprise, they exited the stadium right where we were. It was our job to point them in the direction of their buses. So all these athletes from around the world came out of the stadium and were dancing. hi 5ing us, fist bumping, filming us etc. The athletes from the African nations in particular were friendly, fun and hilarious. A few delegates from the nations handed our some pins to us as well, I got pins from Northern Ireland, Namibia and Cyprus which was awesome. Once that was done, we went back to letting more ceremony volunteers inside the stadium, this continued on for a while so we managed to go and watch the rest of the show. The torch relay, Prince Charles talking, Delta singing etc etc. Overall it was an amazing night. Loved the atmosphere and a great opening for the games.
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    These Games were a wonderful pick me up after the organizational mess known as Rio. I shouldn't be surprised because the winter games always seem far more enjoyable than their big brother. I think that is because, at least in the case of American athletes, the winter athletes generally are far more likable than the summer games with its fair share of egomaniacs. These Games were impeccably organized and well-staged. As for empty seats, there were many empty seats at Seoul in 1988 as well as many of the World Cup matches staged in Korea in 2002, maybe the tickets were overpriced or maybe Koreans just do not flock to events unless there is a decent shot of Korean success. The Games also looked terrific (well, other than the bare patches of ground, but we saw that in Vancouver and Sochi, and we'll see them in 2022.). The venues were nicely dressed and that made for a festive looking event. The television presentation by OBS was first-rate and the camera work in many cases was beyond expectation. Thirty nations won medals. Belgium, Hungary, New Zealand, Spain, Liechtenstein, nice to see you back on the table after being gone for quite some time. his was the third straight Games that we had no first-timer, and I have to struggle to think who the next one might be. I hope we will not see the numerous changes that we have in recent Games. Great to see the American gold breakthroughs in cross-country and curling. The talent on display at the Games was astounding, It is fascinating to how some of the sports have evolved over the past decade. As usual, it was the athletes who stole the stage and shoved all the extraneous garbage aside. Thanks to the athletes for reminding us what the Games are really about and why we, even if we do not agree with the people who run the show, should give the competitors our rapt attention and support. I've been an Olympic junkie since 1980, and, even after 38 years, it is never easy to see the Games come to an end. There is always a certain emptiness for me when the emotional investment into the Games is gone. I will try something different though as I have saved most of the medal ceremonies on my DVR and I will watch a few each day before work just to get my day off to a positive beginning. It was a very enjoyable few weeks. I am glad that the Games have helped to restore some of our members' enthusiasm for the Games. I've missed a lot of you.
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    Dear Tulsa - Hello from Gangneung, South Korea. As you know I am a fellow Frenchman. I will not rate Games from worst to best. I have been to six of them. All I can provide is a personnal feeling, among the six I attended, the ones I enjoyed the least are the Torino 2006 Games. The attendance to the alpine venues where I went was low, and the big city was engulfing the Olympic feeling of the Games. Does not mean they were better or worse, just a personal impression, and comparison to my previous visit to SLC. I have also to break some news to you : Albertville 92 Games were not among my best experiences either. In Albertville, I attended the Games from OC to CC, being there for sixteen days, going to up to three events a day, more than 30 events total, including all figure skating events but one. The Ceremonies were great, real breakthrough ones, but the too spread out venue plan was a logistics nightmare and removed some of the Olympic feeling by being too diluted through the Tarentaise. My best experience - no surprise there - is Lillehammer 94, you can't beat the Norwegian Games for the mood. And by the way Lillehammer was as cold or even colder than PC. I was at the 50 km and I still feel cold thinking of it. I would put PyeongChang on par with SLC in my memories. Contrary to your statement, the ten events where I went (hockey, alpine skiing, nordic skiing, bobsled, figure skating, speed skating, short track) were packed except for the best seats Here is why. I made the point for Sochi, one of the issues at the Olympics is that the best seats, reserved for Olympic family, TOP sponsors, athletes, etc are often empty, and since these are the best seats, they are more conspicuous on the broadcast. The Olympic park in Gangneung was smaller than Sochi's and was nicely crowded. Long queues at each pavilion of the sponsors showcases. I can not give enough praise to the wonderful PyeongChang volunteers ; the quality of the brand new facilities and of the venues is great - and there was snow. And free Wifi in each venue or ice rink. The compact venue plan made it easy to watch multiple events on the same day, even if you switch from Alpensia to Gangneung. You can't beat the KTX which takes you between the stations of both clusters in about 20 mn at high speed and for about 6000 wons in comfortable seats. Regarding Sochi, wonderful experience overall for me, great organisation and venues. It is only the context which makes these Games feel "Bad".
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    Okay @Tulsa, are you almost over your two week, sour grapes tantrum? It’s been quite childish at times but, hey, if that’s what floats your boat, and it has added to the board activity, so I guess it’s been worthwhile in your mind, even if I doubt it’s changed even one person’s opinions. To address your original proposition - no, these have not been the worst WOGs in history, you’ll be disappointed to hear (if not accept). In all, they’ve been pretty good, well organised, lacking in major scandals, engendered a bit of positive and hopeful news out of the Korean Peninsula after a year of anything but, been more focussed on the events rather than extraneous issues and at the end more positive in spirit than many. Was it one of he best ever? Well, that’s always going to be a subjective call. Myself, I’d rate them as modesty successful but no Lillehammer (I guess I’ve just preculuded my post in the “verdict on the games” thread). Others may/will have differing opinions. Anyway, you’ve been hung up on this notion that certain countries, notably Korea and China, just aren’t fit to host a winter games and should never be given that honour. What utter arrogant bullish!t! The games belong to the world, and anyone with the means and sheer physical and geographic capability are entitled to host. They do not belong to a select group of “approved” countries. The WOGs themselves are already constrained to a smaller pool of possible hosts because of geographical and climatic requirements. But to follow your logic, that pool should be made even smaller to suit your offensively patronising cultural prerequisites. Yes, traditional winter sports countries in North America and Europe will always make good winter games hosts - and they will continue to do so for the lion’s share of WOGs in the future. But it’s important, even essential, that the less traditional locals - the Koreas and Chinas - also get their chance at times too. They need to be able to have the chance to embrace the Olympic spirit, to be exposed to the winter sports, to be given the chance to show off their societies and landscapes and hopefully be inspired to get more enthused by winter sports. And the WOGs can indeed achieve this - Japan really wasn’t a traditional winter sports country before its first WOGs, but now I see in recent posts of yours that it’s been promoted to your personal “WOG-worthy” club. It’s similar to the summer games - i would be easy to jut spread them around a small selection of advanced and venue-rich cities and nations (*cough, cough, Paris and LA) and never venture away from them ever. And, yes, there’s a legitimate debate to be had over the merits and social responsibility of less-developed and affluent cities and countries, like Rio or somewhere in Africa, hosting such an expensive extravaganza, but at the end of the day it is important and essential that they are allowed or even encouraged to share the spirit of the Olympics by hosting when their circumstances responsibly permit them. To specifically address some of your recurrent “points” of the past fortnight. Let’s take audience crowds. Okay, yeah, there were empty seats at times and not everything was packed to capacity or bursting. But that happens at EVERY games, even the most successful ones, and in winter games, even in your beloved and winter sports successful approved Western European host cities. There’s a lot of reasons why his is so - sponsor seats not being taken up, prices, travel costs etc. But there also were large contingents of enthused and respectful locals at many events, particularly those that they hold dear or had good chances in (and that’s natural, and again to be expected of any hosts). There were also decent numbers and contingents of spectators from around the world coming in to cheer their teams. And as was mentioned in other threads as well, while large crowds certainly can lift a good games to something truly special, at the end of the day it’s not the priority issue to decide on the success of a games or not. Particularly when for the overwhelming bulk of the world’s population, the games are experienced through television. The Koreans embrace of the games was average, but certainly not dire and certainly not games-wrecking. And onto climate. You’ve been railing against fake snow an barren landscape. What I saw on screen was constant mention of extreme cold and good snow cover of the venues amidst attractive wintry landscapes around. The biggest problem was a bit of wind in the first week disrupting some events. All games, and particularly the winter games, are hostage to the weather. PyeongChang wasn’t the first to use, or even the most drastically in need of using, artificial snow. Some of your beloved approved tradional hosts have had far more problems with their snow cover. In all, PyeongChang had far less snow and weather issues than many previous winter hosts. When the campaign to choose the 2018 host was in full swing I was firmly, for personal and emotional reasons, hoping for Munich. But that was not to be - que sera sera. I’m glad now, and think it was good an important, that they chose PyeongChang. For all the reasons mentioned above, I think it was essential that the IOC spread the winter games beyond the NA-Europe winter sports insider’s club. Maybe, to make a tidier list of host cities, it could have been four years earlier or four years later, bu it definitely had to happen. And Korea certainly didn’t drop the ball (or puck or whatever). Anyway, I guess for you it’s back to four years grumbling bitterly under your rock. Have fun. See you in Beijing 2022, I guess, for Round 2 of your dummy spit.
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    Some construction update + new renders showing new angles and proposed seat coloring
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    Rio's torch is eating London's
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    The one saving grace here is that Trump is not guaranteed to be (and probably won't be) the president come 2024. So even if LA is awarded the Olympics, there would be 3 1/2 years following Trump's term (assuming he lasts the whole way) to undo everything he'll have unleashed on this country. That said, Trump is still the president now and will be when the vote occurs. Probably not going to be a good thing. LA2024 needs to distance themselves as best they can from Trump. And it's a shame for them because they could do and say all the right things and Trump might screw it all up and there's probably little they can do about it.
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    Well, that's actually not all. One last announcement to make. But before i do that, I wanna thank you all for persevering with this year's logo comp and making it a fun one. Yoshi was asking me the other day how i thought it had went, and I answered that it was the Rio 2016 of logo comps - not as bad or lacklustre as I feared, not as i great as I might have hoped in my most optimistic dreams. But I did have lots of fun, nevertheless. Even chasing down TeamBlake gave me a lot of fun, and i was really glad to see we got a respectable tally of very high quality logos in, the return of such heavyweights as Paul and Davey, some really good new talent emerge from the likes of JO2024 and Glacib, old timers like Scotguy go further than he has before and some good voting figures show up at the end. Thanks, and I hope you all had a bit of fun as well. That's what I've done it for after all, to give the board a bit of diversion at holiday time. It was also good that it all turned out well at the end because, well, that's my final logo comp. I want to announce that I'm hanging up my hat and retiring from the logo comp organising game and leaving the field for some fresh blood to take on the task. I was actually ready to do it at the end of last year's comp, but I felt it would be a bit self-indulgent of me to do a GamesBids style grand farewell, only to be lured back again. I wasn't even sure if I'd do one this year, but Yoshis World Cup comp mid last year also gave me a lot of fun to help out with, and it seemed to go off well. I started thinking of doing one last comp - what trued out to be Kathmandu and Havana/Hamburg - at that time. I was also thinking of doing the Logo Winners' Cup around Rio time, but well, thought it would be a distraction from the games and i was a bit rushed at the time. I'm glad now i saved it up for December - it helped in the promotion of this year's original comp. It was an idea that had been coming a long time - it'd been suggested for years now - but I had to strike while we had a multiple of four entries to divide up into pools. Otherwise I might have waited to now after this year's new batch of winners. But Kathmandu and Havana have set the scene for the next batch of winning entries for a second cup in future. And I didi wanna do that before I rode off into the sunset. Anyway, hang it, I'm gonna be self indulgent now. And I'm not even saying I might not be enticed back, but at this stage, i sure don't plan to. I've really enjoyed doing the comps over the years - for all the frustrations they've sometimes given - and been chuffed when I've got thanks and good feedback from people. It seems people have enjoyed them, and that's been a great reward. I certainly don't think the comps are done or over and dusted yet, but it is long time i move aside and let someone else have a go who could appoach them with new enthusiasm and ideas. I know Yoshi's keen to have a crack and I hope you let him have a go. As I told him as well, someone else may also want to have a go - there's no prescription or entitlement to who can organise a comp here. I'm ready and offer to give advice and assistance to anyone who does want to give it a try. But I'll also try not to be too meddlesome or opinionated on how to do it. I can easily see I might end up having to start poll threads or get artwork ready for judging. I'm certainly not leaving the board, but I'm looking forward to just sitting back and spectating, or even participating as an entrant, in the future. I can't leave without a few special thank yous. Firstly and foremost to Puppy. He got these comps started and introduced many of the formulas that helped them work so well. I even felt a bit of an interloper when I first jumped in for him when he had to absent himself during one. If he ever wanted to reclaim them, I can't say I wouldn't have been a bit disappointed, but I wouldn't have hesitated. Thanks Pups, I hope I've followed your example. I'd also like to single out CAF, Rob. and Yoshi, who all at various time offered support, assistance ideas and advice during various comps. Yoshi, in particular, has given me a kick in the arse the past few years to keep them going. And, of course to Rob Livingstone, for giving us the venue to have these comps, and also joining in and supporting them at times - I was glad to see you as a regular voter in very round this year Rob. I wanna thank anyone and everyone who's entered over the years. I've often said how tough it is to put yourself out there for judgement, and I sure felt that first-hand this year (and in Yoshi's WC comp). I'll single out three in particular though. Paul, first and foremost. What a legend you became in the comps. You've stamped them as your own. I'v always thought how scary it musty be for others to enter once they've seen you throw a submission in. But to people's credit, they usually rose to the challenge. You deserved all those wins Paul. maybe I'll compete against you in future. Then there's Davey, again another legend, who I'm sure would have won more than the two he has so far if he hadn't come up against some of Paul's best and brightest. I was always glad when Davey joined in - I've said before, it made them feel "legitimate" once that happened. And aismanggo, another perennial tough entrant who deserve to win the two h did. I tried to chase him up for this year, but only managed to get in touch with him just before NYE - he said he might enter but it was probably too late. And also let me give a shout out to comp "characters", like Krow - I loved how you made your red carpet reviews a traditional part of the comps (missed you after Kathmandu this year, though). Baron - well, you always managed to stir the pot, positively and negatively. But as I've told Yoshi in the past, scandal was always good for the comps. I feared a boring comp more than one with lots of scandal, spats and intrigues in them. Any publicity was good publicity. If I've forgotten anyone, and I'm sure there's a few, sorry. Maybe I'll rectify it and give a shout out later. Or maybe just take it as said. Anyway, as I asked, let me be self indulgent. I've been thinking through a lot of what I'd say here now while this year's comp was going on. I wouldn't wanna go out with mentioning a few personal favourite times. My favourite comps? That would be the Paris and New York ones - I think the comps were at their peak then and attracted the best entries and participation. Toronto was probably the most successful comp - I think it had the largest field of entries by far and the biggest tally over of voters - I think we got more than 40 votes in one round! But Paris and NYC had a special place in my heart. My favourite entry? Well, that would be telling. But let me say, I thought the Winners' Cup would be fought out between Davey's Paris, Paul's NYC, Paul's Tokyo or Paul's Durban (and, yes, I know i could have put Durban further in it with a tiebreak vote, but as I explained to him, I was after diversity in the entrants that got though. Maybe it was wrong of me, but I've always wanted to encourage as much participation and diversity as I could in the comps). Favourite moments? Maybe Baron's and Bigdrew's fisticuffs no the floor of the UN security council. Also, picking the musical acts - I know they're just fluff and peripheral to the real comp, but I had fun picking booking the entertainers for the announcements. Like my photoshopping - again peripheral fluff, but I enjoy and am better at the photoshopping than I am at coming up with original graphic designs. Low points? Well, I did get very frustrated with some of the witch-hunting against the Malaysian twins when that was at its hight. Though, like the plagiarism scandals - all scandal was good in terms of bringing life and spice to the comps. Dropped balls? Eurovision voting and giving everyone a free-for-all for city selection. My advice to future comp organisers? Keep them simple, don't drag things out and avoid having to make decisions - don't be draconian about anything that you can't throw back on the membership to vote on. Okay, I think you've indulged me enough. That's it for me. Sir Rols out.
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    I made this for Hamburg.. Should I participate with Hamburg or Havana?
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    Heres my final logo. Inspired by the Cuban flag. It is designed to create movement and passion to inspiring Cuba and the world to what it can achieve building a better, brighter future.
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    Someone needs to be the first, I guess it's gonna be me full view- http://www.interload.co.il/upload/9868446.png full view- http://www.interload.co.il/upload/5089993.png
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    Found this on another forum. Article on The Guardian There were fears during the buildup that these Games would ruin London’s legacy for disability sport but that could not be further from the truth at the moment. The streets around the Olympic Park were packed with supporters wearing their yellow shirts and waving Brazilian flags, creating a wonderful atmosphere. Volunteers greeted arriving spectators with a smile and there was a positive energy inside the venues. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2016/sep/10/rio-2016-paralympic-games-ticket-sales-rise
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    Far too tired for a full review. But being in rio for my 3rd games (after London and Beijing) I have to say I enjoyed these the most from a personal perspective. The great disappointment was the crowd numbers at some events. Apart from that I thought it was a very Brasilian olympics and I will have fantastic memories from it.
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    Here's a look at how the in-house graphics for the various host broadcasters have changed throughout the years. Munich 1972. At the dawn of the computer age. No frills. Montréal 1976. Not much to see here. Circular vignette-type effect used to superimpose an image over background. Los Angeles 1984. Multiple colors used for the first time - and a deep drop shadow on everything. Wavy flag graphics also make their first appearance. Seoul 1988. The deep drop shadow remains. Individual competitors' names appeared on a gray slab with a wavy flag. Barcelona 1992. Now we're getting creative. No more drop shadow, and different color text for different purposes. Circular button-style flag icons. All over a light gray rounded rectangle base. Cobi signals that Mr. Ewing has fouled out. Lillehammer 1994. A truly artistic approach, incorporating the look of the games and pictograms. Text presented in mixed case. Flag graphics accompanied by horizontally-aligned country code in yellow. Atlanta 1996. White and yellow text presented in small caps over blue-green background with sublimated Olympic rings and look of the games. Flags combined with easily legible country codes. One of the most visually appealing packages, IMO. Nagano 1998. Text in mixed case, with combined flag-country code graphics on multi-colored grid panels. Pretty. Sydney 2000. Introduces standard graphics package that is used, almost unchanged, in 2002 and 2004. Simple grid format with white mixed-case text. Flags accompanied by itty-bitty country codes. Individual names over blue background, with Olympic rings omnipresent. Salt Lake 2002. Pretty much identical to Sydney. Athens 2004. Again, almost identical to Sydney. The country codes were made bolder and easier to read. Turin 2006. The grid gives way to a more stylized, slanted approach. New typefaces used for top-line and second-line text. Everything is on a blue background. Beijing 2008. In my view, the first graphics package intended primarily for HD. Oblique theme is retained from Turin, but the flags and country codes are more straightforward and upright. Fonts appear to be thinner, and surnames are capitalized. White numbers on red indicate rank; white on blue indicate start position. Look of the games sublimated into top-line background. Vancouver 2010. Not much changes from Beijing. Custom top-line typeface is different, and names are now small caps for given names, capitals for surnames. London 2012. Simple, slick evolution. The typefaces are unified - no longer are there five different fonts on one screen. Names are again small-caps/all-caps, and everything is slightly italicized. Olympic rings lose their color. Flag icons have 3-dimensional perspective. And everything is slickly animated. Sochi 2014. Virtually identical to London. Rio 2016. Most drastic evolution in years. The blue background becomes more of a dark teal/forest green. The text is *extremely* thin. Yellow text reappears, for uniform numbers, top-line titles, and country codes. The flags are flattened. Clearly no one is meant to see these graphics on a "standard-definition" television!
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    A pretty decent closing ceremony, far superior to Beijing's which was awful. I'd still put London and Athens a head for my personal taste, but a great job. I was expecting to be disappointed and I was pleasantly surprised.
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    Well, while I'm just waiting for the final act, I wanna give one last shout out - to all of you here at GamesBids. I've watched seven games now (every one since Athens) in the partnership of my friends I've made here on the site. It wouldn't be a true games now I wasn't sharing jokes, comments and getting into scraps with the people here. You've truly become a vital part of the games experience to me. I know I've been a lot less active in recent times on the board, but it was great to get back with the "gang" to celebrate another festival of sport and festivities together. Just like old times! Hope we get to continue the ride together in PyeongChang and Tokyo. Thanks guys! Peace out.
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    I call upon the youth of the World. ....... One of the saddest sayings in the world.
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    Honestly, after seeing what happens in European stadiums, with all the racist chanting and the hooligans in the streets (do you remember UEFA Euro?) I'd say the Brazilian crowd behaviour has been quite good. I watched their game against Germany today and all I saw the Brazilians applauding the opposing side and having a good time with fans from different countries. Yeah, nothing out of the ordinary. I guess you are not missing anything...
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    Congrats to the USOC. Great statement. It's sad that many here preffered to even imply that the swimmers should be "rescued" as if they were angels being kept held by savages.
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    Because he's a filthy drug cheat.
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    A good and fair enough question. It's one I'm sure mulling about in my head as I mentally prepare my Rio report card (God, that's already turning into a major essay in my mind). Were they though? The zika scare was absolutely over-the-top and despicable in hindsight. Sailing's been on a few days now, and I haven't read any stories of boats plowing through sewage or rowers or sailors contracting gastro. The venues were finished before the OC weren't they?> (more than can be said for Montreal - and probably less last-minute at the end than Atlanta or Athens) Yeah. The pool was a fail. And Sydney fumbled when it couldn't get its pommel horse (or was it horizontal bars?) to the right height when it counted - that was a fail. Vancouver's luge training had a death toll. That was a fail. I'm confident there's lots of other similar examples from past games to go on and on and on. Both Barcelona and Athens took kicks at various times for poor crowd attendance at events. Sydney had jail breaks (from a prison right next door to the Olympic Park no less) and gang rapes while its games were on. Athens had mad spectators lunging out at marathon competitors. German competitors lost their medals in London (admittedly, I can't remember if that was a drunken accident or a theft). A domestic whacko let off a bomb in Centennial Park in Atlanta - those games had a death toll. I'm pretty confident petty crime went on, went up, and goes on, during any Summer games - without the media obsessing over it. Yes, the bar is set a bit lower in that regard for Rio. We know they have their problems. I'm pretty sure personal security was at the top of the list of warnings most responsible NOCs were giving their teams and staff ahead of the games. I don't think anyone was expecting the games to fix Brazil's deep-seated social inequality and crime issues. To me, a disastrous games would be Munich. Yet, up until the attacks there, they were probably one of the best run, joyful and prettiest games imaginable to that date. A negative games to me would be Berlin 36 or Sochi 2014 - both of which set new high bars in pageantry, presentation and organisation but which have taken on sinister undertones considering subsequent events. A poor games would be a Moscow 1980, where boycotts made them a real lesser event (though, no-on ever puts that claim against LA84, or to a lesser degree Montreal). I'm not sure where on the negative scale I'd rate a Mexico City, where hundreds get massacred by the government for protesting against the games a week before the event. I don't think anyone could mount a claim that Rio's reached the heights of a Barcelona, Sydney or London. In those cases there's x factors that lifted them above an average games. I think a lot of the carping criticism has been quite petty and inconsequential. Sports-wise, I think Rio's been a true vintage, maybe even one of the best - ever. Organisation-wise - so far - yeah, it's been a bit haphazard, maybe even sub-average. It's not affecting my enjoyment of them. Rio's not over yet. Real bad sh!t can still happen. We all pray it doesn't - no host really rests easy till it's all over.
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    Looks like a pretty packed house in T&F tonight, though!! Ugh, why don't you just shove it in your Southern California-centric piehole already! Your "hate" for Rio is totally obnoxious at this point! Your starting to sound like another L.A. a-hole as of late on these boards. Give it a fu@king rest already, & move on to your next apocalyptic Games "counter-coverage", "the Tokyo 2020 fukushima radiation Olympics", like you did during the 2020 campaign. Exactly! That's their xenophobic MO though, on these boards. The world ain't all sunshine & rainbows, unless of course you're in "sunny" Southern California. Just keep going Rio 2016, & ignore all the naysaying haters out there!!
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    Flew down to Rio from JFK last night. Canadian women's rowing and French women's basketball team were on the flight. I was seated near the French woman and they were very gracious to chat. They won Silver in London but are a stretch to win a medal this year. They just played exibitions against USA, Canada and. Australia and were swept. Couple interesting points. First, finishing fourth is the ultimate bad result in their mind... They would prefer fifth or sixth to fourth. Second, their first game is on Saturday and the coaches wanted them to skip the opening ceremony. The team basically told off the coaches and is going... They are positively giddy about being there. I landed and then caught a bus out to the hinterlands for a few days. For those that care about such things, the airport was dressed nicely in Olympic garb, and there were mascots, tons of volunteers, etc. the roads around the airport had lots of good Olympic signage, but once I got into downtown and on my way North (very much not tourist areas) there was much less, often no sign of the games. Oh, and it's raining here. Supposed to clear up and be beautiful for the opening ceremonies and first few days. But kinda blah for now.
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    Never been less unhappy to see GB thrashed. I mean, I'm not *happy* about it, but only one team deserved Gold in this tournament and for it to be their nation's first ever Olympic medal....well, hat's off. We'll get a few dozen medals these Games, but this is everything to Fiji. One last thing: This sport has to stay in the Games.
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    It was quite cloudy when I awoke today and I decided that I want to do one of the main sights of Rio de Janeiro before the Olympics start - so I took the metro to "Largo do Marchando" and bought a ticket for Corcovado - I decided not to take the train up the hill but a van of the Parque Tijuca society... No queues at all and it was a thrill to sit in the van, when it climbed the hill in breathtaking curves - Cristo Rendentor is really an international sight... I wonder how they got all the material up that hill... I was lucky that it wasn't too full - you can walk around - I can imagine that you would have problems when it is sunny - the platform will be packed with people Amazing view onto the city and its wonderful landscape - the statue has something sublime!
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    Wow...that gave me shivers down my spine. And it wasn't just a guitar solo but it also accompanied a subtle string section. Wow. Just beautiful.
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    I watched quite a lot of the videos and pictures you guys thankfully posted here, and I must say, that I'm looking very much forward to the opening ceremony. What I have seen so far is surprisingly impressive for such a low budget. I don't mind them for using so many projections (that's still a cheap alternative for huge special effects and mass choreographies), I still enjoy good projections, even if we have seen them in so many opening ceremonies in recent years. And the other impression I have is that Rio's ceremony focusses on being emotional: festive, sometimes pensive, sometimes simply beautiful. I like, for example, the special touch for the Brazilian national anthem: While I guess that many people around here and in Brazil wished for a very lavish and pompous arrangement, I like the quiet, relaxed guitar arrangement. If anything sounds typically Brazilian to me, than it's the Brazilian bossa-style of guitar playing. The only shame is that I probably won't be able to watch the opening ceremony live. I'm invited to a wedding tomorrow and I guess that after 1 a.m. (the starting time of the ceremony here in Central Europe) we still will be at the party and/or fast asleep after a long day of celebrating. But I sure will join the discussion on Saturday or Sunday. Have fun, guys - and don't be too mean if there are things that you don't like.
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